December 10, 2019

A 5-Step Spiritual Approach to Finding True Happiness


In today’s world, almost everything is driven by one’s desire for more. Given our capitalist context, the mindset of the people around us is heavily influenced by consumerism itself.

For instance, the black Friday sale is something that everyone is waiting for. Even when almost all of us have that 55-inch Smart TV, the black Friday sale will almost surely tempt us to purchase that 55-inch Super Ultra HD Web-Os with 8Gb Ram and 64GB storage curved TV. Despite the fact that we don’t really need it and it won’t significantly improve our lives (aside from providing a bit better viewing experience), the deal itself will be too irresistible for the Homo Economicus.

If you are one of those individuals who can’t resist the urge to buy a redundant product in your life, then perhaps, now is the best time for you to ask yourself: why am I doing this anyway?

In general, buying new things can somehow bring you a better sense of self. Since I am able to purchase this good deal, then somehow, this experience brings a moment of greatness. Despite its minute and even insignificant impact in my life, the mere fact that I was able to purchase it at a good deal is already a big win for me.

However, in reality, we’re the ones who were sold. As the producers are able to make a profit on the deals that we’ve purchased, they are able to hook us in this culture of purchasing things even when we don’t need them. As such, it benefits them in the long run since it somehow conditions us that as long as there’s a good deal, we’ll be like a fish in the water that’s waiting to take the bait.

With this knowledge, we ask again: why are we doing this?

The answer is simple: that moment of greatness is somehow equated to happiness. Yes, it’s that simple! By conditioning our minds that we’re happy whenever we have the latest stuff or landing a great deal, we somehow feel that sense of temporary joy and triumph. Even when, in reality, we were never truly able to achieve anything, the mere fact that it feels as if we did will somehow consume us.

Like a drug, this addiction to short-term success on meaningless things will eventually corrupt our system. Instead of pursuing better things in life, this whole capitalist-consumerist thinking will inevitably take its toll on us.

Now don’t get me wrong. I might sound like a socialist that’s throwing mud on the free-market liberalist system, but in actuality, that’s not my point. Instead, what I’ve been trying to point out here is a way for you to transcend such mindset. While there’s nothing inherently wrong in purchasing the latest trends, being consumed by this logic will somehow limit your personal growth.

With that, instead of simply ranting and bashing the imperfections of the system, I’ll be suggesting a different perspective on personal growth and happiness. In an attempt to give you a better way of looking at things, this article will focus on how spiritual growth leads to happiness together with simple ways to jump-start your quest.

Growth and Happiness

As the above context has laid out, being trapped in the cages of capitalism can somehow cripple your potentialities. Like a window that limits your perspective, such notions can prevent you from achieving your potentialities in life.

With that, what you need is a different look at things. By looking at the same thing from a different angle, you might find the things that you are missing out on. In this case, we’re talking about happiness. As you finding true happiness, you might equate it with temporary satisfaction that you gain from things.

For instance, happiness is usually equated with drinking with your buddies, going out on random dates, buying the latest iPhone, eating out with your family, or even getting a pamper-day. But while these things do tend to bring some sort of happiness, have you asked yourself if such is all that there is to this highly coveted word?

One way to finding true happiness is by associating it with growth. When there is growth, you gain a different kind of happiness – one that is lasting. Instead of some meaningless gratification, growth brings a plethora of good things in your life. When you experience growth, you can become more confident, more knowledgeable, and thus happier.


For instance, you’ve had that bad habit of always satisfying yourself on small things. Whether it is fulfilling a craving for food or feeling wiser than other people, these small things never truly bring happiness to you.

Inversely, if you finding true happiness as a way of outgrowing these bad habits, you’ll somehow be used to the stress such that it doesn’t become stressful anymore. Instead of ordering that pizza that you want or belittling your rookie office mate, a change in perspective will enlighten you on other possibilities that can be employed. By knowing how to deal with hunger and cravings, you’ll be able to control your food intake. Similarly, by helping others instead of stepping on them, you’ll be loved in as much as you love yourself.

Simply put, pursuing real growth forces you to go beyond your boundaries. And if the popular culture somehow dictates your boundaries, it also means that such is the one that you need to break in order to flourish. Thus, in order to break the bonds of the mundane and the physical, it is necessary to pursue spiritual growth.

Finding True Happiness

Spirituality: A way towards Growth and Happiness

In order to begin one’s genuine growth, a lot of ways can be employed. For instance, one can attempt to learn a new skill or continue improving on what they have. As such, these developmental pursuits are forms of growth in themselves.

However, in this article, we’ll focus on a different kind of growth: one that transcends the mind and the body. By pursuing spiritual growth, one is able to go beyond what’s there and pursue the deeper truth of reality.

But what is spiritual growth in the first place?

In general, spiritual growth can be understood as any form of positively impacting one’s sensitivity to the inner working of things. When one pursues spiritual growth, one is able to see the interconnectedness of everything in ways that he/she didn’t.

To give you an example, consider, for instance, a normal tree. From a capitalist’s perspective, this tree can be converted into money. By logging it or growing fruit from it, I can gain something in return.

However, seeing the tree from a spiritual perspective allows us to go beyond self-interest. As such, the tree is seen as an embodiment of the universe and how it seeks to nourish us. Strongly interconnected with nature, the tree represents more than money but the existence of goodness itself.

Given such, what I’m trying to point out here is that whenever we pursue spirituality, we always seek to see what’s not apparently there but essentially is. Whereas a tree is usually seen for its value, a spiritual approach takes us further by unfolding its existence.

Similarly, a spiritual perspective on different aspects of our lives can also mean seeing happiness and growth differently. Being with your family and friends, for instance, is something that you can truly value as you are able to recognize that time is fleeting, and these moments are timeless. As such, instead of connecting with others that are not there, you begin to value what’s right in front of you right now.

With that, spirituality often brings us closer to the truth.

As lovers of wisdom have famously sought the meaning of the word truth, it often ended up in recognition of the transcendental. After all, how can we find truth in the mundane and the profane?

Thus, seeking personal growth will inevitably lead to a pursuit of the spiritual. As such, we’ll be suggesting ways where one can become truly happy by pursuing spirituality itself.


First Way: Meditation

As the most basic form of spirituality, meditation is often regarded as the universal medium for beginning ones’ spiritual quest. Through meditation, one can slowly unravel the truth in his/her life.

In essence, meditation is the simple act of postponing your active and idle thoughts. More often than not, the active thoughts are easier to halt, given that we can pinpoint easily what we’re thinking of.

However, for idle thoughts, only a few will realize that some ideas are going through their heads without them thinking about it.

For instance, when we are driving, our mind is actively thinking about what’s going on around us. However, such is not all that the mind is thinking of, for it may also be somehow pondering about our bills or responsibilities at work. As such, even when we aren’t focusing on other tasks, the idle mind can somehow bring it to light.

With that, the way to resolve this issue is by meditation. When we meditate, we pause and think about the idle thoughts that we’re encountering. As such, these idle thoughts are illuminated by our consciousness, allowing us to evaluate if they are good or bad for us.

Applying this principle to happiness and spirituality, meditation technically allows us to see things more clearly. Instead of being stuck in our own perception of what happiness is, we get to pause and ask ourselves how genuine our thoughts are. As such, it becomes a lot easier for us to be redirected to spiritual growth where real happiness lies.

Second Way: Balancing your Chakra Points

Meditation itself is basic and universal. However, using meditation in conjunction with balancing one’s chakra points will definitely solve the problem of spiritual balance. As these chakra points will restore the energies of the universe within us, such will empower us in certain key areas of our lives.

In essence, these chakra symbols serve as pipelines for cosmic energy. As such, there are 7 chakra points in our body, each serving a specific function with regard to our lives. Here’s a shortlist of the 7 chakra points and what they mean to us:

1. Root Chakra – responsible for our drive for self-preservation and basic needs such as food, sex, and sleep.
2. Sacral Chakra – responsible for our creative and sexual energies.
3. Solar Plexus Chakra – responsible for our willpower and courage.
4. Heart Chakra – responsible for our romance and relationships.
5. Throat Chakra – responsible for our communication and delivery of thoughts.
6. Third Eye Chakra – responsible for our intuition and perspectives.
7. Crown Chakra – responsible for our spirituality and higher self.

By looking deeply into these aspects of our lives and how they are possibly unbalanced, achieving genuine happiness is now within our reach. As we use chakra meditation to ensure that all your chakra points are balanced, we are also closer to real growth, given that they empower us to become better in a holistic way.

Third Way: Make Use of Healing Crystals

In doing meditation and chakra healing, we are able to balance the gateways and pipelines of spiritual energy. As such, this creates the condition of achieving the higher spiritual self as feasible.

But did you know that integrating healing crystals can actually improve this process? Yes, simply by including healing crystals in your whole routine, you are able to amplify the meditation and chakra unblocking.


For instance, if you are having trouble with your relationships, then it is a sign for you to meditate and reflect on your heart chakra. By performing the needed rituals to unblock your heart chakra, the natural flow of cosmic energy will eventually be restored.

However, this process requires a lot of consistency and perseverance. Since unblocking itself is never a one-time deal, you need to make use of healing crystals both as a supercharger and a reminder to push through.

In this case, making use of crystals such as the Rose Quartz can boost the effect of the unblocking process. Similarly, using Black Tourmaline can also remove the negativity that shrouds your relationships. As such, the whole chakra frequency meditation becomes easier for you.

With low-end frequencies and vibrations stored in them, these healing crystals will surely become a great companion in your journey onwards. As long as you are able to properly integrate them, you’ll get that overall vibe of positivity and spirituality with you. Such will create the proper conditions for you to achieve spiritual growth through ways like a spiritual awakening.

Fourth Way: Law of Attraction

As one of the most famous ways to bring positivity and growth in your life, the law of attraction is popular amongst beginners of spirituality. More often than not, people are drawn to various concepts of new age spirituality, given that they have immersed themselves in this law of attraction.

Generally speaking, the whole idea of this law is to put forward your intentions to the universe. By emitting positive energy, you are already attracting the kind of positivity that you want in your life. As such, the universe will eventually grant this positivity in forms of opportunities for you to flourish.

For instance, you seek to repair your broken or distant relationship with your mother. If you were to not do anything at all and simply let time pass through, that inevitable moment of parting away will come. Since you didn’t do anything at all to repair the situation, your mother will pass away either physically or existentially from your own world.

However, if you were to focus on bringing a positive vibe that you wish to fix this problem, the universe will eventually attract the same kind of energy. Because you are positive, you’ll also attract the positive outcome of this problem. As such, you’ll eventually get opportunities where your mother will invite you over for a meal, and you get to fix things from thereon.

In this way, you can think of the law of attraction as a form of personal and spiritual growth. By filling yourself with good energy, you become a positive person overall. As they say, happiness is often a perspective. Thus, with a positive one, it is likely for you to have a positive perspective as well.

Fifth Way: Spiritual Awakening

As the fifth and final way in this article series, pursuing spiritual awakening is the only real gateway for your growth and happiness. After all, the previous ways that were pointed out are more methods to create the best possible scenario for you to pursue spirituality.

But if we talk about spirituality itself, such leveling up requires spiritual awakening. With the universe unfolding its mysteries to us, spiritual awakening takes us away from the profane and brings us to the sacred. As we partially detach ourselves from the reality that we know, spiritual awakening brings us further into the unknown.

Now, while that described above may sound all paranormal and supernatural, spiritual awakening can happen even in most simple ways. For instance, a mere genuine inquiry on the biggest mysteries of life is enough to spark a spiritual awakening.

In this case, the death of a loved one can make you ask some questions like: is there any meaning in life? What is my purpose? Is there life after death? Questions like these can spark transcendental notions of the world, which can lead to the act of spiritual awakening.


As such, we’re not saying that some drastic event must be necessary for you to trigger spiritual awakening. After all, this process is not something that you choose alone but is something that the universe hands over to you. While most people may struggle to detach from the worldly ways, spiritual awakening still may shy away from them. Inversely, individuals who didn’t choose spiritual awakening can still experience the same thing through the unfolding of paranormal stuff.

With that, this is why the first 4 prior ways are necessary. Given ways 1 to 3, we can create a condition where we are spiritually in sync with ourselves. Additionally, the 4th way, which focuses on the law of attraction, can bring us further by manifesting this desire to grow spiritually.

Thus, while spiritual awakening is something that might elude us, creating the necessary conditions for you to manifest, it is already progressing in itself. As long as you are able to pursue it diligently, spiritual awakening is something that will happen to you at the right time.

Final Word

In this lengthy article series, we have pointed out the nature of the human condition. And while most of us are already comfortable on the lofts of convenience and technology, it is important to point out what John Stuart Mill once famously wrote: “It is better to be a human being dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied.”

With this classic line, Mill encapsulates our human condition. As such, this article is a response to that condition by the yearning for more than what satisfies the modern-day fool. By investigating deeply into man’s nature, we cannot deny the fact that we do have that spiritual aspect of ourselves.

However, this part of us is usually buried and forgotten. As we are entertained by the allure of the familiar and the secure, the courage that it takes to pursue one’s spirituality is lost.

Thus, the way to go is to pursue one’s happiness not only on the material but also on the spiritual aspect of their lives. By seeing this truth, one allows him/herself to pursue a genuine kind of happiness instead of a fleeting one.

With that, we hope that this article has contributed to you with a new perspective in understanding happiness and spirituality!

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