You Have Selected: The Lover

The ultimate and most interpersonal card of the Major Arcana is undoubtedly the Lovers.


The Lover - Conference Call

The ultimate and most interpersonal card of the Major Arcana is undoubtedly the Lovers. Despite what the name says, it’s a card that isn’t exclusive to romantic partners. Just as love isn’t exclusive to couples, so too is this card not exclusive to a certain group. It could be a good omen for your career, for example, as you might become more charismatic and erudite in a conference call.

The Lovers also means that your values are in fact one and the same on a certain subject. This helps breed agreement in even the most contentious of subjects such as politics or business meetings. With this particular card, you can be sure that every conference call or conversation moving forward will be smoother. However, as with all cards, this comes with a small caveat: you have to make the connection yourself.

This is because the card in question isn’t just going to offer you a relationship or conversational partner readily. Rather, it’s an expression of your social instinct. As such, if you have been relatively reclusive throughout the years, you should dispense of that attitude in favor of a real conversation with those around you. By heeding your instinct, you will excel in matters, including doing a conference call and closing deals.


The Meaning of the Lovers Card - Conference Call

Of course, the card offers more substance than it lets on. It’s also a kind of instruction manual that people can look on to for comfort. The more they appreciate this card, the more they can help guide their relationship towards more favorable ends. This is exactly why one must take the time to fully understand the Lovers card’s true nature.

Naturally, the card features two people with it in a seemingly familiar setting. Behind these people are two trees, which are symbols of life and rejuvenation. The man and woman, both naked, represent Adam and Eve before they were cast from the Garden of Eden. Here, the people are at their purest form. We do not look upon them with contempt for being naked, but joy at their innocence.

You may also notice them looking up into the sky. This is because yet another familiar figure has surfaced to give them divine blessing. From the clouds above, the visage of the famous angel Raphael appears to give them calm and blessing. This can mean many things, but notably, that their relationship is an affirmation of new life. Here, he blesses them with the reassurance that this is all sanctioned by God.


And from here, one begins to see exactly what the card says about your current relationships. Broadly speaking, it means that your dealings with people are always on a positive note because you have taken the time to expand yourself. You have learned the virtue of compromise and learning from others. And in that regard, you have likewise been blessed with more eloquence.

The Reading Proper: How the Card Translates to Relational Victory on a Conference Call

Of course, the reading of the card doesn’t simply end with an omen. After all, though you are favored by the luck of the card, the reality is that you also need to work on lots of things. For starters, you need to pick up your pace in communication. If you want to be favored by other people, you need to be ready to adapt to their tastes. This is especially true in business where you need to close deals without error.

By becoming more capable at communication, you will end up excelling in every area. Your carefully-constructed arguments will help give you an edge in a conference call, and you will have more gravitas. It will also mean that you can more eloquently describe your feelings for someone else. If you are seeking closure for past misdeeds, this is also your chance to correct them.


Rehearse every line and do your homework on the way people around you behave. Take proper notes as you do so. This is because the more you establish your compatibility with them, the more receptive they will be. As you develop more connections, you will likewise have more opportunities or places to fall back to should the worst happen.

If you are afraid of relationships in general, the card is telling you that it is time for you to overcome the fear. This is because the negative emotions you have will bring nothing but disharmony. You will only alienate the people around you for as long as you carry fear in your heart. Be resolute and courageous in the knowledge that good things will come to pass.