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March 11, 2019

How To Use Healing Crystals: A Complete Guide


Given that we now know the different levels of how healing crystals can influence our lives, it is only proper to identify certain ways of how we can use them.

After all, if we don’t know how to use them, we won’t be able to fully harness it.

In this guide, we’ll look into healing crystals and how they can be integrated into your life. The goal is to integrate the crystal as a way to give power to our own will and vision.

We hope then that by following these methods, we are able to make healing crystals a part of our life, consciously, subconsciously, and unconsciously. In this way, it can work its magic and help us achieve our goals and dreams.

External Integration

The external integration of healing crystals refers to ways where we can physically feel and apply them.

By making them a part of our daily or weekly routine, we become constantly reminded of their value and intention.

As such, here are few of the popular ways of using healing crystals:

Wearing your Healing Crystals

Perhaps one of the popular, if not the most, ways of integrating healing crystals in our lives is by wearing them.

With the dawn of the New Age, we can see people popularizing trend of having ornaments composed of certain healing crystals which indicate their visions and things that they want to happen in their lives.

As such, we can see people using them as ornaments in their necklaces or beads in their bracelets.

This trend has become popular simply because aside from being fashionable, healing crystals have meanings in themselves. By carrying this meaning, the user is able to reap benefits, most especially when they are Reiki practitioners.

Furthermore, we can also see famous celebrities such as Gigi Hadid wearing their own fashionable healing crystals. Such news has caught fire last 2017 when Gigi Hadid personally showcased her collection of healing crystals in her own Instagram account.

Such has paved the way for healing crystals to be accepted as a fashion sense, because why not?

Carrying/Keeping Healing Crystals

If you’re not a fan of wearing healing crystals as part of your “fashion sense” then a simple way of carrying them with you will do.

By placing your crystal in your purse or on your office desk, it can constantly provide its energy to you, allowing you to manifest its effects in your life.


For instance, if you are confused with life in general, placing a readily available healing crystal such as White Fluorite on your office desk can swiftly address the problem. By having it beside you, you’re reminded by its clarity which seeks to disperse the confusion in your mind.

Of course, there are countless ways to do this. But the general idea is this – integrating them physically needs you to be constantly be reminded of their presence. If you’re simply going to place them in your treasure box, then they won’t be as effective.

Rubbing healing crystals on your skin

Using healing crystals for the body has been around for centuries. Aside from being ornaments, we can see them being used on the body such as how the Ancient Greeks used Hematite on their soldiers believing that in doing so, it made them invincible.

healing crystal rituals

Nowadays, they are still applied physically. We can see the case of Jade Rollers for the face, advertised as having properties which de-puff and stimulate circulation.

But more than that, the use of healing crystals has been greatly popularized in modern culture by famous icons such as Khloe Kardashian.

As a matter of fact, she is known for using a Tourmaline roller on her face, in order to detoxify!

Furthermore, some crystals have been recommended by gurus to be used in bath such as Shungite.

By rubbing it on our skin or using it in baths, we can create more of an intimate relation with our crystals, leveling up our methods a step higher.

Internal Integration

Unlike the ones mentioned above, external integration aims to incorporate the power of healing crystals through actual and physical exposure or connection with it.

While such is a crucial part of slowly making them a part of our lives, truly integrating requires more than simply having them or rubbing to your own skin.

Rather, true integration of these crystals requires us to align our intention with their benefits or vice-versa.

By having a clear intention of what we want to happen in our minds, the healing crystal will empower this intention, making it a lot easier for us to reach our goals and visions in life.

In this case, we can suggest a few ways of how one can integrate such with the psyche.

Meditating with your crystals

The process of meditation being repeatedly emphasized throughout this blog is no coincidence.


Such, of course, is because meditation is seen as one of the most ancient and effective practices of breathing in-and-out internally.

By the process of meditation, one is able to harness the power of temporarily clearing up the mind, making it receptive to the nuances of the present instead of the past or the future.

This is because with the help of healing crystals, you will be able to associate yourself more and even open up. Certain healing crystals have the attribute of leading people to open themselves up instead of being trapped within themselves.

In this case, doing so will only make things better as

Now taking in this method together with healing crystals will only amplify it a notch or two. Given that these healing crystals do have a transformative power, making it a part of your meditation routine will improve the results!

Programming of Intention

Another way to integrate the effects of healing crystals into one’s psyche is by way of programming one’s intention.

More often than not, people who repeatedly fail in life lacks the power to program their intentions. As such, they find themselves in a situation wherein they are unable to dictate the things that they want to do in life.

Seemingly lost, they repeat the same mistakes over and over again, as if it was something that they could not escape. This tragic cycle which can be changed at any moment, is something that they continually strive with not because they want to but because they lack direction.

Commonly underestimated, the lack of one’s direction can crucially change the course of one’s life in a way that we usually fail to notice. While a few will succeed, most will just be there, sailing endlessly into the seas without any goal whatsoever.

This scenario, while seemingly hopeless, is something that healing crystals can easily address or tend to.

The secret lies in programming one’s intention.

By this, what we mean is trying to identify for one’s self his true and real goals in life. This process of self-evaluation and identification will allow the individual to craft the path that he wants to take.

But while it is usually easy to say what we want to happen in our lives, doing it is the difficult part. Losing weight through new methods like intermittent fasting can be quite challenging, and while we can say to ourselves that we’ll do it, the results may speak otherwise.


However, if we try to adjust our approach a bit, by programming our intentions with healing crystals, we are able to use its power to amplify the intensity of our desires.

In this case, using the power of healing crystals enables us to open our minds and have access to its infinite potential. In doing so, it will unravel its power before us, making us capable of conquering the challenges that we are facing.

What we have to keep in-mind in this method is that healing crystals and their effectivity is entirely dependent on us. Not being able to program our intentions and align it with the crystals can block their positive energy in our lives.

Crystal Healing Rituals

Just like the first method, there can be a lot of ways to use and integrate healing crystals in our lives. With the methods mentioned above, one of the ways that it touches deeper into us is through crystal healing rituals.

Crystal healing rituals are unique ways of getting in-touch with our deeper self using the help of the crystals.

The usual pattern of the methods of doing rituals is first, one must have an intention that they would like to propagate in their minds.

Whether it be love, clarity, creativity, and whatever positive notion that you have, there is always a specific healing crystal that can be associated to it.

Second, aside from having an intention, one must also have some spare time to focus and meditate on their crystal. Spanning from a single minute to about fifteen minutes, crystal rituals can be quick, practical, and convenient for its users.

Third, the crystal ritual is usually a silent or chanted one, making use of inner tranquility in order to allow the user to ‘feel the moment’. By focusing one’s concentration on the moment, the ritual’s effectivity becomes unparalleled.

For instance, a simple ritual on motivation involves holding your crystal for a minute in silence (or you may alternatively chant simple phrases like “let the power of this crystal motivate me in order to approach my goals in life”) while feeling its energy through will allow you to become receptive of its power.

Alternatively, crystal rituals may also be understood as a way of doing crystal meditation, transfiguring one’s psyche.

Quick Recap

By understanding healing crystals in a manner that utilizes both the external and internal integration, we can have better access to the energies that is embedded in it.

Furthermore, being able to do this repeatedly amplifies the effect of healing crystals, making it more viable for the various intentions that we have in life.

Lastly, integrating them into our daily tasks makes it easier for us to get used to it, making healing crystals an essential way in our movement forward.


As such, the key lies in the strength of our conviction. By being open-minded to their powers and accepting them as a whole, healing crystals can truly transform our lives before we even know it.

What’s your favourite healing crystal? Share it with us in the comments below!

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