July 11, 2021

July 11 – 17 Horoscope Summary


This week will be a hot mess of productivity, confusion, and the occasional daydreaming. Although it brings far too much craziness and might potentially ruin a day or two, this is still a good learning experience for everyone as it will open the possibilities. Go ahead and dive in, so many things are waiting for you!

Mercury trine Jupiter (July 12th)

As the planet of communication, Mercury urges everyone to be open to those whom they love, as well as to speak their mind in a confident and intelligent manner to those who need to hear it. On the other hand, Jupiter is the planet of possibilities and taking the lead.

When these two planets trine, it calls on everyone to take the shots they never thought they could ever take, or to take the leap of faith even though the future is far too uncertain. Trust that everything will work out, and you will be able to turn things into your favor.

And so, take this time to realize whatever it is that needs to be done! There are certainly so many things that you want to happen, and this is your chance to make them a reality. Be brave, and stride out with full confidence- the world is waiting for you to shine!

Sun oppose Pluto (July 17th)

The sun is generally seen as the life-giver, the source of light and energy for all. It also symbolizes optimism and the hopes of dreams that are yet to be realized but will nonetheless be fulfilled if one is willing to work hard for it and take the first step in making things happen.

However, Pluto is the opposite. Like the god it is named after, it represents emptiness, darkness, and to an extent, negativity. While these can be potent forces, to begin with, and would certainly bring great benefits when harnessed well.

When these two planets oppose each other, they would find themselves trying to overpower each other in terms of influencing the life of an individual. It can result in trouble and more chaos, eventually leading to questionable results. As such, those affected by this are called to take things easy and let things happen naturally.

Major Transits of the Week

July 12th: Mercury trine Jupiter

July 15th: Sun trine Neptune

July 17th: Sun opposes Pluto

Weekly Summary per Zodiac Sign


Moving on is essential for you to live a happy life. Yes, your past has shaped you into who you are right now, but you shouldn’t let it chain you down. You have a future waiting for you, and it is time for you to let go of the things you can never go back to.


The fear of new things may linger in your heart, but it is only when you wholeheartedly accept all the possibilities that you will be able to free yourself from your irrational fears. Do not be afraid, you are called to soar high so go and spread your wings!


Making the first move can be quite terrifying, but you can’t get things done if you won’t dare to do what has to be done. Although your landing area is quite unclear during this time, it will also be your guarantee that wherever you land, you will surely make waves.


Assess yourself and your plans- are they what you truly want? With you having full responsibility for your own future, things can get pretty terrifying. But you are essentially called to do one important thing: to discern, and to do it well. 


While being flashy is fun, this time around, you need to be a bit philosophical and tap into your inner self. This will help you in your journey of realizing what will work best for you and the people who matter, and help you clearly see where you are truly meant to go.



Options will be all presented to you on a silver platter, and you just might be confused on which option to take. Spoiler alert: all of them are! They will have various purposes and methods of improving your life but one thing is for certain: all these will help improve your overall well-being.


Clearing your to-do list is your top priority, and you will be given the opportunity to do exactly that! With this will come so many opportunities, and the ability to make things happen- as long as you do not forget to take the deep dive.


Your creative soul will be your key to success. Allowing yourself to do things the way you want them to will help improve your productivity, as well as give boosts here and there to other areas of your life. Go ahead, let the world know how you intend to do things!


Depth and substance will be your friends for this period. While being concerned with superficial things can be fun, you also need to look within yourself and be honest with yourself and the world. Who knows, you just may discover something hidden within yourself after so long.


A clear sight and clear mind will help you achieve the things that you’ve always wanted to do. It will also give you the answers that you have long been looking for! Whatever it is, your sharp mind will be your best friend in your quest to answer life’s burning questions.


The effort that you put into the things that you do will go a long way. You may not realize it now, but if you invest in the right people and the right things, all that you worked hard for will yield positive results, giving you a sure path towards success.


Everything will be in your favor during this period. In fact, you will only be needing minimal effort just to see amazing results! If you have important things to take care of, now is the chance to do them! Enjoy, and just let the momentum of your good luck last for a long period of time.

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