July 1, 2022

July 2022 Monthly Horoscope Summary

Quite a lot of things will be going on during this month. However, there will also be quite a lot of things for you to look forward to during this period! Positive and vibrant energy will nonetheless surface despite all the challenges and road bumps that just might come along in your path. Whatever happens, though, do not lose your motivation! There is still so much for you to do during this time and beyond. This is your time, and you must forge ahead with positivity and eagerness to take on whatever life will throw your way.

Mars will enter Taurus on July 5th. You will be feeling determined to take on life’s challenges. But you also need to make sure that you must not become stubborn! Know your limits, as you do not need to suffer unnecessarily for the things and people that no longer serve their purpose over time.

As Mercury enters Cancer on July 5th, your emotive side will be taking over you during this period. There is nothing wrong with this, as it will help you keep in touch with your inner self. However, you also need to make sure that you do not take things personally all the time, as it can have drastic consequences.

During the Full Moon on July 13th, you are encouraged to let go of your toxic habits and become better. You are your own person, and you do not need to look at other people for validation! Find joy and meaning in the things that you do, and make sure that you do them because you understand what it is worth.

When Venus enters Cancer on July 17th, your sensitive tendencies will be coming back full force. But this also comes along with an onslaught of negative emotions too. As you navigate the waters of this period, take care not to be controlled too much by what you feel. Keep a level head, and do not let your feelings get the best of you.

With Mercury entering Leo on July 19th, communication will not only be easier, but it will also be a far more potent force for you to get your work done. Confidence will stream through your system, and you will be able to express whatever it is that you truly feel towards everything! You may even come to think of new ways to do things, paving the way for you to innovate in already great ideas.

The Sun will enter Leo on July 22nd. Lively, vibrant energy will be all around you during this period, allowing you to groove along with the beat of life. This is also a great time for you to go around and enjoy yourself with the people whom you love. You may even want to catch some attention, especially when you know that you have done something big and groundbreaking.

A New Moon will happen on July 28th. Let yourself enjoy this time, and help yourself to all the good vibes that the universe will be giving during this time! You may even come to start doing something that you have long been dreaming of. Don’t be afraid of romanticizing things; this is your moment to paint rainbows in your life.

Jupiter will commence its retrograde on July 28th. There will be quite a few things going on during this period that may not exactly be to your liking. However, you must endure. Learn from everything that will be coming along during this period, and grow from the mistakes that you have or will be making.

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