Judgment Tarot Card Meaning

Discover what judgment tarot card symbolizes based on its upright and reversed positions.

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Judgment General Meaning

The judgment card speaks of transition, growth and transformation. It highlights the significance of change and how it will affect the future.

It indicates that success can be reached if there is a combination of preparation, logic and reason. This means that decisions must be carefully considered in order to accomplish the life you have long been desiring.

Popularly referred to as The Resurrection, this card depicts the image of what the last judgment would be as portrayed in mythologies and legends. Angel Gabriel is seen performing a trumpet call and men, women and children are perceived to be responding to such message when they rose up from the ground.

Their arms being stretched widely denotes that they are prepared to be judged by the creator above who will meticulously evaluate the things they have done during their existence on earth. He will then decide where these creatures will live for the rest of eternity— either in the bountiful gardens of heaven or on the flaming fires of hell.

The enormous wave in the background emphasizes the fact that this judgment is inevitable and that it would happen sooner.

Judgment Upright Meaning

The judgment Card in Upright indicates that you have permitted yourself to imbibe change, growth and transformation in your life. You have allowed yourself to prudently reflect on the things you have done, the plans you have made and the goals you have set.

By this kind of reflection, you will be able to know what traits must be changed and what qualities must be continued to be cultivated. You are now in a state of awakening and you are very determined to make a vigilant evaluation of what has occurred in your lifetime.

This will then lead to letting go of the past and moving towards the fulfillment of the future.


Love Meaning - Judgment Upright

The Judgment card in its upright position means that your relationship is founded on the precepts of fairness and equity. The two of you are making mutually-beneficial decisions, so you’re able to adapt to life’s harshest realities.

In short, you and your significant other consider each other as equals. No one dominates, and you make sure that you take each others’ needs and opinions into consideration before proceeding to do something.

After all, you entered that commitment with the reassurance that you will be loved and respected for who you are and not get controlled. You fight at times, but the relationship won’t crumble.

You get angry, but you don’t lose faith in one another. This mature outlook in your relationship allows for it to grow and flourish as time passes by.

With this, you and your partner will also find yourselves turning into more responsible and empathetic individuals, owing to the learning experience offered by your partnership. If anything, all these points that your relationship is stable and for the long-term.

The synergy between you and your significant other is near-perfect and would only refine even more as time goes by. Likewise, if you’re seeking someone, it means you are a prudent character able to sustain relationships in the long run.

You are stable, and all will be well if you continue like this. You have to be patient; love will find its way when you and your fated one are finally ready.


Wealth Meaning - Judgment Upright

In its upright position, the Judgment Card is an indication of an event that carries both high risk and high reward for you, should you do things correctly. Your skills will be stretched to their limits, as you may be asked to subject yourself to yet untold rigor to get an even bigger paycheck.

At this point, you will be entering uncharted territory. As such, you need to anticipate that not everything will go according to plan.

But if you allow and welcome this event to change your prospects, then so much the better. You will see your wealth expand, along with your personal and professional connections.

A big opportunity will be presenting itself to you, and it is up to you entirely as to whether or not you’re up for the challenge. To help make the odds more favorable for your income prospects, prepare both your mind and your body.

If you choose to remain with your current career path, nothing much will change. You would still be enjoying the same lifestyle that you do right now, and everything else will remain stable and as is.

After all, staying on the beaten path is not only tried and tested but also reassuring. But if you choose to diverge and take the road less taken, you will be significantly rewarded.

Not only will your horizons broaden, but you will also enjoy the benefits of having additional digits to your bank accounts. Choose wisely; once you have committed to something, you can never go back!

Judgment Reverse Meaning

The reverse position of the judgment card implies that you are unsure and hesitant about these changes. You are doubtful about the ripeness of this transformation and this will make you miss the many privileges and opportunities that life has to offer.

It will result to a stagnant past and a tedious delay of your plans and goals. Thus, there is a need for you to escape from these inhibitions and strive hard to reach personal growth and progress.


Love Meaning - Judgment Reversed

Stagnation and indecision are the highlights of the Judgment card in its reversed position. By this, it could be that you’re not being decisive enough, especially in progressing your relationship even further.

Yes, you already have the potential love of your life with you, but what’s next? Just because you have them by your side, it doesn’t mean that everything will stop there. As with everything else, you need to upgrade- but something holds you back from taking things further.

For example, you fear what your partner may be overwhelmed if you decide to step to greater heights. While embracing the moment is a good thing, it could lead to stagnation and boredom in the long run, damaging your relationship irreparably.

Do not expect your significant other to stay longer if you just let things stay the way they are. No one wants to remain in an unexciting and dull relationship.

If you genuinely want them in your life, you have to grow a pair and be brave enough to keep the spark between the two of you alive and well. As such, you may need to muster just a little bit of courage and tell the person you love how you really feel about them.

To those who are single, the Judgment card tells you to do a pretty straightforward thing- confess. Shoot your shot with the person whom you’ve been harboring feelings for so long.

Who knows, it may just exactly be what you’re both waiting for.


Wealth Meaning - Judgment Reversed

In terms of wealth, emotion is everything. A positive outlook on life will naturally translate to better opportunities since this makes you more courageous and calculating about your choices.

It is what many people say: you attract the energy that you want by emanating it first. If you choose to keep the good juju coming, then you must first give out positivity and good vibes so that they will find their way to you.

  It doesn't mean, though, that you will allow toxic positivity in your life. Instead, it is all about choosing a mindset that keeps you going no matter how tough times can get.

However, the reverse card indicates that you may, in fact, not possess such an outlook. You may be too worried to see the larger picture: opportunities will come not to drag you down, but to force you to get up.

Having fears and anxieties is normal. After all, the uncertainty of everything in this world can get to someone's nerves.

Yet, as time progresses, the more their negative thoughts consume a person, the less courage they have to pursue more extraordinary things. By taking risks without fear, you will allow yourself the opportunity to improve both your skills and financial mastery in ways you never have before.

Take very good advantage of this. You cannot expect to achieve greatness if you do not first allow yourself to stumble every once in a while.

Yes, it can be disheartening at times, but every bump you encounter is a step closer to whatever you aim for.

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