You Have Selected: Three of Cups

Before you lies the third card of the suit of Cups.


Three of Cups - Energy

Before you lies the third card of the suit of Cups. The Three of Cups is a card of camaraderie, communication and good relationships. Typically, this is a card that comes to people who attract positive energy. However, it can also affect people with negative energy in a variety of ways. This is because the card highlights a goal and an ideal that people are compelled by their very biology to meet.

If you already have a positive energy about you, then you can consider this to be a good sign. Generally speaking, it means you will have more friends. These people will be drawn to the energy that you emit as a person. And they will want to invest time, and even a bit of their own energy, for they know that you can indeed give them a good time.

Alas, it is likewise good for business deals, because the energy and spirit that you bring into the table will naturally result in more investment. Combined with your own personal vigor and attributes, you are going to conquer any particular industry that you devote yourself to.


However, if you tend to give people a negative vibe, perhaps because you’re too changeable or easily agitated, then you can expect negative results. The universe that you live in is one of energy and return. If you give positivity, you will be given the same, but do otherwise and the consequences will be negative.

Do not worry, however. The card predicts that you can make a comeback, only if you are determined enough. For this determination to surface, we will need to analyze what makes the Three of Cups such a profound card. The details that will come to light shall in turn help you in how to overcome your demons or exploit your existing success with others.

Bringing Positive Energy: The Meaning of the Three of Cups

As you can see with the way the card draws its imagery, the setting is jovial. Three friends of various clothes and colors are coming together for a toast. They are presumably celebrating an achievement of some kind, or have likewise arrived at a deal among them. Whatever it is that you can think of, one thing is certain: these 3 minds are one.


For you, therefore, a positive fortune is in store. Not only will you have great friends along the way, you will have a united vision. This is especially a good thing to have in business, where oneness of mind is everything. The more united your vision is, the better your prospects will be, be it in entrepreneurship or simply within the office.

In fact, this can even be a good indicator in your romantic life. You will have not just the partner and love of your life beside you, but perhaps even a loyal friend. These people will support you in any of your endeavors, and they will help carry you further to your aims in life.

However, if your life is starved for unity as a result of your actions, then this card is telling you to change your mind. Focus on what the image says about the relationships you will be in. Note that in order to reach the end detailed by the card, you need to develop a positive mindset. That way, you will be able to emit positive energy, and more people will be drawn to you.


But of course, this much requires a massive shift in mentality. The old ways will have to end if you are looking to truly make friends. As such, you must endure not being in your comfort zone all the time. The reality is that while you can actually make friends in your current state, you need to pursue a much larger goal. This requires you seeking the better comfort zone that is compromise and friendship.

In this regard, be prepared for whatever bad times there might be as a result. Depending on the habits you might have to change, they can be unbearable. However, the promise of this better future is infinitely better than the isolation that you might secretly be feeling deep down. Thus, you must aim for something higher than your current station.

Be a better person, and all the friendships and relationships in the world will come to you. That is the promise of the Three of Cups. And with the changes you shall make from here, so it shall likewise be.