You Have Selected: The Tower

In a world where all things are in flux, taking steps to cushion some of its blows such as home refinancing and setting up an insurance policy are important.


The Tower - Home Refinancing

In a world where all things are in flux, taking steps to cushion some of its blows such as home refinancing and setting up an insurance policy are important. As a matter of fact, this remains doubly true now that the Tower card is at play here. The card in general represents the possibility of radical change, or of things falling so out of place that there is a need to reevaluate oneself fundamentally.

Right now, however, it has a more pertinent meaning. The world is becoming increasingly chaotic due to rampant recessions and other issues. In that sense, the predictions of the Tower are slowly coming true on a worldly scale. And right now, it is only a matter of time before you are forced to take action in order to make sure that you will be able to withstand the coming storm.

Despite the seemingly cataclysmic nature of this reading, however, know that not everything is at an end. There will always be a way for you to recover and come back stronger than ever. In fact, if you do the right things here, there is a huge chance you might thrive in the ensuing uncertainty. In order to understand what this truly means, however, we must fall back to the underlying meaning behind the Tower.


The Meaning of the Tower Card

Contrary to what one might immediately think, the Tower is not just about destruction and mayhem. On the surface, however, one would be forgiven for thinking this. As you can see, the card depicts a tower that is on fire at various points. One can also see people being knocked over.

However, the most conspicuous part of this card reinforces the idea that it is primarily about destruction. If you look further, you will notice that a lightning bolt has struck at the dome of the tower itself, knocking it out in the process. It is clear that people are frantically trying to escape the tower from the inside and outside, as they are doing everything they can to ensure their survival.

Despite this, its true meaning lies in the tower’s resilience. Though the dome has been severed from the tower, the building itself remains strong and standing through it all. This gives the card a positive twist in what would otherwise become a true herald of catastrophe on the part of the reader. And in your life, this is especially the case.


Home Refinancing: A Case for Securing Oneself

The card that you bear witness doesn’t disguise the reality that you might undergo financial challenges. After all, it is the very basis of one’s adult life. In this regard, the card is telling you to seek all kinds of help, especially concerning your house. Through home refinancing, you will be able to at least position yourself in such a way that your base still stands strong.

This is because home refinancing is a fantastic compliment to debt consolidation. When you are trying to secure your debt by putting them all on one debtor, you can also include your home into that debt, securing uniformity in your interest rates and keeping yourself safe.

However, home refinancing isn’t just about securing your bases. As a rule, it is also a tool that you can use when you are feeling particularly prosperous. If you are looking to shorten the amount of time needed to pay off your home’s price, then home refinancing will help you out. It can also lower the interest rates at the cost of a slightly higher monthly payment.


Aside from home refinancing, however, the Tower card also encourages you to fix your foundation by having a strong insurance policy. Keep yourself ahead of any problems by making prudent financial investments towards institutions that will help you wade across rough waters.

Though your time to prepare is limited due to the changes already happening around you, it is never too late to make a prudent decision. Be sure to take action and secure your future prospects.