You Have Selected: The Sun

The Sun card is known as the sustainer of life and the bringer of hope amid a world shrouded in darkness.


The Sun - Electricity

The Sun card is known as the sustainer of life and the bringer of hope amid a world shrouded in darkness. It is therefore unsurprising that there is a link between this card and those who provide for their families. They bring forth convenience and security such as food and electricity in a world that renders us defenseless. From this card, one can get preliminary insight as to what your future might be.

The card sees a future filled with promise and joy. All the conveniences of life from your gadgets to the electricity that helps power them will be at your disposal. Your family and children will be proud of what you have achieved. Likewise, you will gain enough knowledge and skills to help bring this happy future about. However, though the promise is great, the path to get there is also arduous.

This is because you shall also have to learn to be a provider. Sooner or later, you will be assisting your family or even someone else outside your circle. And the manner in which you will assist them might involve providing for their electricity and other conveniences. As a matter of fact, there’s even a slight chance that you might become part of a service-providing company such as electricity or entrepreneurship.


Of course, the card offers way more as you begin to appreciate its full depth. For this reason, it is wise to first look into the Sun card’s essence. As soon as its full glory is made clear to you, your understanding shall likewise evolve. And you will gain more insight into both what lies ahead and what you can do to make the most of good times.

The Meaning of the Sun Card: Providing Electricity and Assistance to Others

Many tarot readers view the Sun card as the epitome of overwhelming happiness. Indeed, the card makes every effort to make readers think this is the case. The object of this card-- the Sun-- occupies almost half of the card’s overall frame. Its rays are also spread across every direction, which suggests its all-encompassing nature.

As you look at the card further, you will notice that the first things hit by its penetrating rays are the sunflowers below. Collectively, they blossom with the Sun’s assistance. Some of the Sun’s rays do in fact directly touch them, which again suggests the intimate connection between life and the Sun. Further below the greenery, you will see a child riding a huge, white horse.


The child smiles, while the horse’s color matches with the Sun’s intensity. The card uses a combination of light colors and a relatively modest background to illuminate its influence. From here, you can see how it also provides. Its glow sustains life and brings happiness unto others. And with the card at your grasp, you are likewise thrust into the same role. You aren’t just someone who benefits, you also assist.

Providing Electricity to Homes and Happiness for All: The Nature of the Sun Card

Now that you understand the providing nature of the Sun card, we now have a clearer picture about your future. Much like the Sunflowers in the card, your life will indeed bloom. You will have a good family, or at the very least you will be well-accounted for. Businesses under your name will succeed, and you will have a greater time forming social connections.

It also bodes well for your career. On a personal level, you will have more reason to have a positive perspective of life. This will inevitably translate to you being more adept in your career. The more adept you are, the more productive you will become. Slowly but surely, therefore, you will see promotions and you will move up the social ladder along with those around you.


As said before, however, this also means more responsibilities. Soon enough, you will be thrust in a world of hurt for every bit of glory you will gain afterwards. You might face challenges such as the overwhelming electricity bills and other priorities at home. You will become a breadwinner in your family, providing much-needed support to your loved ones.

However, in the process of providing electricity and other forms of assistance, you will undoubtedly thrive. More people will form connections with you, to the point where you might be led to changing your careers altogether. From cookery, for example, you could initiate a career change that offers more money on your part. This career change will then allow you to further serve your family’s greater good.

The extra income will then translate into something practical, such as electricity for everyone you know and love. Accept this responsibility and you will grow further-- that is this card’s guarantee.