You Have Selected: The Hermit

Before you is a card you might already have some familiarity with: the Hermit.


The Hermit - Recovery

Before you is a card you might already have some familiarity with: the Hermit. This card is typically associated with sadness, loneliness, and isolation. Many people dread it at times because it likely means they will have to be alone at some point in their life. The loneliness it affords is sometimes so difficult to bear that recovery can seem impossible.

And indeed, this may well be the case right now. The card detects in you a feeling of being overwhelmed. You are beset by a lot of obstacles. And you have probably never felt more alone at this particular juncture in your life. What you feel is also what drives you to even further loneliness. The more powerful the feeling of sadness, the more inclined you are to think that no one can help.

However, despite this discouraging image, the card tells a different story. As a card, it tells you that loneliness is a necessary step towards recovery. By meditating on all your mistakes, you can guarantee a better future for yourself. Allotting time to work on your imperfections likewise guarantees that your public image will enjoy a good recovery if it’s been hurt.


Of course, the card itself has much more wisdom to offer. As a result, one must focus on why the card is such a good thing for people seeking recovery. You can probably already tell by now that this card isn’t just to tell you your life will be sad. Indeed, there’s a deeper meaning associated with recovery here. You need only look closer into its intended meaning.

The Hermit as a Symbol of Recovery: Its True Meaning

The Hermit card is a perpetual symbol of meditation and enlightenment. Many who undertake this path do so because they seek to have further understanding of the world around them. It is therefore not unnatural to find hermetic people standing out in their lonesome. On the surface, it looks as though they are rejecting the world. And while part of it is true, the purpose is always higher.

Consider, for one, the image at hand. Here, we see a Hermit. He stands alone, seemingly on top of a mountain or a natural platform. This imagery is not unlike that of Nietzsche’s description of Zarathustra/Zoroaster. Like the Hermit, he is a prophet who has lived for many years atop a mountain, only to come down bearing great news for humanity.


Unlike Zoroaster, however, there is room for interpretation on the part of the reader. Now, he bears a cane which is associated with old age, and indeed, he has a white beard to prove this. Likewise, he also carries a lamp-- an object associated with light. For as long as he holds this lamp, he proverbially holds knowledge that could penetrate any darkness.

Here, however, one can see why this is also a symbol of recovery. Through meditation, one doesn’t just gain new knowledge. One heals a broken soul, and the healing is likewise long-term. The “lamp” in this card is something that will last the Hermit for as long as he has fuel-- new lessons to learn. In your case, therefore, this card is your ticket to start the journey to recovery and renewal.

The Hermit’s Reading: How to Start the Journey of Recovery

Now that you already understand how the card is linked to recovery, we can start talking about what this means for your reading. Roughly speaking, this is a card that appeals to people who have had enough of life’s problems. If you are feeling frustrated by all the things going on in your life right now, this is a reading for you. Here, the card is telling you to actually take a break.


For this card, it’s important that you start as soon as possible. This is because things can go wrong the more you keep on grinding. It is understandable that you’re working hard. Perhaps you have a dream to accomplish or even kids to worry about. However, without giving time for yourself, there will come a point where your mind or even body might give out. Who will help them by then? Who will help you?

As such, call in what favors you can and take that leave. On your weekends, don’t mind the emails you get and focus on your rest. Spoil yourself, and more importantly, allot some time to actually think things carefully. If you need to, meditate. The more you focus on your welfare, the brighter your future will be. This is the Hermit’s promise.