You Have Selected: The Hierophant

The proper treatment of others is an important concept in any Tarot reading. However, it is especially strong in the Hierophant.


The Hierophant - Treatment

The proper treatment of others is an important concept in any Tarot reading. However, it is especially strong in the Hierophant. After all, it is a card that deals with a combination of faith and ethics. By treating your neighbors well, you will likewise have the same treatment. It is therefore crucial to stay on the good side of those around you and be ethical in everything that you do.

At this point, however, you might still be asking why you should give proper treatment to those around you-- especially your enemies. This is a card that senses your moral doubt. Why should you be kind to those who hurt you? Why not take revenge, or at least just ignore them? They hurt you, didn’t they? Surely it would be improper for you not to get what the darkness within truly wants.

Unfortunately, this is simply not the case. Everything you think of nurturing the darkness inside, nothing and no one benefits. For as long as you are unable to get your revenge, you will continue to feel tormented each night. Furthermore, the more you embrace your inner darkness, the more you will be driving your loved ones away.


Of course, the card offers way more as you begin to appreciate its full depth. For this reason, it is wise to first look into the Sun card’s essence. As soon as its full glory is made clear to you, your understanding shall likewise evolve. And you will gain more insight into both what lies ahead and what you can do to make the most of good times.

The Meaning of the Sun Card: Providing Electricity and Assistance to Others

Many tarot readers view the Sun card as the epitome of overwhelming happiness. Indeed, the card makes every effort to make readers think this is the case. The object of this card-- the Sun-- occupies almost half of the card’s overall frame. Its rays are also spread across every direction, which suggests its all-encompassing nature.

As you look at the card further, you will notice that the first things hit by its penetrating rays are the sunflowers below. Collectively, they blossom with the Sun’s assistance. Some of the Sun’s rays do in fact directly touch them, which again suggests the intimate connection between life and the Sun. Further below the greenery, you will see a child riding a huge, white horse.


In order to continue down the right path, however, you need to take some time to appreciate the card you’ve been dealt with. Below, everything about the Hierophant will be made known to you. From there, you shall learn the importance of providing proper treatment unto others.

Good Treatment as Virtue: The Meaning of the Hierophant

At its core, the Hierophant is a religious and spiritual card. This is evidenced by the fact that a high priest or pope sits on a throne. His right palm is opened, while his left hand holds the papal cross. His robe is red and adorned with the markings of Christianity. Beneath him, there are two worshippers eagerly kneeling and seeking blessings from this holy figure.

It is important to note at this point that the preceding cards portray similarly imperious figures. The third and fourth cards of the Major Arcana are the Empress and Emperor respectively. They are figures that are divinely ordained and also the sovereign rulers of States. The Emperor and Empress alike reside and rule the Empire of Man.


On the other hand, the pope portrayed in the Hierophant, likewise portrayed in a regal fashion, presides over the Kingdom of God. The priest exists here as the direct intermediary between the supreme ruler of heaven and his subjects here on earth. This is reflected by the followers kneeling before the priest.

Of course, in order to be the extension of divine will, the Pope has to be a moral exemplar. This is precisely why the Hierophant also has an ethical component. It is easy enough to grasp the idea of spiritual enlightenment as a goal. However, the material application of such ideas often starts with basic ethical values. In other words, one begins the path to enlightenment by giving others good treatment.

The Treatment of Others as Oneself: Hierophant as the Golden Rule

As of now, you have a more enhanced grasp of the Hierophant card. This allows us to get into what the card has to say about your life. The truth is that while you are indeed prosperous, an inner hatred lingers about you. It’s not that you spend every waking moment thinking about the wrongs others have inflicted upon you, but life hasn’t been easy for you emotionally either.


This is causing you genuine pain, and while you have done a fine job holding yourself together, you are clearly doing so under pressure. Ironically enough, the release you are looking for lies in the simple matter of giving even your worst enemies proper treatment. It’s true that they have caused you pain, but as they say, you can either fight fire with fire-- or with water.

With the Hierophant card being what it is, the prescription is therefore clear. In order for you to move forward, you should learn to forgive those who have hurt you and embrace a brighter future. Being kinder to even those who have done you harm will go a long way towards achieving that goal.

Granted, the path to peace is never easy, as it is always filled with thoughts of revenge. However, if you can learn to better yourself through proper treatment of others, then you are indeed on your way to inner peace. Live a virtuous life, and treat others as you would yourself.