8th chakra, 8th chakra meaning, what is the 8th chakra

January 21, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your 8th Chakra


We’ve all heard of the 7 major chakras, but did you know that there is actually the 8th chakra within the human body? Dubbed by some as the ‘hidden chakra’, the 8th chakra can be a little difficult to tap into as it is connected to the higher self. It takes a whole lot of spiritual reflection and meditation to be able to locate, and even more so, activate this chakra.

What is the 8th Chakra?

8th chakra, 8th chakra meaning, what is the 8th chakra

Although it is a much lesser-known chakra, the 8th chakra holds so much potential power once it is opened. According to Deborah King, New York Times bestselling author, this chakra is the gateway between your immortal soul and your earthly personality. Activating this energy centre gives you heightened spiritual awareness and divine compassion.

It also frees you from the chains of unwanted energy that you have unconsciously stored over the years. Letting go of these emotional blockages significantly helps you in navigating life with a much clearer mind and soul.

Hidden Powers of the 8th Chakra

We often refer to the powers of the 8th chakra as hidden because activating this energy point does not happen overnight. It’s a long, gruelling process of constant spiritual practices and meditation. Its potential is unknown to most of us because it sits at the very core of the soul. Think of it as mining gold that was buried millions of years ago. It may seem impossible to uncover at first, but it is there. You just need to work with the right intentions coupled with patience and perseverance.

The ultimate power of the 8th chakra is its ability to transcend the earthly. Although it maintains a close connection to our earthly selves, it opens us up to our higher selves that possess divine knowledge.

Connecting to our higher selves means gaining access to an expanded universe where we can understand things beyond our earthly capabilities. The higher self is deemed as the best version of ourselves so when we communicate with it, we get to reassess our earthly decisions equipped with much more spiritual depth and wisdom.

Another hidden power of the 8th chakra is clearing out our karmic residue. When we say karmic residue, these are the unnecessary patterns and information that we have built over time. These residual energies can block our spiritual awakening as they act as emotional baggage that may blind us. With the activation of the 8th chakra, you can flush out all these blockages from your system. It’s like a soul detox!

Qualities of the 8th Chakra

Curious to know more about the 8th chakra? Here are some quick facts on this chakra’s qualities:


  • The 8th chakra sits approximately two inches above the head, right above the Crown chakra.


  • While some may say that its chakra colour is either gold or white, many believe that the 8th chakra is actually iridescent.


  • Its element is the soul.


  • The 8th chakra bears messages of divine love and compassion, connection with the higher self, soul-cleansing, and discovering your spiritual purpose.


  • This chakra’s themes are timelessness, transcendence, and divine perception.


  • I have the ability to connect with the cosmic realm.
  • My mind and soul can transcend the limits of my earthly capabilities.
  • My soul is free from all the emotional blockages that are hindering my spiritual awakening.

Connection to Higher Chakras

Although we are used to reading about just the 7 chakras, it is important to note that there are actually 12 chakras within our bodies. The 8th to 12th chakras are considered the higher chakras, as they move further away from human experience and closer to divine spirituality.


We can look at the 8th chakra as the first door towards a more expansive universe. The higher you go, the deeper your awakening will be.

The 8th chakra also serves as a checkpoint of the energy flow among all chakras. As it is the first of the five higher chakras, it is seen as the main balancer of messages/energy that flows downwards to the 7 chakras, and vice versa. It is safe to say that your energy cannot get through the higher chakras (9th to 12th) without being able to activate the 8th chakra first.

How to Activate Chakras in the Human Body

Activating one chakra means activating all chakras. As they all work together, it is important to lay the groundwork of engaging the 7 chakras first before moving to the higher ones. 

So, how do you activate these energy centres?

There are various ways to engage your chakras depending on which one you want to focus on first. Each chakra possesses unique messages and themes. Activating each one means aligning your intentions with your chosen chakra. For example, if you are trying to tap into your heart chakra, you might want to spend more time doing a meditation that zooms in to love for one’s self and others. If you want to open your Crown chakra, on the other hand, you can explore yoga practices that focus on the head or the upper area of the body.

One important thing to remember when activating your chakras is that you want to do it in a holistic approach. Engaging all chakras allows us to align the energy that flows through each one. Once you are done with opening your 7 chakras, you are now ready to move to explore the 5 higher ones.

Opening the 8th Chakra

The key to opening your 8th chakra is locating it first by slowly making your way up. Since it sits right above the 7th chakra, it is expected that you engage your 1st to 7th chakras first.

Imagine your energy moving from the base of your pelvis up to the top of your head. Do this for a couple of times until you can feel the natural flow of your energy upwards. Then harness that energy at the top of your head or the Crown chakra. At this point, you should be aware that you are now leaving the physical chakras and moving into the higher ones.

Visualize a tube or a cord pointed upwards. This will serve as the pathway for your energy towards the higher dimensions. As the 8th chakra is located approximately two inches above the head, make sure that you envision its movement in regard to this measurement. 

People who have activated their 8th chakra say that it is normal to feel lightheaded at first. You may also feel some tingling in your fingers. Once you have gained control of your energy, you will feel an overwhelming sense of calmness.

This is the start of your connection with your higher self. In some cases, you may be given visions of your soul’s history or what we call the Akashic records. On the other hand, you may experience the opening of your 8th chakra in a very subtle way. 

Whichever direction you may find yourself in, you have to remember that you cannot force the power of the 8th chakra, or any chakra for that matter. It will reveal exactly what you need to see. It has its own pace and its own timing.

This is why it is important that before you start engaging your 8th chakra, you are well-prepared for whatever spiritual insights it may bring you.

8th Chakra Meditation

In general, any type of meditation or spiritual practice can help you engage your 8th chakra. What is more important than the type of meditation you follow is your soul’s preparedness. The intentions you set before meditating significantly matter too.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step guide to 8th chakra meditation, you can begin with these:

  1. Start with the base of your spine where your root chakra is. Imagine your energy as a ball that you need to get to the top. Once you have grounded yourself in this chakra, you can move up to the next.
  2. The next chakra is the sacral chakra located in your pelvic region. One prominent sign that you have successfully engaged this chakra is when you feel a sense of radiant energy.
  3. The solar plexus chakra located around your belly button requires you to take a few deep breaths into the abdomen before moving up to the next chakra.
  4. Now it’s time to tap into your heart chakra. Relax your chest. Feel your energy sitting right on it.
  5. Move up to your neck to engage your throat chakra. Breathe in through your mouth and make sure that you feel the air’s movement through your throat.
  6. Next, focus on the centre of your brows. The third eye chakra allows you to be calm and think clearly.
  7. Now you have reached the crown chakra on top of your head. Allow yourself to dispel all unnecessary thoughts. Empty your mind as you move beyond the physical body.
  8. Imagine your ball of energy moving out of your head and beginning to hover above it. This visualization should make you feel an overwhelming sense of peace like nothing else matters.
  9. Once you’re ready, slowly bring your energy back to the base of your spine where you began. Maintain the calmness for a few more minutes before doing another activity.

One of the most important things about opening the 8th chakra is that you manage your expectations. While some may experience a full-on vision of their higher selves, there is nothing wrong with just getting a glimpse of it. Acquiring divine knowledge and deeper spirituality is always a unique process for each person.

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