Repeating numbers, mirror hours, and reversed numbers all have something in common- these are distinct numerical signs which you see on a frequent but random basis. These are also known as angel numbers and are seen as omens or signs which point to a significant life event. Angel numbers often consist of a combination of 3 or more digits, such as 222 or 888. However, a sequence of 4 digits is often better, such as 1111 0r 7777. Keep in mind that seeing these numbers must be something which does not eagerly anticipate, or filter out from a group of other numbers; these must come to you out of the blue, and not just once. It has to be manifested to you several times over for a span of days, and sometimes even months at a time and let’s kick off with the angel number 4.

Angel Number 4 – What It Means 

Angel number 4 represents reality. It means working towards bringing to fruition our plans, dreams and aspirations. It’s so easy to dream and weave fantasies in our minds, as we create castles in the sky for us to visit, or much worse, dwell upon. It would just be a mirage, a mere pie in the sky if we didn’t exert any effort to translate an abstract concept in the mind into something tangible, something real.

Number 4 pulls you down from the clouds and brings both of your feet back to earth. It yells at you like a marine drill sergeant and makes you get to work. For the most part, people like things nice and easy. Unless you are born a workaholic, who enjoys working themselves to the bone? Alas, that is how dreams are turned into reality, through hard work. Nothing great and worthwhile can be accomplished without making a sacrifice. The most simple sacrifice you can make is devoting your time and effort to accomplish a task. That may not seem much, but time is the most valuable yet most squandered asset which most of us have.

The number 4 pierces the veil of illusions and shatters whimsical fantasies and frivolous dreams. If you aren’t prepared to make a sacrifice to make what you hold dear in your heart see the light of day, then it will be cast aside and thrown away. The number 4 is here and now, and requires that you be present with the here and now. The number 4 can be harsh, but the reality is harsh. That is the essence of this number; to be in tune with the world around you, and to work hard to reach your goals.

What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 4?

This particular number rhymes or sounds like death in some Asian languages, so it is seen with a certain tinge of fear and suspicion in the orient. However, there is so much more to the number four, so keep on reading.

In the New Testament, there are four evangelists, namely, Mark, Matthew, Luke, and John. The North, East, West and South form the four cardinal directions in any compass in the world. The Tortoise, the White Tiger, the Phoenix and the Dragon are the guardian animal deities of these four directions in the ancient art and science of Feng Shui. In Jungian psychology, the feminine essence in the psyche of men, the Anima, has four stages. Throughout myth, legends, and even religions, there are many examples of how the number four can be seen as not highly important, but also very mystical and even spiritual.

The greatest, and perhaps rarely told the secret of the number four, is seldom heard these days. Rampant and widespread commercialism and even nihilism make this message seem rather dated and of no value to modern-day sensibilities. However, that is why this message must be told. It has to do about building the Kingdom of God in one’s heart. In the material realm, four means to build and work hard to achieve goals. In the realm of the soul, it signifies creating a spiritual realm fit for the divine. By far, this task is far more difficult and harder to attain than simply wealth, fame or fortune.

Is angel number 4 a good sign?

This one is a bit complicated, but here it goes. If you wish to have what you’re yearning for, it won’t simply fall from the sky and conveniently fall upon your lap. Effort must be exerted, the focus must be narrowed down and zeroed into only what you need to do to attain your goals, and all of this requires hard work. If you do not shy away from challenges and will do whatever it takes to make your plans and schemes see the light of day, then seeing the number 4 is a good sign.

Now, if you want things the easy way, this number is not what you want to see. It would spoil your day to know that you have to burn the candle at both ends, put on some elbow work and grind it out to make your dreams come true. Remember, if you really want something badly enough, you will do anything to get it, and that involves making a sacrifice.

Now, since most numbers have a relationship not only with numerological values but also with the unconscious. Cultural norms form part of the vast unconscious, so look into the significance of the number 4 in local superstitious beliefs and folklore. Superstition may seem dated and even downright illogical, but it is a completion of what people have observed for centuries and may hold some grain of truth to it. Nothing will survive the test of time unless there is something to it. In this instance, the number 4 may just be a dire warning of an incident or even an accident which can be avoided.

Is angel number 4 a lucky number?

Luck can be measured in several ways. Most often, material gains and prosperity are often common indicators when judging if something is lucky. If you see a set of numbers which may indicate a lucky combination in winning the lottery, then that is golden. Still, there are many things which are far more valuable than money. Any sign which prompts you to have a more realistic view in life and to work hard can be seen as a good sign. Any omen which foretells of possible danger and which could be averted beforehand is more than just lucky; you have been spared from a potentially fatal incident.

On a more lively note, think of 4 as a number that indicates stability. If this digit appears as a sum of a combination of an angel, reversed or mirror numbers, it indicates that whatever you aim to do ought to be based on solid ground, on a stable foundation. It won’t be earth-shaking or exciting, but it serves more of a gentle reminder to keep both feet planted on the ground and don’t do anything too foolish.

Why do I keep seeing angel number 4?

All of the numerology, whether it be through getting the sum of angel numbers, reversed or mirror hours have one goal; to deliver a message. This message can be inferred by getting behind the meaning of the final number, and in this case, it is four.

If you keep seeing this number, then it is more of a reminder not to dream too high and aim for the moon. The angel or higher spiritual being conveying this message wants you to work really hard to make your dreams come true, instead of dreaming your life away. The number 4, as stated earlier, is all about reality, what is concrete, what is here and now.

To live in the here and now and to strive to do your best in whatever you do makes living worthwhile. Many have chosen to close their eyes and ears to life and instead live the realm of their fantasies. With what has been going on with the world lately, that is no surprise. It may seem like the perfect safe zone, but people can get lost in their fantasy worlds. Reality becomes unappealing, and no one wants to see or hear about more bad news. However, this world is all we have got. No matter how bad the situation may seem and no matter how far away the light at the end of the tunnel is, we need to strive to move forward. We need to be reminded that we have to face reality. That is why for some, they keep seeing this number on a very frequent basis.