You Have Selected: The High Priestess

What you have before you is the second card of the Major Arcana: the High Priestess.


The High Priestess - Rehab

What you have before you is the second card of the Major Arcana: the High Priestess. Typically associated with feminine energy and intuition, it is also a surprisingly crucial component of things such as recovery and rehab. This is because the female energy, aside from its inclination towards beauty, also represents life and vitality.

With that being said, therefore, there is a lot more at stake than the card itself lets on. For while it does represent energy, it also shows how far one can get lost because of one’s suffering. You may have already experienced this yourself in some way. As the card has seen, you have likely lost your way due to the many distractions of life.

Heeding your instincts rather than reason has necessitated the need for things such as getting rehab. Vice has taken over where spirituality should be, and predictably speaking, this has caused misery everywhere around you. Your family and your friends might already be wary of talking to you. They’ve urged you to seek rehab and help over and over, but you have refused them in some way.


In fact, this isn’t just limited to the kind of rehab that we know. When we say “rehab” in this card’s context, it could just mean overcoming an impulse. As such, therefore, it is necessary that we dive into the issue that this card brings. This will hopefully get us to a reading that not only offers divinations, but also solutions to your present woes. The profundity of this card will ensure this.

The Key to Personal Rehab: Examining the High Priestess

The High Priestess card is the prime example of a card that relies on a combination of faith and intuition. Half the time, for example, the reason why we even do things isn’t because there is some well-reasoned argument we can offer. We do not know anything about what will happen next. And to expect us to do so would be to play the role of a god-- this just isn’t possible.

However, what you can do is be faithful and hope that your decisions aren’t going to lead to something even worse. You hope, for example, that by playing that first game, drinking that first alcohol, or smoking that first cigarette that nothing will happen. It is only often when one needs rehab that one seriously begins to see something wrong.

Yet this is exactly why the High Priestess is a relevant card. It tells you about your limits-- about what you shouldn’t do, in order to begin healing. One cannot experience nourishment without finally recognizing that one is sick. You can’t learn fulfillment without knowing what you personally lack. And this is exactly what the card itself embodies.


The Priestess, for example, shows peace of mind and stillness in spirit. This is made evident by the white garment that she wears. The source of all her conviction is likewise all around her. In her hands is a scroll with the letters “TORA.” In ancient times, the Tora was considered to be one of the Old Testament’s first sources, considered the unerring words of God’s writers.

The authority of what she preaches is even clearer when you notice the true meaning behind the “B” and “J” letters on her side. Together, they stand for “Boaz” and “Jachin,” two of the pillars that flank the gates of King Solomon’s Temple. In other words, therefore, her peace isn’t the result of mere meditation. It is the consequence of having what she would otherwise lack: the wisdom of the Lord.

In your case, therefore, to truly begin the rehab of your life, you must therefore start by acknowledging that which you lack. It could be a sense of purpose, faith, or something that provides you purpose. By acknowledging what needs fixing, you can then start on executing your will and finally getting the proverbial rehab you need. Start by meditating earnestly on your errors, and then look for help when you can.


Talk to your friends, discuss with your peers, and even read books if necessary. By focusing on your inner Shadow and then finally having control of it, you will realize your inner peace. But be warned: this will only come to you through great effort. You will need to confront your inner self and be prepared to acknowledge things you would otherwise sweep under a rug.

Now, then, the time has come to confront yourself. Take your spiritual rehab and be cleansed of your inner impurities. The promise of the High Priestess card is that you will indeed have a better future by fixing yourself.