January 14, 2022

2022 Horoscope Love and Career Summary

Growth, maturity, and a tendency to embrace change will be the defining factor of this year. Despite the many challenges posed by the past year, the will to persevere and stand strong will still be ever-present. This is everyone’s chance to finally turn the tables and make the most out of the cosmic movements. However, the fears that have been sowed in the past will be what hold everyone back from their goals.

There is also the sense that precaution has to be exercised by everyone at every step of the way. If there was anything 2021 has taught us, it is that fact that no one can be complacent. 2022 itself will be full of ups and downs, and if everyone hopes to survive what the universe has set, then treading down whatever path they choose must be done with care and precision. 

And yet, despite all these seemingly heavy activities, there is also a gentle reminder that the heavens want to insist upon to everyone: take things easy. Move at your own pace, at your own time. Breathe easy; the universe is yours for the taking, you just have to do what you think is best for you.


As the new year enters, new things are bound to happen. On January 14th, Mercury will commence his retrograde, fueling chaos and confusion on everyone still adjusting to the changes that are happening. There is no need to worry too much, though. Everything will ease down in due time.


A feeling of gentleness will wash over everyone as the Sun enters Pisces on February 18th. Everything will feel kinder, easier, and relatively go with the flow. This is a time to release oneself from the burdens of life, and to allow one’s emotional side to recover from all the battles one has been through.


The future has always been a subject of everyone’s fantasies and ruminations. When the Full Moon occurs on March 18th, the motivation to actually do something about what one wants in their life would be stronger than ever. Go forth and make the future the way you have always wanted it to become!


Stability has always been something that everyone wants, in one way or another. With the solar eclipse happening on April 30th, everything will feel easier to stand upon. Planning for what will come next will be exciting to do, especially since there is something worth looking forward to.


Engaging in emotionally draining activities will be part of everyone’s experience during this time. The lunar eclipse on May 15th will be the primary driver of this all! And yet, this is also a good time for you to set yourself free from all of the constraints that your past experiences have placed on you.


A person’s home will always be the place that one will go back to. When the Sun enters Cancer on June 21st, the summer solstice will also be tagging along. In order to keep homes safe, this is a good time for everyone to pay attention to the needs and concerns of everyone whom they hold close to their heart.


Life may not always be sunshine and rainbows, but it is worth celebrating nonetheless. With the Sun entering Leo on July 22nd, the zest for life and eagerness to take part in all the good that life has to offer will wash over everyone. 


Courage is an important trait to develop within someone, and as Uranus starts his retrograde on August 24th, you are called to take heart and defy all the fears that have been gnawing in your heart and soul. The mere fact that you are still alive is a testament to your bravery, and so there is no reason for you to fear whatever life may bring.


Achieving a balanced and harmonious existence is something that everyone has always wanted to have. With the Sun entering Libra on September 22nd, this is a possible endeavor. Being able to experience peace and the ability to finally be able to meet eye to eye with everyone will surely be the highlight of this period.


A relatively slower existence just might hit everyone at once. This is what will happen when Mars starts its retrograde on October 30th. It will be an opportunity to pick up a slower and relaxed pace, and after everything that has happened in the past year, a time to rest from all sorts of activity.


Feeling energetic and spunky will be brought on by the Sun entering Sagittarius on November 22nd. Everything will become an experience worth having, and a risk worth taking! With so many “unconventional” things lined up, perhaps this is a great time for you to try out everything you never dared to do before.


Remembering all that went wrong is something that everyone is good at. As the Full Moon happens on December 7th, you will feel the burden of memory weigh you down with the past mistakes that you have committed. And yet, you can turn this negative event into a positive one into taking it as a learning experience and an opportunity for growth.


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