January 22, 2023

January 22-28 Weekly Horoscope Summary

The new moon in Aquarius on the 21st brings a new beginning in an area of our lives that has been under stress in recent years. This week, we will see how well we have established a foundation before setting new intentions. On the 22nd, Uranus, the planet of change, goes direct in Taurus, causing disruptions and encouraging new ways of thinking. Also on the 22nd, Venus aligns with Saturn, a transit that suggests making a commitment or ending a relationship. However, on the 24th, the sun connects with Jupiter, a reminder of how far we have come in the past year. Finally, on the 26th, Venus enters Pisces, a sign associated with idealistic and intense love. This is a good time to plan a romantic evening, either with a partner or alone, to take advantage of the positive energy.

Weekly Horoscope Summary per Zodiac Sign


You may be experiencing an increase in social activity, but it’s important to evaluate if these relationships are still beneficial for you. An event with friends on the 22nd might lead to an awkward conversation about finances, leaving you feeling resentful. It’s important to take some time for yourself over the weekend to relax and recharge. Whether it’s through meditation or watching a TV show, spending time alone can bring peace and clarity.


The meeting with your boss on the 22nd that you were anticipating to be difficult, turns out to be a pleasant surprise, as it leads to a promotion. However, before accepting the new role and responsibilities, ensure that your compensation aligns with your new position. On the 26th, Venus, your ruling planet, enters the part of your chart associated with friendships, which will bring a significant boost to your social life. This is a great time to celebrate with your friends and enjoy good company. Make the most of this time, let loose and have fun!


On the 22nd, a realization in therapy or during a moment of reflection, helps you to break free from a stagnant situation. It’s important to remember that the outcome may not have been in your control and that you have been putting in effort. On the 26th, Venus enters the part of your chart associated with your career, bringing an increase in visibility and public recognition. This is an opportune time to share any exciting news or projects you have been working on, so consider making an announcement over the weekend.


You may have been hesitant to ask for help in recent months, but on the 22nd, you are pleasantly surprised by a friend’s willingness to offer support. While there may still be concerns about how to financially make your big dreams a reality, you now know that you have a team of people who are cheering you on and supporting you along the way. Keep your focus on your goals and continue to work towards them.


A new romantic interest entered your life at the start of this month, and you have been swept away by the intensity of the relationship. But as Venus aligns with Saturn on the 22nd, you realize that this is not a casual fling. It’s time to make a commitment or consider ending the relationship. The decision to walk away may be difficult, but it’s important to remember that it’s not worth staying with someone who is not fully invested in your future vision. This is a good time to take control of your own destiny and make a decision that is best for you.


The new moon on the 21st prompted you to set intentions for work, health, and daily routine. But this week, a new romantic interest may enter your life. Venus enters Pisces and the part of your chart associated with partnerships on the 26th, bringing a boost of positivity to your relationships. Instead of viewing dating as a distraction from work, consider finding a balance between the two. This can help you to have a more fulfilling and well-rounded life.


This week may bring a mix of emotions for you, Libra. What was expected to be a casual first date might turn into a longer-term relationship. You intended to keep things light, but you may find yourself falling in love. On the 26th, Venus, your ruling planet, enters Pisces which can deepen your feelings even more. It’s important to make sure that your daily life and responsibilities are in order before diving too deeply into this new relationship.


A significant change in your relationships occurred in August, leaving you feeling affected. This week, you will start to understand the purpose of that upheaval. Venus enters Pisces and the part of your chart associated with romance on the 26th, signaling the beginning of a new phase in your dating and creative life. Keep an open mind and be open to new romantic partners who may not fit your usual type. This is a time for exciting romantic adventures to come your way.


This week is a time of returning to your roots, Sagittarius. Slow down and take pleasure in your daily tasks and routines. Even the work meetings that are usually tedious, may feel more relaxed and enjoyable. Instead of focusing on “moving forward”, take a moment to appreciate what you already have. Ensure that you have a comfortable and inviting place to rest and retreat, this will be beneficial when things pick up again.


A short-term relationship or creative project that was put on hold in August, may resurface this week. At the time, you were not ready to fully embrace it but now you are more willing to take risks and have fun. The 26th, may be a good day for a spontaneous trip, when Venus enters Pisces and the part of your chart associated with local travel. This is a great opportunity to discover new places and experiences in your own surroundings.


The new moon in your sign last week inspired you to focus on self-care. However, as Uranus goes direct in the part of your chart associated with home on the 22nd, you may have to temporarily sacrifice some of that “me time” to deal with unexpected changes in your family life or living situation. This sense of pressure may not be permanent, but in the meantime, treat yourself as a reward for handling the situation well. You are doing an admirable job.


On the 26th, Venus enters your sign, bringing a significant improvement in your appearance and overall well-being. If you have been considering changes such as dying your hair, updating your professional wardrobe, or reevaluating your skincare routine, now is the ideal time to do so. Indulge in self-care treatments such as facials or massages, and prioritize maintaining a healthy diet. The goal is to feel good both physically and mentally.

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