You Have Selected: The Fool

It is said that the greatest cure for a mind itching for knowledge is education.


The Fool - Classes

It is said that the greatest cure for a mind itching for knowledge is education. Coincidentally, it is also on this note that the Fool is also considered one of the Major Arcana’s most important cards. Generally speaking, anyone who has been blessed by the Fool can expect great things to happen in their classes. They can reasonably expect to have higher grades or at least a better time with fellow students.

However, one could also consider it a plea. If you are not the type of person to seek out new knowledge, the card is telling you to pursue what is new and novel. For in doing so, you will be able to live a fuller life. Practically, this means you could take online classes or seminars on anything you are unfamiliar with. Be it on gardening, cooking, or even academic matters, the Fool is truly a blessing for classes.

In understanding the impact of the card, however, it is only proper to analyze its meaning first. That way, once you get to reading itself, you will understand what you can do specifically in order to take advantage of this card’s full blessing. With any luck, the benefits of the Fool will likely extend beyond classes and learning.


The Meaning of The Fool on Education and Classes

Typically, the Fool card is famous for readings involving risk-taking and taking on new and novel ventures. Indeed, this is already evident in the way the card presents itself. From the onset, we see a wanderer standing above a cliff. His gaze is firmly fixed on the sky. This suggests that he isn’t contemplating the danger below him, but the possibilities above. For the Fool, the sky is the only limit.

This card further shows its positive outlook through the clothes of the Fool. Here, he wears a robe with floral patterns, which suits well with the sun directly illuminating the robe. This indicates that the Fool is ready for the challenges of life, and is likewise ready to learn well. Aside from this, seemingly in affirmation, a puppy can be seen howling eagerly.

Contrary to what the card might suggest, however, it’s not just about the sheer thrill of a new adventure. Notice, for one, that the Fool is actually prepared with a pouch readily attached on a stick. This shows that, despite the card’s name, there was preparation on his part. In other words, this was a conscious choice-- an acknowledgment of risk.


And when you take it in the context of education and classes, one sees the meaning more clearly. The card, for the most part, indicates that you need to expand new horizons and not limit yourself to your situation. Whatever it is that’s holding you back, know that life has more to offer. If you must take classes and learn new things, do so because it will benefit you in the long run.

How to Live Fully: The Fool and Taking New Classes

As you can already tell, the Fool also has a lot to do with taking in new knowledge. After all, life may be short, but it’s long enough for you to experience happiness and learn a thing or two. Thus, the card urges you to expand your fortunes by learning about new things. The best part about this particular card is that it encourages you with a purpose in mind.

For one, it says that if you take up new classes, you might end up learning your calling. If you haven’t already decided on what to do with your career, invest in classes. Learn something new, and then decide if you want to pursue it. As time passes by, your knowledge will surely expand and the knowledge you gain will likewise be immense.


If you’ve already found your calling, that’s alright. Learn new things anyway by taking up some classes or two. You might learn new things in cooking, for example, that you can translate into actual achievement in your career. New virtues, techniques and methods will open up to you. And as soon as you learn these new things, you will inevitably excel further along your career path.

Even if you think you’re not going to get much if you learn new things, try it anyway. Consider investing even a small amount by taking in a few classes here and there. The knowledge available to you may not seem useful at first, but you will find use for it later in life. This is the Fool’s guarantee to living fully-- by taking in new knowledge and inevitably profiting from it.