The Shadow Archetype

Uncover the hidden, repressed side of who you are. Learn everything you need to know about the Shadow archetype and its significance in jungian/analytical psychology.

The Shadow Archetype is some times described as the "dark side" of one's personality - a projection of an individual's natural instincs and irrational tendencies. The part of us the we all consciously hide, but subconsciously exists.

Coined by renowned psychologist Carl Jung, the Shadow Archetype is described as the manifestation of personality aspects that one rejects and represses. These are parts of ourselves that we consciously choose not to identify with, or at the very least, traits that are typically rejected by society. All of these repressed traits are then buried deep within our unconscious, forming our shadow archetypes.

Most people remain unaware of their shadow's - simply because its presence is not exactly obvious. But just because it isn't obvious, doesn't mean that it ceases to exist. Jungian psychology believes that we maintain a psychological distance from these parts of our personalities, the rejected traits, the Shadow Archetype, where all of society's rejected thoughts, behaviours, and emotions are typically stored.

Naturally, such traits are rejected for a reason. They tend to be dangerous, destructive, and unappealing.

Some of the common traits of the Shadow Archetype include aggression, shame, fears, immoral desires, sexual urges, and anger. It's difficut to name every single trait of the Shadow Archetype, considering that different cultures have different standards of what sort of thoughts, behaviours, and emotions are acceptable. Apart from that, different backgrounds and environments can create different shadow traits as well.

It is, however, important to understand, recognize, and admit to the traits of our Shadow Archetypes.

Encountering the shadow plays an integral part of individuation. Within it lies a revealing passage of awakening and spiritual growth.

As you progress through your individuation journey with us, your eyes will begin to peel open to the infinite possibilities that you can achieve.

To learn more about this sacred, powerful process, we've prepared a 5-part series that will guide you through the exact process of Shadow Work.

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Your Shadow is hidden deep within your subconscious.

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