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August 16, 2021

The Real Meaning Why You Always See Angel Number 11


Guardian angels surround you on a daily basis to shed light on your path. Their presence is a reminder that you’re never alone, but just as how you can’t see them, they also cannot communicate with you directly. Their messages hide through meaningful numbers that often appear in front of you. If you keep seeing angel number 11 in the most random places, it is a reminder that your guardian angels have something to say to you. The symbols behind this sacred number are the messages you need to hear at this time of your life.

Angel Number 11 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 11?

A massive spiritual awakening usually follows the appearance of angel number 11. 

Leaning on to your intuition will play a great role for a coming enlightenment. Because of its strong link with Higher vibrations, you should learn to seek the balance between the material and spiritual word. 

Angel number 11 is often referred to as the “inner teacher.” 

So much of your time is spent on looking out and comparing yourself to others, but this angel number is a reminder that you should spend more time looking towards yourself.

It’s high time for you to bring your hidden skills to the surface. Your guardian angels are encouraging you to use them to fulfill your dreams because for you to get the life you want, you have to face difficult choices.

This sacred number is also a spiritual indication of judgment. 

In the Bible, a rebellion against God happened in the 11th chapter of Genesis. 

The Babylonians became greedy and wanted the fame that they wanted to build a city with a tower that would reach the top of heavens, so God brought judgment upon them by creating a language barrier between the people. When it was no longer feasible to understand each other, God scattered them across the world.

Is angel number 11 a good sign?

Angel number 11 is a sign that something good will come into your life.

This will bring about new changes in your personal relationships with other people. 

If you’re going through a rough time in your relationship, you and your partner will meet halfway soon. 

As long as you’re in a secured relationship, you can rest your head on the fact that though you are both imperfect individuals, you can work together for a healthy relationship.

A hurdle along the way is the possibility of choosing between two good things. A rise in your career may come across an important family event. Missing out on one can topple over all the efforts you’ve made on that aspect. 

This is where your intuition would be helpful in balancing your priorities. The commitments you say yes to should be the ones you hold dearer in your heart.


Is angel number 11 a lucky number?

Just as angel number 1 is an auspicious sign that brings about fresh starts and new beginnings, angel number 11 has the same auspiciousness, though you need to work hard to notice the possibilities around you.

Is 11:11 a lucky hour? 

With regards to time, a lot of people make a wish during 11:11

If you’re lucky enough to catch the clock at this hour, whisper a silent prayer to the wind. 

Even though the heavens already know your thoughts before you say them out loud, manifesting your wishes is also a powerful way to encourage you to work for them.

You are passionate about your dreams. 

You are headstrong about your decisions, and there’s nothing that can come in your way once you decide to work for something. 

Relying on hard facts and data is one of your strongest suits, but remember that not every answer is found in logic. 

Listen to what your heart is telling you. Feel your intuition. There are things that you may not be able to explain, but they make sense just as much.

What does angel number 11 represent?

The 11th angel number carries different symbolisms with lessons that you can take through your life. 

This is a special message to you from your guardian angel, so take its special meaning in your interpretation.

Angel number 11 is a sign of an awakening. 

A certain skill is lying dormant within you and this doesn’t go unnoticed by your guardian angels. They’re encouraging you to hone these skills and talents to support your heart’s desire. 

It is important to feel secured with your inner self to prevent you from falling into the consequences of outside comparison.

Your intuition has a great role in all of these. You’re great at listening to reason but your gut feel has something to say


You cannot calculate everything. You cannot feel through everything. Look for the balance and move forward.

Just like angel number 1, angel number 11 deals with change. Continue to strive hard and opportunity will open up its doors for you. A new leaf is falling this season.

Think about which aspect you are spending the most time in. 

Are you pulling all-nighters for a business idea? Or are you working overtime to meet your deadlines?

Your career may pivot and your relationships may change. Be ready to adapt to these sudden adjustments so you can free up your time and space in your heart for the things that truly matter. The change associated with this sacred number is a good kind.

To get where joy awaits, you need to pass through challenges first. 

These will teach you to be strong enough. 

These will teach you to be resilient. 

It will be difficult, but your guardian angels will be there for you.

Be confident in your skills. You have the power to change things. Nothing will change if you don’t welcome it for yourself. 

No matter how much the heavens help you, nothing will happen if you don’t help yourself.

Why do I keep seeing angel number 11?

Seeing the same number frequently in random places — like the position of the clock’s hands, from a page of a book, or in your total bill — means that there’s something more beneath the surface.

An awakening needs to happen within you, and once you experience that, you will transform into a new person who is ready to tackle each opportunity waiting outside your door.

When you find the shift in perspective, you’ll notice things that you haven’t before. 

A positive mindset will let you rise up from a setback, while a realistic mindset will act as a buffer from your fall.


The angel number 11 is a number of positive changes. Before things fall into place, challenges will meet your first. 

There may be relationships that you should cut off or you may resign from a certain position, everything will only make sense later on. 

If you’re in a relationship going downhill, you are about to meet someone who will show you, real love, soon. 

If you’re thinking of investing in a new business venture, resigning from your current work will give you the time and resources to focus on your business.

Buckle up to rise through the challenges.

 You are so privileged that the heavens decided to show you this number. You’re not one who’s afraid of failure, but you should be more confident in yourself. 

Be more proactive in working towards your dreams. 

Walk the extra mile if it means walking a step nearer the future you’ve always wished for. 

There may be questions in your mind right now, but your present life needs to be moved around so you can prepare for the future that you want.

The heavens have witnessed how selfless and kind you are. You’ve influenced so many people to become better, and for that, you deserve so much goodness in this world.

Final Word

One of heaven’s blessings to human beings is the presence of guardian angels

You may not see them through your naked eye, but they will always be there to guide your way. 

Showing you the sacred angel number 11 is a form of encouragement that if there’s something new you want to do, don’t be afraid to embark on that journey.

Change can only happen once your current state shifts. 

It may be overwhelming at first, but you have enough strength to get through everything that life throws at you. 


Your actions are calculated. 

Your thinking is rational. 

But there are things that reason cannot explain, and when situations defy logic, it’s proof that you need to rely on your intuition more.

This sacred number has strong spiritual vibration ties, and your gut feel is connected to the Higher Being. 

There are subtle messages that may not make sense at first, but when everything falls into place, you’ll realize how important they were from the beginning.

Seize more opportunities by having the courage to take the leap of faith. When you thrust yourself into the unknown, you will need to rely on your guardian angels to show you the way. 

The Almighty has assigned them, and it’s not wrong to seek their guidance every once in a while. 

Are you starting to feel the changes starting to happen? 

How are you dealing with them? 

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  1. The answer… I’m doing everything exactly the way it must be done.
    Thank you Divine Universe ✨ 💓 💖 !!!

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