You Have Selected: The World

There are many cards in a Tarot reading. However, out of all of them, the World is infinitely more valued.


The World - Mortgage

There are many cards in a Tarot reading. However, out of all of them, the World is infinitely more valued. This is because the card itself contains readings particularly related to new beginnings, of which things like mortgage are one. The World is a symbol of triumph many times over. It shows that there is in fact a sense of victory and that there will be great things ahead.

Needless to say, it is therefore an indication that something great is coming your way. Financially, this means you might be able to afford that mortgage you’ve been thinking about. Perhaps you’re thinking about starting a new business or even having a family. In either case, you have this card’s guarantee that things such as mortgage and other blessings will happen sooner or later. You will have your new beginning.

Of course, there is a story to this beginning, as nothing exists within a vacuum. This is exactly why in a reading like this, we have to break down the card to its core elements. The imagery here is so rich that analyzing it will help direct this reading to something more concrete, such as what steps you can take before getting a mortgage.


The Meaning of the World Card: A New Era Through Mortgage

The World is a fundamentally crucial card. On its own terms, it is crucially influential because the change it heralds is usually so great. Its imagery is an indelible testament to the kinds of things that can happen to you in your life. Typically, the change heralded by the World is one that is both permanent and positive. However, the card offers more than just that-- it is also a guide.

Now, the change that the card offers lies within the very image it provides. It shows a woman seemingly dancing and basking in the glory of a circular laurel wreath. In her hands, one will notice wands, which represent the Suit of Wands in the Minor Arcana. These instruments represent possibilities as well as the power to do anything. The laurel wreath, on the other hand, symbolizes power.

If you look further into the card, you will notice 4 icons occupying the corners of the card. On the top-left, you will see a human face-- that of the Water-bearer, Aquarius. The top-right shows an Eagle, which is the alternative sign of the Scorpio. The bottom corners feature a ram (Taurus) on the bottom-left and a lion (Leo) on the southeast. All these fixed signs represent the cyclical transition of the seasons.


What this means for your life is therefore clearer when you look at it in the context of a cycle. Right now, there is much for you to gain because you are starting a new era or phase in your life. And the way this will likely kick off is through a step that will get things started. You can get a mortgage for a new home to settle in, or perhaps a new job that will kickstart a new career.

The Reading Proper: Mortgage as the Beginning

With the World card’s meaning known to you, it is therefore crucial to talk about the more concrete parts of this reading. As you may have already guessed, it starts with a simple mortgage. Life itself will shift into several directions at once, and by securing yourself a new home if you already haven’t, you will have a foundation. This is especially true if you are just about to start a new family or life elsewhere.

Now, while securing a mortgage is easy enough to understand, there are still some things you need to do to make it worthwhile. For example, you should start by first studying your current financial status. Though the World card promises a strong start, you still need to meet the reading halfway. Do your due diligence first by making sure that everything is accounted for.


When getting a mortgage, don’t go immediately for the most luxurious thing you can find. Instead, consider a balance between personal budget and the most optimal living conditions for your family. This is because things can go wrong quickly if you bite off more than you can chew. Pursue a combination of budget and quality. As a matter of fact, however, this doesn’t just apply strictly to mortgages.

Since the World is about starting things in general, you could also apply this rule into business or even academic careers. Starting anything new will require more research on your part, so do not be reckless. The promise of the new beginning will be rendered void without careful preparation, so be prudent.