You Have Selected: The Tower

The Tower card is one which often predicts destruction, mayhem and instability. Through it comes the fact that all life will be tested.


The Tower - Medical Needs

The Tower card is one which often predicts destruction, mayhem and instability. Through it comes the fact that all life will be tested. Regardless of what one might say about it, the reality is that even the strongest beliefs you have will be challenged. You may, for example, encounter a physical mishap. This would force you to tend to your medical needs and challenge your understanding of your physique.

In a lot of ways, it is ultimately a difficult thing. This is because the more you are tested, the more you will be stretched to your limit. Your medical needs, for example, may start hurting you in a financial sense. Failing that, the same medical needs from your family might push you to the brink of breaking emotionally. This is why there is a need for you to study the Tower card.

While the card may herald calamity, it is not without purpose. Just as people are compelled to strengthen their foundations after being tested, so too will you do the same thing. What this card is really telling you, therefore, is that you should hold on and remain firm no matter the difficulties ahead. Medical needs may be massive, and your disappointment with the world even more so. But ultimately, you will be okay.


Of course, there is more to holding on than just mustering courage. After all, holding on isn’t a question of bravery or valiancy, but of consistency. Having neither will prove detrimental as you deal with the worst problems life will throw at you. It is therefore crucial for you to stay true to your course and remain resolute. To this end, studying the card’s effects and imagery will help you thusly.

The Strength of the Tower Card: How to Endure Problems Like Medical Needs

As you can already guess, the Tower is about preparing you for the conflict and pain ahead. This fact manifests itself through the very force of the imagery already present. You may see, for example, that the Tower is seemingly under assault by nature itself. Thunderbolts have struck some of its surface, taking both debris and people with each strike.

Everyone within the Tower is presumably running in fear as the building burns around them. What holes there are in the building are also catching on fire. Curiously enough, however, the building itself remains strong and resolute. This is actually a metaphor for the strength of the human spirit. For while we are indeed sometimes overwhelmed by our problems, we never truly break.


In fact, historically speaking, the Romans have always had this saying: “where there is life, there is hope.” This is precisely the message of the Tower to you right now. Though you may be in pain due to the suffering you’ve been having lately, you shall stay strong. And as long as you stay that way, you will secure a brighter future, because storms always pass.

As such, do not be discouraged by life’s harsh challenges. Your body and mind may tell you to give up, but the card firmly tells you to stay resolute. If need be, pursue a stoic mindset where you control only your own reaction to any situation. Life will be difficult, and of course things will be outside your power. The key, therefore, is to look inward and to find the happiness that lies within.

Indeed, the happiness that you have is much like the foundation this card has provided you with. It may not seem a lot for now, and of course, the stress will overtake you. But this is exactly why you need to supplement this with the support of the people around you. This is the other message of the Tower card. Though it urges you to be strong, it by no means tells you to soldier through problems alone.


Know that you have friends, and they serve just as much of a foundation as your own will in your life. Combine grit and friendship together, therefore, and you will have strength unequaled. From there, it is only a matter of waiting for the storm to pass, and to reap the benefits of bonds strengthened by endless adversity. Much lies in wait for the bold, and even more for the resolute.