You Have Selected: The Empress

What you see before you is the Empress card.


The Empress - Donate

What you see before you is the Empress card. A powerful counterpart to the Emperor, she reflects the benevolence and generosity that must come with imperial rule. It is not surprising, therefore, that this card demands charity from those who behold it. It urges you, specifically, to donate things you don’t need unto others so that you may remain prosperous-- to be benevolent.

However, even if this is so, why even donate? One can be benevolent without presumably doing it. Why is the Empress so tied to the notion of charity? These questions are worthy of putting the very nature of this card into perspective. As such, before we take our time answering them, we must decipher the careful machinations that govern this card.

Does an Empress Donate: The Essence of the Empress Card

Understanding the Empress means understanding what the “divine female” means in a Tarot sense first. Historically, the female archetype is seen as the sustainer and foundation of the household. While the father protects against external forces and serves as the family’s vanguard, the mother keeps the house together. The “divine female” in this context is therefore an archetype-- an ideal.


And nowhere is this ideal more accurately represented than in the Empress’ depiction. Much like the Emperor, the Empress also holds power over her subjects as evidenced by her scepter. Through it, she represents the regal and divine rule that comes with holding the crown. The latter is also particularly noteworthy, as it shows a series of stars.

This further highlights the all-encompassing rule of the Empress. Such is her reach that she draws her authority and legitimacy from the cosmos as well as the earth. However, power isn’t the only thing defining the Empress. It is also a card of immense abundance, as one can see in all the adornments on her robe, the forest and the throne.

The final piece of the puzzle, however, which truly highlights her benevolent nature, lies in her relaxed stance. She reclines on her throne, suggesting approachability. The Empress is someone that any common person can approach. When you put this together with the greenery around her, she therefore becomes one of the ultimate symbols of charity.


It is therefore on this note that we confirm the donative nature of the Empress. The card isn’t just the exaltation of wealth, but also a plea to donate what one does not need. This is because the act of donation gives life unto others. Should one donate, they end up furthering not only her power, but the lives of other people themselves. Power is only cemented when it is shared with those under one’s care.

To Donate or Not to Donate: The Benevolent Empress

Now that we have established the charitable nature of the Empress, we can now move to the main subject of this reading. According to this card, if you have anything that you’re not using, perhaps clothes or even money, you should consider giving some of it to charity.

There are plenty of people out there who need your help and you are in a position to give aid. If nothing else, think of what this means for you. Being charitable means you gain the respect of others, and the universe is often karmic in nature. How you treat others will necessarily reflect how the cosmos treats you.


For this reason, it is therefore optimal that you give back what you have earned in some way. By doing so, you will be doing both yourself and the world a favor. Blessings will come to you in the form of recognition or even new opportunities. Most of all, it will also help soothe you emotionally. This is because donation, aside from its more practical purposes, also helps someone recover from their emotional woes.

If you are the sort of person who doesn’t see kindness in the world, consider being the light that others could never be. Be the proof that you need to establish that there is kindness in the world, and that you can indeed do better. If you do not wish to do this, then you can at least urge your friends to donate in your place. If not, then you can at least be charitable in general.

You are a person with abundant resources as the card itself explains, and so you should never be selfish. For selfishness yields nothing, while kindness gives you the best of all worlds. Donate and be kind, and the universe shall likewise be merciful and benevolent to you.