You Have Selected: The Moon

The Moon is a card that represents the idea of repressed Shadows and a fragile subconscious.


The Moon - Urgent Care

The Moon is a card that represents the idea of repressed Shadows and a fragile subconscious. It shows the element of fear that exists in every person who is on the precipice and verge of making a new path for themselves. This card also showcases the anxiety that people tend to have about their life choices. Truly, all of these require urgent care if they are ever going to be addressed.

Of course, the card doesn’t just mean that something needs to be given urgent care. It’s not just about addressing the anxiety that one feels in everyday life. It’s also about heeding your own inner instinct and gut feeling. For many, this is a particularly harder affair because it often requires that you disconnect from your rational faculties at times. It can even seem like you’re inviting danger.

However, this is exactly why we must discuss the Moon in considerable depth. Its initial meaning will seem confusing to those who have not fully grasped it. And improper interpretations could lead to problems in the long run. We must therefore also take urgent care in ensuring that you are able to understand the card and the associated meanings that might come of it.


The Meaning of the Moon: Taking Urgent Care of Your Life

There is something that is sadly all too common for us human beings. We are generally afraid of the unknown. Likewise, we are quick to reject everything that doesn’t agree with our view of ourselves. This is exactly why Carl Jung makes a distinction between the Persona and the Shadow. The “persona” is the self we want others to see, while the “shadow” is the thing which we hide.

Included in the things that we hide are our own fears about the future. We press forward with life while carefully holding up our shields and armor. More quickly do we keep our secrets to ourselves instead of talking about it with our friends and family. In fact, we do this far too often that we end up ignoring ourselves altogether. Rather than address that which needs our urgent care, we cast it by the wayside.

Yet for all that, the subconscious part of us is always going to be a fact of life. The card alone will happily yield this fact. Consider the Moon itself in the picture. On the background of the face that makes up the moon is the glow of the sun. Already this shows the subconscious nature of people, for while we display the outer sun, we hide an inner moon.


This inner moon has also likewise activated a few wolves that howl before its very presence. The fact that this is the case effectively means that the subconscious parts of ourselves directly resonate with us. It is inescapable that we feel this way; that we have a wild side. Indeed, the card celebrates and even encourages this side, but only because it is a crucial part of yourself.

Further below, you’ll notice a crack and a scorpion coming out of it. Yet again, it describes the nature of the subconscious. From what you can already tell about the card, it has multiple layers and manifestations. Since it is unavoidable that we think partly because of our subconscious, the card tasks us to actually hold on to what we’re hiding and acknowledge it.

If you are the type of person who holds yourself back regularly, consider actually meditating on this wild side. Think about what that means for you and whether it is wise to hide it. The sad thing for the latter is that it is never the case most of the time, and hiding it is simply a doomed endeavor. With this in mind, therefore, the card leaves you with the only available recourse: acceptance.


Accept your faults as much as you accept your strengths, and the promise of a bright future will not be far behind.