The main highlights of this month are quite glaring. On one hand, a thriving, happy, and successful career will greet everyone, invoking high hopes for the best that is still yet to come. Incredible focus and high motivation will get everyone moving. On the other hand, some soap opera-worthy drama will go on in everyone’s love lives that it’s just simply too difficult to keep up. No matter what one’s individual experience may be, September will prove itself quite an explosive ride that is worth the stress. After all, it’s the journey and not the destination that truly matters in the end.

Mercury will trine with Saturn on September 4th. As the planet of intellect and communication, Mercury will have everyone’s minds stimulated in preparation for things to come. This will render everyone able to do their work properly and effectively. On the other hand, Saturn is known to be the planet of seriousness and responsibility. When these two planets trine, it calls on everyone to hold themselves accountable for their own works, at the same time encouraging everyone to unleash their very best in everything that they may choose to do.

With the new moon happening on September 6th, fresh new things in life are set to happen- and with a resounding bang. The entry would be so explosive and unbelievable, it would have people question whether or not these should even exist in the first place! But they are there for a reason, and everyone is called to make use of this time to make something great of what they currently have. This lunation is also unique, as it also encourages everyone to be kind towards others, especially those who are less fortunate, and to uplift those who are most in need.

September 6th is also the day when Mars trines with Uranus. With Uranus’ penchant for dynamism, change, and creativity, the sun’s life-giving energies encourage everyone to go outside the box and indulge themselves in things they otherwise wouldn’t have thought of doing before. Letting oneself go and being free from whatever restraints will help a person realize who or what they were supposed to be in the first place. It might get someone labeled as an oddball, and yet this transit holds the promise that those who are true to themselves will find themselves where they are meant to be, and experiencing what it means to have a fruitful and meaningful life.

Venus will enter Scorpio on September 11th. As the planet of love, Venus brings with it romance and all things beautiful in this world. But for its part, Scorpio is the Zodiac of mystery and inhibited passions. When love and enigma come together, it can mean the lethal mix of obsession, toxic relationships, and other things that just screams “red flag!” And this will not happen in romantic relationships, but can also extend to that of the professional world. Thus, it pays to be watchful and to always do things with prior conscious thought. Emotions can be quite treacherous, but our minds subconsciously know what’s going on. Better to trust one’s intellect, than one of the more “fickle” parts of oneself.

Mars will then enter Libra on September 15th. Mars, the planet of ferociousness and leadership will come to meet the Zodiac of harmony and balance. As a result, people may seem out of touch, and maybe even emotionless during this period. After all, the mind will work extra hard in order to realize one’s goals. Unfortunately, this can also cause divisions, especially between those who felt they were abandoned by their loved ones, and those who think they only had to do the right thing. Proper communication is the only way to fix this, as well as prevent further fracturing between close-knit groups and individuals.

After, it is the sun’s turn to enter Libra on September 23rd. During this season, the ability to make satisfactory compromises, create balance, and simply live a life of relative peace will invoke people to do more than just “being good.” In fact, it will render everyone civil in their interactions, ensuring that little to no chaos will be happening in everyone’s lives. Peaceful relationships will be the theme of this period, marking a time when people let go of their selfish interests in favor of the common good.

When Mars trines Saturn on September 25th, it will have both the planet of virility and the planet of responsibility work together in helping people become more resilient. While there is nothing worth romanticizing over suffering, this period assures everyone that yes, times are hard, and yes, some things are inevitable, yet at the end of the day, it is our own willingness to keep on fighting despite everything that will ensure our success. Putting one’s game face on can help redirect a person’s energy into the things that they are supposed to do, and ultimately, to achieve all the things they have once merely wished for.

Mercury will then retrograde on September 27. This is one transit that everyone hates the most- and why not? Mercury controls communication, intellect, socialization, among many other essential things that people do in their day-to-day life. Whenever it retrogrades, everything in this world just goes wrong. Even if a person thinks they’re prepared, there is nothing that can prepare them for the massive craziness of this period. All a person could do is sit back, relax, and watch as the world goes haywire. The crisis control can wait, it’s still better if one would be able to wait out everything uninjured.

The sun will trine with Saturn on September 29th. The sun. Being the source of life in this world enhances Saturn’s trait of hard work and perseverance. With so many things in this world still worth fighting for, this transit encourages everyone to never lose hope in themselves and in the universe. The promise of tomorrow is enough for us to put our hopes and dreams into the unknown. And while the cosmos will help us achieve our goals, we must also prove our worth to attain them all.