You Have Selected: The Magician

The Magician is a truly powerful card that helps in all aspects of life, especially online education.


The Magician - Online Education

The Magician is a truly powerful card that helps in all aspects of life, especially online education. Indeed, the very sight of it should be encouraging enough for anyone who even draws it. Before you learn your fate, however, you must first understand where the card draws its meaning.

Here, we see a man with his right arm pointed to the skies. The table below him represents the firm division between heaven and earth, and on top of the table are the items representing each suit of the Minor Arcana: Wand, Pentacles, Sword, and Cups. With the roses and leaves below, we see in the Magician not just a card, but the ultimate herald of everlasting victory.

The Meaning Behind the Empress

Surrounding the empress is a bright horizon of lush trees. Beside her throne is a heart-shaped decor with the feminine symbol. This represents both opulence and refinement-- the ultimate symbol of wealth and prosperity. This is only topped by her robe, adorned with floral icons.


This, together with the greenery in the background, suggests fertility. Notice further that there is a crown on her head with 12 stars. As a rule, the star is associated with the mystical-- perhaps even divine feminine power.

Coincidentally, this mirrors the concept of heavenly mandate during the Medieval Ages-- the idea that the King is a divine figure ordained by God himself. Truly, the Empress’ image is meant to make a lasting impression and is formidable in its own right.

Approaching Online Education the Magician’s Way

As a general rule, this card symbolizes the ability to conquer anything through a combination of methodical ingenuity and operational finesse. In other words, what you have with you isn’t just a good indicator of success, but even a blueprint for you to reach the pinnacle of your intellectual and pragmatic capabilities.


On the surface, you may be led to think that the Magician card encourages the use of fantastical instruments in order to achieve what one wants. In reality, however, a true Magician is aware that they do not need anything out of this world. For you already possess all the tools you’ll need to excel-- you just need to make them work.

Indeed, this is how the consummate Magician manages to get away with making even the most difficult things look ridiculously easy. With an emphasis on execution and efficiency, you are able to make the most of every situation-- including the rigors of online education.

Of course, much of making this possible relies on being prepared. If there’s one thing you and the Magician have in common, it’s that you cannot excel purely by just winging it. Both you and the Magician require preparation in order to astonish people with perfect execution. In online education, the same principle applies.


One way you can impress and prepare well is simply by studying efficiently. The virtual environment provided by online education demands that you manage not only your time, but even how much information you take at any given hour. You also need to take into account your own personality and health.

For example, if you tend to be the impatient sort, then you need to formulate your studying technique according to such a framework. Study every 20 or 30 minutes, for one, and when you finish, internalize what you have managed to store in your mind. It is also useful to try and link your study to real life concepts or things that you are intimately interested in.

Aside from this, you should also avoid studying only just before going to sleep, or going on all-nighters. The mind at this point is practically preparing to rest, so forcing it to work when you don’t really need to will only hurt your capability to retain what you have learned. Adapt to your body’s needs by studying at an earlier time.


If you really do feel the urge to procrastinate or have fun, try using it as a reward after setting a study quota for the day. For example, when you’ve finished a chapter or 2, you can play your video games or even watch a few episodes from your favorite series. Bear in mind, however, that you should study earnestly by doing so.

Aside from preparation, however, there are also other ways for you to improve your chances at getting higher grades. After all, if there’s anything common between online education and the Magician card-- it’s that both thrive from having a positive, ambitious mindset.

This card, for one, tells you to always do more for yourself. Use every trial in online education not as an excuse to give up, but as a challenge for you to try harder. The Magician’s path is never easy as it requires precision. But if you manage to give it your all, it will truly feel exhilarating.


Give the methods and mindset changes above a shot; we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.