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March 11, 2022

Angel Number 13 Is Not Bad Luck (Actually The Opposite!)


Angel number 13 is an indication from your angels that you are connected to the ascended masters and their capacity to help you realize your desires. It is a combination of the numbers 1 and 3. Angel numbers are numerical sequences that arise frequently in our daily lives.

Number 13 is famous for being associated with bad luck, but the opposite is true for angel numbers. Superstitious people typically perceive the angel number to be unlucky, however as an angel number, it is incredibly auspicious.

Whenever you see the number 13 on license plates, contact numbers, the date, or when you take a number at the café, it is a message from the guardian angels that you are connected to Ascended Masters and Source Energy. Are you ready to get to know angel number 13 better?

We’ve got you covered! In this article, you’ll know about:

  • Attracting positive energy with the angel number 13
  • Using the number 13 for positive outcomes and positive thoughts
  • Finding the positive energies and spiritual ability of lucky number 13
  • Having positive thoughts and a positive outlook through all the hardships

Angel Number 13 – What It Means

What is the spiritual meaning of this angel number?

Angel number 13 possesses the combined spiritual vibrations of the equally powerful angel numbers 1 and 3. Angel number 1 is the turning over of a new leaf, the fresh start you’ve been waiting for. Angel number 3 is associated with the spiritual sense of creativity and self-expression. Combined, the angel number signifies that a renewal of your spiritual passion is stirring deep inside.

Angel number 13 is composed of the numbers 1 and 3, hence its meaning is derived by merging the vibrational energy of any of these numbers. Individuality, success, and optimism are all represented by the number one. It’s really the number of initiatives and directions. While number one represents optimism and ambition, number three represents your spiritual potential to create.

When these numbers are added together, they reveal information about your ability to manifest your desires by utilizing your thoughts to attract certain outcomes. This is why angel number 13 is associated with our ability to manifest our wishes by aligning ourselves with Source Energy and our Ascended Masters.

When you see angel number 13 in your experience, it is a message from your angels to concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. This is due to the fact that the capacity to stay positive is what gives you the power to manifest your desires.

Your motivations will be set ablaze and these will influence the results of your hard work. You’ve been consistent in your practice. Following a certain structure in your daily routine is a huge factor in this process. The number 13 is also known in different religions. In Christianity, the 13th person who sat on the table during the last supper was the apostle who betrayed Jesus Christ, which led to His death.

Is it a good sign?

The guardian angels are trying to convey a message through angel number 13. Despite its reputation, this sacred number is a sign that you should focus your energy on positivity. When doubt clouds your mind or your heart is not set in the right place, this sacred number will influence the energies surrounding you. Your mindset sets the sail of your ship and your actions set its direction. 

Angel number 13 is a reminder that life is not linear. The strength of your motivations depends on a lot of factors, and it’s normal if you don’t feel passionate every day. Once you get to the peak, the next step will be the beginning of the descent. You will stumble through rocks and you may feel like you’re misunderstood, but the focus of this message is to focus on the things that matter. 

Another approach to look at angel number 13 is to add 1 and 3 to get root number 4. The number 4 represents the tangible world. This relates to our spiritual power to create while grounded on Earth and concentrated in the practical realm. Remember that your capacity to focus on the good things of your life will determine your success in manifesting your dreams.

A negative point of attraction could hinder your efforts if you focus on your fears. The Ascended Masters are ready to assist you if you see angel number 13. Focusing on your desires and positive parts of your life will help you attract the favorable outcomes you desire. 

Is angel number 13 a lucky number?

There are a lot of contradicting beliefs regarding number 13 that it has earned its reputation as an unlucky number. In many countries around the world, number 13 is considered as bad luck, similar to how Chinese people avoid number 4. A lot of cultures consider Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day. It is common for buildings, shops, and elevators in the West to skip this number.

People who have an irrational fear of number and everything related to it suffer from triskaidekaphobia. Meanwhile, it is considered auspicious for a number of places as well, including France, Italy, and Ancient Egypt. For the 13th angel number, it is neither lucky nor unlucky. With the rekindling of your passion, expect to experience diverse situations, some of which will be a breeze, while others can test your stability.


This is a reminder from your angels that in life, nothing is set in stone. It is important for you to be flexible in welcoming any changes that will come through your path, and navigate the journey by playing into your strengths. This is why you need to remain positive and keep your eyes on the positive aspects of this angel number.

What does angel number 13 represent?

The number 13 harbors strong spiritual energies and it’s also filled with symbolisms that will prove to be important in your life. Your guardian angels are always on time, and they know what you need at the moment. This is the number they’ve chosen to show you, so trust in their divine wisdom. The heavens are giving you the chance for a new start soon. 

If you’re going through a rough patch right now, rejoice for your situation is about to turn. To prepare for this, the most important thing is shifting your mindset. Gratitude is an important virtue to practice, even for a few minutes every day. Knowing the things that you’re thankful for will make you realize how much you have, and how many of them you have been taking for granted. 

If you’re too focused on going after what you lack, you will fail to see the abundance in front of you. Also, if you have been feeling under the weather for a while, number 13 is a reminder that your passion is set to return. It’s natural to feel down or demotivated every once in a while, but just like you, your angels don’t want to see you go through it too.

Consistency in your work, even if you don’t feel like it, will be the key for you to recover your energy. It is better to produce an imperfect result rather than stay stuck as you wait for perfection to come. When it comes to love, your guardian angels are telling you that when you find a certain behavior of your partner annoying, the reason may not be because of them. 

You may be projecting your own issues, but you’re not ready to confront them yet. Letting this go for too long without introspection will open up bigger problems in the relationship. To avoid conflicts, open up with yourself and be honest with your feelings. Share your vulnerability with your partner. They love you for who you are, and they will be supportive of you as you overcome your strengths.

Why do I keep seeing angel number 13?

Whether you’re walking in a mall, browsing the internet, or checking your phone numbers, do you always see number 13? It’s easy to dismiss it randomly or associate it with its unlucky reputation, but there is something deeper hidden between the lines. There is an important message that your guardian angels are trying to convey. Because they cannot communicate with you face to face, they use sacred numbers to do so. 

For this situation, they are showing you angel number 13 because its message is the most applicable one for your life right now. With the change that’s about to happen soon, match your energy with the upcoming opportunity through optimism. Even if some people think that the number 13 is an unlucky number, you know that this is not true.

You are in control of your choices, and through the guidance of the heavens, fortune will always favor you.  For the past few weeks, you may have experienced stress or despair. You may have received the bad news that could keep you from moving forward. It’s fine to feel under the weather and grieve for a lost opportunity, but angel number 13 is a reminder that more doors will open for you soon. 

Bigger possibilities and more exciting chances wait for you once you’ve developed the resilience needed to conquer them. How you prepare for the future is important when the opportunity comes. While you hope for the best, manage your expectations as well. Practice gratefulness and maintain humility. Your roots needed to be buried deep so you will not be easily swayed by the tide.

What does Angel Number 13 signify in love?

Many people feel that the number is a terrible omen, but this is not the case. Angel Number 13 is a lovely blend of strength, energy, inspiration, passion, and motivation. If you continue to see Guardian Angel 13, this is a sign that you should spend your life with compassion and love. Remember that anything you throw out into the Universe will return to you.

If you spread love and compassion to everybody around you, the Universe will always reward you with much more. Life is a journey filled with both positive and negative experiences. Your guardian angel is urging you to live a life of kindness and love no matter what difficulties you are facing, especially when it comes to new beginnings.

Every encounter in our lives teaches us something that helps us grow smarter by the day with the use of positive things without hidden meaning. Living your life in a loving place will allow you to be more focused, centered, and confident in the face of adversity. Be a source of inspiration to others by opening your heart to better your love life.

What professional advice does this number have for you?

There will come times when you need to harness your Divine Feminine Energy when it comes to fending off negative vibrations and other bad things in the material world. It doesn’t take a secret influence for you to know to remain focused on the lucky breaks of your spiritual journey and divine message or hidden message.  You should know that the number 13 is a feminine number that helps your soul mission and energy flows.

Ignore negativity and face the tough times with your female ascended masters from the divine realm and start making those tough decisions. It also doesn’t take a special message for you to realize that 13 is actually a powerful number whether it comes to hurtful experiences, new ideas, or a better life. This is a karmic number that you need in order to make your life choices with guiding forces.


Even though 13 is considered unlucky to popular belief such as a black cat, it truly isn’t. This number will help you grow spiritually and remove unnecessary tension from your life. It will even help you put more hard work into getting rid of your attachment to your self-destructive habits and material things.

Final Word

Angel number 13 has a special meaning and if you keep seeing it in your day to day, somewhere in its symbolism is the answer to your recent questions. We urge you to remain positive!

But if you used to think that angel number 13 is a bad number, did you really have a bad experience associated with it? What was it?  

Share with us your experience through the comments!

2 thoughts on “Angel Number 13 Is Not Bad Luck (Actually The Opposite!)”

  1. This information re 13 is Brilliant and so welcome – thank you ! Wish I had known this positive ’13’ knowledge for the past 76 years !! (I was born on 13 September 1945 = ‘Unlucky 13’ – duh ..) Yes, the beautiful guidance of ‘our angels’ is always the positive ‘comfort’ we can rely on every day, and combined with our own Positive Mindset one can achieve and overcome the demanding challenges… thankfully my Mother’s advice !
    Most Important – it is a great comfort to ‘read’ your amazing and accurate ‘description’ of how one should attune the mind and spirit in order to cope with the number 13 ! Thank you all for the Love and Light that you share ‘Worldwide’ .. sending Love and Light to you all .. from Terri in New Zealand

  2. Susan Sherrie Eckstrom

    My Dad was born on February 13th, 13 minutes before midnight, and he just passed away June 27th the day before him and my mom’s anniversary, my Dad taught me about the black cat theory a long time ago that if you believe you will have bad luck when the black cat crosses your path then you will have bad luck, but if instead you believe you will have good luck then you will have good luck. I have tried and tested that theory and it proved to be true. The number 13 is showing up for me everywhere since my dad passed and it is really comforting for me because I know that he’s close to me. 13 will always be my lucky number.

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