January 16, 2022

January 16 – 22 Weekly Horoscope Summary


This is admittedly not a very good week for everyone. Varying levels of negativity will be felt, and along with it numerous frustrations about things that are happening in one’s life as well as the world. Being disheartened by all of this will be part of the experience, however, this is not enough reason to be discouraged from going on with one’s life. Challenges are part and parcel of the reality of life, and it is important that everyone will be ready to take them on as needed. The road will be harsh, bumpy, and may even be filled with roadblocks, but this is no reason for people to be discouraged about what else can be done to make life better. This is just a temporary setback! Greater things are still yet to happen, and you just have to believe that at the end of this metaphorical rainy week, there will be a rainbow just waiting to shine.

Weekly Summary per Zodiac Sign


The negativity that surrounds you will not be easy to counter, but you need to take the necessary steps for you to be able to prevail from it all. You may not think that you are strong enough to resist all the bad thoughts, but in reality, you are. You just have to be calm and rational before charging into this new battle in your life.


Sensitivity and compassion to what other people need are essential for you to make use of the power that you will hold during this period. Yes, you are encouraged to turn everything in your favor, but you also need to keep in mind that you are not the only one who is going to be affected by what you will be doing- other people will be recipients of it, too.


Wanting an easy way out is a very human response to life’s challenges. However, this is not possible, as it can only make things take a turn for the worse. The process towards achieving whatever it is that you will be long, but nonetheless worth it in terms of the consequences. Make sure that you go with the right choice.


Going through all kinds of internal turmoil is never a pretty experience. In fact, it can be as bad as it can get! In order for you to get through all of the mess that you are in, though, it would be best if you look at the positive side of things. No, you are not being asked to subscribe to toxic positivity. Instead, what you are encouraged to do is to find silver linings, despite everything.


The road towards maturity is a long and difficult one, yet is nonetheless worth every effort that it will take you. However, it is important for you to remember that you are never truly alone and that you have other people to help you in your journey. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, or in this case, to help a grown person reach their full potential.


All sorts of emotions will be felt by you during this period, and it is normal for you to feel confused about why this is going on in your life. Despite this, you are encouraged to put more emphasis on the joys that you have felt, and use it as fuel to keep going. The world can be harsh, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot live in happiness and peace.


Staying committed to the decisions that you have made, as well as thinking thoroughly about those that you are about to enter is important for you during this period. You are responsible for all that will be happening, so make sure that you don’t just do things with little thought! Be wise, and always go for things that you know you won’t be regretting.


Pay more attention to the things that are going on in your life. Without you knowing it, they may have become something that you never hoped they would become! Before you end up falling into a mess that you will be struggling to get out of, make sure that you know what you are going into, and as much as possible, how things are interlinked so that you can respond accordingly.


Opening your eyes to the reality of life has always been a hard ask from you, but this time, you can no longer deny that this is an important thing to do. Knowing and acknowledging both things that are explicitly present, as well as those that are hidden, can then help you realize life’s realities, and in time, help you become more mature as you go along.


Take the more positive route when attending to your responsibilities. Sure it can be quite a challenge for you, considering how serious and single-minded you are, but perhaps it would work out best for you, especially since it just might bring you the good vibes and energy that you need to be able to keep on functioning despite difficulties.


It will be quite a complicated period for you, especially considering everything that you will be going through. There is no telling on what you might encounter as you try to manage your way, and you need to act decisively before it is too late. Through it all, though, you are encouraged to take a pace that will be beneficial to you, especially considering that you are currently in a time where things will be particularly stressful to handle.


Who you are as a person will be tested and questioned far beyond your known limits. Choices will tear you apart, but despite these, you are called to take a more proactive approach in everything. The consequences of your choices will last long, and you need to know what you will be going into. Be wise, and choose what you think is best for you.

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