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January 18, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Need To Pay Attention To Angel Number 3


Signs and wonders fill your life, but human sight is limited. This is why a guardian angel is tasked from above to guide you in the right direction. Since they cannot give you the answers at face value, they send you this number as a guide on what action you have to do next. You have been looking for solutions for a certain problem for a while now. Despite the efforts,  nothing seems to be working. Look into the deeper meaning of angel number 3 to gain a fresh perspective on reality.

Angel Number 3 – What It Means

1. What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 3?

Angel number 3’s meaning holds significant weight in esoterica and religion, especially in Christianity. 

This number has a strong association with this divinity. 

You should understand where it’s coming from before you learn how to apply its meaning in your life.

In the Bible, the identity of the Higher Being is better expressed as the Trinity — God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. 

Number 3 is often peppered throughout the scripture as well: 

  • When Jesus was born, the magi offered Him three gifts, namely gold, frankincense, and myrrh. 
  • Before Jesus Christ was crucified, He prophesied that He will be disowned three times. 
  • And three days after Jesus died, He rose back to life.

Angel number 3 is connected in the spiritual sense as a channel of creativity, abundance, self-confidence, and positivity. 

This sacred number is a reminder that there’s always room for improvement in every person.  

You can only grow if you lay down your pride and confront your weaknesses as they are. 

2. Is angel number 3 a good sign?

Generally, angel number 3 is associated with goodness. In various religions and cultures, this sacred number holds lucky meanings and positive representations. 

It can manifest differently based on the receiver, but what you can be sure of is this: the guardian angels are seeking out for your goodness by channeling it through this number.

Even with its auspiciousness, keep in mind that in Christianity, there is also an evil trinity found in the book of Revelation: the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet. These elements seek nothing but division of mankind, leading to ultimate destruction of the world.

3. Is angel number 3 a lucky number?

Angel number 3 is associated with luck. 

If you keep on seeing this sacred number everywhere, prepare for good news to come anytime soon. The heavens have witnessed all your hard work. 

The time to reap your reward is coming.


In China, number 3 symbolizes life or birth. To live a meaningful life, a person would undergo three stages as well — birth, marriage, and death.

In western culture, 3 is considered a magical number as well. This paved way to the common expression that refers to the success of a task on the third try. 

As the idiom goes, “third time’s a charm!”

Even in mathematics, the strongest and most stable shape — triangle — is connected at 3 sides.

Though it’s a lucky number, some people fall short by becoming too greedy and impatient. These bad traits will throw off everything you’ve worked hard for, and instead of luck, it will lead you to the opposite path. 

Your life will improve all in due time, so right now, it’s best to keep a calm mind. 

Be consistent in your work. 

Manage your expectations as to when your luck will arrive, and you’ll be surprised by how early it would actually be.

4. What does angel number 3 represent?

Because your guardian angels cannot communicate directly with you, they will give you the answers to your questions through angel numbers.

Sharing a strong connection with the divinity, angel number 3 is a reminder to encourage you to have faith in yourself.

This sacred number is rooted in energies that bring creativity, self-confidence, humor, and positivity in your being. Check on these aspects of your life to determine how you can solve your problems and move forward.

Cultivating a healthy sense of self-confidence is necessary for your personal growth. You’ve braved through many trials to be where you are right now, yet you know how to remain grounded. 

Humility is one of your remarkable traits, but it would also help to give yourself some credit from time to time. 

You’ve carried yourself through different storms, and if you look around, you can see all your accomplishments.

Sometimes, there’s a tendency for you to believe that you have the impostor syndrome. Other times, you convince yourself that you’re not good enough. 


What are you going to do with doubt? 

You cannot expect that other people will believe in you if in the first place, you don’t believe in yourself. You need to let go of these destructive thinking patterns to finally gain self-confidence. 

You have the necessary skills and abilities to become successful. Everything you do with your hands is blessed by the heavens. 

Do you think the heavens allow something that’s not good enough?

Part of building your self-confidence is stepping out of your comfort zone. When you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, don’t make it even harder for yourself by being inflexible. 

Show yourself some grace, and when you stumble, a hearty laughter can ease the pain. 

Introverted souls would prosper faster if they surround themselves with like-minded people. Extroverts flourish if they surround themselves with people who share the same drive like them. 

Being part of a supportive community is important to keep yourself in check as you strive to become a better person.

Don’t forget to engage in more social activities with your families and friends. An intimate weekend dinner can recharge your spirits from a tiring work week. When you’re down, a call from a trusted confidant can help you refresh your soul. 

Treat these relationships with utmost importance because just as how you’re there for them when they need you, they will also be there for you when you need them.

Angel Number 3 and Love

Things are starting to look up in your love life as well. There’s no reason to doubt your feelings because they provide another perspective on reality. Don’t hide your true self to your loved ones, and if you’re having troubles, why don’t you reach out to them?

In romance, future situations are brewing to become spicier. Part of the good news is happiness in the arms of your partner. 

The angels are preparing a romantic life that’s passionate, genuine, and special for you and your partner. It’s sprinkled with sweet gestures on the side, but at the heart of it is maturity that will inspire both of you to grow individually and as a couple. 

5. Why do I keep seeing angel number 3?

Your prayers don’t go unnoticed, but you need to pay attention to the signs that the heavens have answered you. 


You may keep on seeing angel number 3 in different situations, but you may also find yourself to be doing something mundane three times randomly.

There’s no need to do something drastic to change your life once you find out the symbolism of this number. 

In simplest ways, it’s a nod from the guardian angels that you’re taking the path where you’re meant to walk. You are exactly where you need to be, yet it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be comfortable all the way. 

As you gain more experiences, you also need to cultivate resilience towards different storms and trials coming your way.

You are blessed to possess the skills, mindset, and resources that you need to power through any challenge. If there’s one thing you need to pay more attention to, it’s in improving yourself. 

It’s high time to build your self-confidence. 

What your social circle lacks in quantity is compensated by its quality. Your family and friends are there to support you all the way, but keep yourself open to opportunities to meet new people as well.

This is not the last time that you’re bound to see this number a lot. 

Because of its auspiciousness and link to divinity, you will bump into this number more as you grow older. Be on the lookout for this sacred number to immediately apply its lessons in your life.

 Final Word

If you truly wish to become a better person and reach your goals in life, stop ignoring the signs that your guardian angels are giving you. 

There is more to life than what you see through the naked eye, and these symbols are meant for you to apply in your daily living.

Special as you are, you have to work more on giving credit towards yourself for everything you’ve done. 

Though you have been following the advice of your guardian angels, you’d spread your wings so much further if you believe in yourself more.

Have faith in your skills and trust in your decisions. 

Angel number 3 shows that you’ve been making the right ones so far. 


What big decision did you recently make that turned out to be for the better, despite everyone saying the opposite? Inspire others in the comments! 

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