May 7, 2023

May 7 – 13 Weekly Horoscope Summary

For this week, you can reasonably expect things to be quite active and hectic. You may notice things ramping up, and the winds of life shifting. However, unlike the blistering pace of the previous weeks, you may notice things calming down. Change will seem natural for this week, and you’ll feel right at home – with the right mindset. As long as you’ve got positivity in you, you can certainly expect a lively and fun week!

Weekly Horoscope Summary per Zodiac Sign


You’ve got a lot going for you this week; productivity is going to start with a bang, and your plans will feel so smooth-sailing that it just seems inevitable. Ride the waves of this week’s momentum and you will have a particularly good time.


This week might be problematic for your communication with others. You may find your messages being misunderstood or delayed, and you may have fights with your friends and loved ones if you are not careful. Be clear with your words and speak plainly.


For this week, you’re likely to find yourself spending away your worries. Perhaps you’re going on a vacation or getting something you’ve been saving up for. At any rate, this is a week that you’ll enjoy from a material perspective. Just be sure to take care of your spiritual health, too.


You may find yourself in a conflict of some sort this week. People around you might be stubborn or otherwise require significant prodding. Be patient with these people, but stand firm if needed. You do not need to be bullied in the process of imposing discipline or arguing with others.


For this week, you’re being asked to express yourself, particularly if you’ve been holding yourself back. Let loose your skills and impress others with your abilities. You’ll find that people will eagerly observe, and even unlock opportunities for you that you never thought you had.


The week ahead can be especially unproductive for you. You’ll likely find your gadgets not working, and your friends might not be so cooperative. In a time like this, patience will be your most important tool.


Now may be a good time to really remember what’s important – your life’s whys, so to speak. It’s because you may find yourself being distracted endlessly and your expectations being dashed. Remain firm and steady in the days ahead.


For this week, flexibility is what you need. You will have the compulsion to be stubborn, make no mistake about it. But as long as you remain flexible enough to at least consider other options, you’ll find that this week will pass by more seamlessly.


Now might be the right time to spend your money on something worthwhile. If you’re already considering making a business or even just setting up a checking account, you have the opportunity to do so this week. The winds of change are in your favor, so use this advantage.


Capricorn, now would be a good time to just listen. You’ve likely been insisting on your way for a while now, but others are getting wary and ready to give you a challenge. There might be a flaw in your methods, and the best way to overcome them will be to adapt and listen.


This week, you’ll need to focus on your physical health. If you’ve been indulging on sweets and other unhealthy snacks, cut back. Know that there are other ways to deal with your stressful week. Distract yourself and discover new hobbies – that’s the key to making this week yours.


The theme of this week is all about finding something new. Perhaps you’ll need to get out of your expectations in order to meet the love of your life this week, or maybe you need a new gadget. Do or find something that you want, seize it, and know that you deserve it.

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