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January 26, 2021

7 Ways To Heal Your Sacral Chakra


As you dig deeper into the world of the 7 chakras or our so-called energy centres, you will realize that paying attention to the messages and themes of each chakra is vital to your holistic healing. For example, if you feel like lately, you are having trouble expressing your creativity or desires, perhaps it is time to engage your Sacral chakra – the energy centre that houses our creativity, sexuality, and inspiration. When you know the chakras’ respective emotional categories, it can help you deal with challenges within your spiritual life.

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What is the Sacral Chakra?

Located just above your belly button, the sacral chakra is the second chakra of our bodies. It is deemed as the seat of passion and pleasure for humans. This is why some people have coined it as the “sex chakra”, the “social chakra”, and the “creation chakra”. The sacral chakra does not only govern physical intimacy, but it also holds power over relationships, self-discovery, and overall emotional security.

The second chakra is centred on personal identity/role in the external world. It affects how we interact with people and nature around us. It determines how we respond to earthly things – both good and bad. Money, sex, gambling; all these things are covered by the sacral chakra. If this chakra is unbalanced, problems with addiction can certainly arise. 

Why do we need to connect with our sacral chakra?

Make no mistake underestimating the sacral chakra. This energy centre holds so much power when it comes to our relationships with ourselves and with others. It teaches us the value of making our own decisions. It empowers us to go for things that we want and to pursue people that we feel attracted to. Ultimately, it helps us to realize that sometimes, walking away from a certain situation or relationship might be the best for us. 

The sacral chakra gives you back the control to do the things that you think are for your own good and happiness.

How can you tell if your Second Chakra is out of balance?

Because of the culture we live in today, our views about sex, intimacy, and relationships have become skewed by unrealistic portrayals. Instead of embracing our freedom for self-expression, we often feel the need to conform to what society thinks is right or decent. As a result, we turn our backs to our real selves to create an image that is more acceptable to the world.

This can cause a serious imbalance in our sacral chakra.

An imbalanced second chakra will manifest both physically and emotionally. As the sex chakra, you can expect physical symptoms involving problems in the reproductive system. These can include menstrual cramps, urinary tract infections, and libido issues. Other health problems could be chronic lower back pain and arthritis.

Emotional symptoms on the other hand can be evident in a person’s lack of self-confidence. They may be resistant to sensuality and self-expression. They may also find no motivation to pursue any creative projects. 

However, if you’re looking for a simple way to communicate with your sacral chakra, you can try these affirmations:

  • Accept, embrace, and celebrate your body.
  • Honor your natural sexuality.
  • Open yourself up for creativity and passion to flow through you.

Affirmations are probably the easiest tools that can help you engage your sacral chakra. All you need to do is to focus as you say these words. You can utter your affirmations aloud or in your mind. What’s important is that you channel all your energy to your lower abdomen where the second chakra is. Then, slowly say your words of affirmation while visualizing the colour orange and its element – water.

How to Heal your Sacral Chakra

Reiki Master Serena Poon believes that healing your sacral chakra means cleansing its energy. You need to bring it back to its balanced state. This can be done by literally talking to your chakra (affirmations), wearing chakra-balancing jewelry, using healing crystals – among many others. If you believe that you have symptoms of an imbalanced sacral chakra, below are some sacral healing practices that you can follow:

1. Acknowledge your sacral needs some love

The first step to any type of healing is acknowledging that there is a problem. When it comes to your sacral chakra, observing your reproductive health and your drive to do things is a great start in knowing if this chakra is imbalanced. Once you confirm that you have these symptoms, work towards getting support for both your physical and emotional health. Avoid salty and fatty foods. Maintain proper hygiene. Connect with people who can inspire you to start a passion project.


2. Connect with water

As mentioned, the sacral chakra carries the element of water. To heal it, it is important that you make sure your body is always hydrated. Want to make it more sacral-friendly? Add some slices of orange to your water every day. This will surely benefit not only your physical health but your entire well-being too.

Connecting with water also means appreciating baths. It doesn’t necessarily mean bath bombs and fancy loofahs (although of course, you can always indulge yourself!), but it can simply be taking a long, relaxing bath. No distractions. You can put on some music while taking a shower. If you’re feeling a little more sacral generous, diffuse some orange essential oils, will you?

3. Eat centering foods

When you feel like your sacral chakra is misaligned, get up and run to the grocery store to buy some centering foods. Centering foods include nuts, seeds, and fermented foods. Orange foods such as squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, orange fruits, and melons are also considered as centering foods. Oh, and mangoes too!

4. Get your creative juices flowing

Tapping into your creativity is vital in regaining the balance in your sacral chakra. There is no right or wrong way to do it. What you need to do is just find hobbies or projects that can potentially bring out your artistic side. Once you have found your niche, continue cultivating your artistry until you are able to fully express your art. It doesn’t even need to be about painting, sculpting, or drawing. Even simple things like baking or gardening can wake your sleeping creativity. 

If you’re still struggling, you can look for inspiration to jumpstart your journey. Browse through some works that you may find interesting or surround yourself with people who are active in a certain craft.

5. Do some hip-opening movements

Because your sacral chakra is located in your pelvic area, it is important that you get this part of your body moving. Doing some hip-opening exercises will facilitate the energy flow of this chakra. These movements can be practiced through yoga, stretching, and dancing. Serena Poon also mentions specific poses that you can try to align your sacral chakra. These are the butterfly pose, cobra pose, seated torso circles, and the goddess pose. You can accompany your exercise with some serene music and by uttering some sacral affirmations.

6. Practice the sacral chakra chant

Each chakra has a mantra. If you want to heal a certain chakra, you should support your healing by practicing its respective mantra/chant. For the sacral chakra, the mantra sound is vam. You can chant this sound while you’re doing the hip-opening movements mentioned, or you can just hum it while you’re doing other things. Chanting vam while in meditation greatly helps too. The vibration from your chanting will open your body to a better flow of sacral energy.

7. Bring in healing crystals

Wanna try out healing crystals for your chakras? According to Poon, healing crystals that are perfect for the sacral chakra include amber, coral and orange calcite, citrine, orange aventurine, carnelian, and hematite. You can wear these crystals as accessories, put one inside your pocket, or just place it on your desk or room. Whichever method you choose, the vital thing to remember is that you keep close proximity with your crystals especially when you’re practising meditation or other spiritual exercises.

Healing your chakra may be a difficult feat to overcome, but know that continuing to live with imbalanced ones will bring you more harm in the long run. This is why it is important to be in tune with your chakras and develop a level of sensitivity where you immediately know when something is off. The earlier you act upon healing your chakras, the longer you can enjoy the power that each energy centre provides. 


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