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January 29, 2021

How To Use Healing Crystals For Anxiety


As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced and unpredictable, more and more people are suffering from the endless cycle of stress and anxiety. According to WHO’s Global Health Estimates, around 264 million individuals around the world have anxiety disorders. Now there are definitely a hundred different ways to reduce anxiety, but if you’re looking to use nature’s tools, there’s only one thing to try which is healing crystals. From A-list celebrities to your favourite influencers, find out why there’s a growing number of personalities who choose to use crystals for anxiety.

What Are Healing Crystals?

Gone are the days when crystals were strictly associated with witchcraft and niche mysticism (Does magic crystal ball ring a bell?). Today, crystal healing has entered the mainstream as more people discover its benefits to our mental and spiritual health. 

Healing crystals are not just random stones or minerals that you find under the earth’s ground. They are gems that possess healing properties that help us recalibrate our body’s energy flow. When you’re too overwhelmed with negative energy, healing crystals can help you balance your vibrational frequencies. In general, healing crystals promote peace, clarity, and space for meditative energy. 

It is also believed that crystals have angelic beings of light behind them. These celestial beings reinforce the power and healing that each crystal offers. Think of it as a divine connection between angels and crystals. 

How Do I Use Crystals For Anxiety And Stress?

Wear it, touch it, watch it.

The best thing about using crystals for anxiety is that this divination practice is pretty much straightforward. There is no one perfect way to do it. You can wear your crystals as accessories, place them in your bag, or use them as home decors, and they will still yield the same healing properties that will alleviate your stress. It doesn’t even matter if you perform a full-on meditation or just briefly touch your crystal to ask for some guidance! 

What matters is that you set the right intentions before turning to your crystals for help. Create a space and an atmosphere that will welcome the calming energy that each crystal brings. Make sure that you have the perfect conditions to facilitate healing on all levels. 

Understandably, it can be quite hard for beginners to jump right into a meditative state when working with crystals. Start by simply talking to your crystal. When you feel your stress level rising, channel your energy into your crystal and utter words of affirmation. You can touch your crystal and say things like 

“This is going to be a good day.” 

“I am equipped to overcome anything that comes my way.” 

“My mind holds more power than I can acknowledge.”

When it comes to crystal healing, everything boils down to personal needs. There is no template. Go with a method that works for you and your spiritual requirements.

Which Crystals Should I Use To Soothe My Anxiety?

Although any crystal works well with general stress and anxiety, you can take your healing up a notch by using specific crystals for specific intentions. Below are 12 healing crystals that you can get for certain situations:

1. Blue Lace Agate

The Blue Lace Agate is all about the calmness in the midst of tension. Its light blue hue will surely remind you of tranquillity in pressure-filled situations. For example, if you feel like you are struggling to communicate your emotions, this crystal will help you to clear both your mind and your heart. It will also aid in discarding any nervous energy that you may have.

2. Lepidolite

If you’re specifically struggling with depression, Lepidolite might be the best crystal for you. It naturally contains lithium which is used in some medications, especially those intended for bipolar disorders. This crystal gives off vibrational frequencies that facilitate emotional balance. If you want to use Lepidolite, it’s best to put it on your chest area where your Heart Chakra is. 

3. Selenite

Selenite holds some powerful cleansing energy. This crystal will help you in detoxifying your spirit from layers of negative energy that might have built up over time. It acts as a source of light. Think of Selenite as a recharging station where you can plug yourself into when things get draining. This crystal is best for situations where you need to let go of something or someone, when you want to take a break, or when you just want to feel renewed.

4. Smoky Quartz

Another crystal that you can use to purify your energy is the Smoky Quartz. Whether you’re letting go of thoughts, principles, or memories, this crystal will help you in creating a space for new and better ones. It can act as the bin where you can dump all your emotional baggage just by touching it and meditating with it. Some of the affirmations you can use are “Take all my negative thoughts away.” “Rid me of beliefs that do not serve me or others.” “Absorb all my toxic habits.”

5. Shungite

Suffering from panic attacks and insomnia? Try meditating with Shungite. As an ancient healing stone, it is believed to protect our energy fields from unwanted vibrations. It also attracts peace and calmness. 

Another notable property of Shungite is that this crystal protects us from electromagnetic frequency (EMF). In our time where technology is at its peak, having something to protect us from these electromagnetic emissions is really beneficial not only to our spiritual health but also to our physical well-being. 

6. Angelite

From the name itself, Angelite is deeply associated with the power of the guardian angels. The more you connect with this crystal, the more you can gain an expanded understanding of the universe. It’s like you are bridging the gap between the physical world to the celestial dimension. Angelite is best to use when you feel alone. This crystal exudes supportive and reassuring energies.

7. Fluorite

Dubbed as the learning crystal, Flourite helps in concentration and coordination. It stimulates us physically and mentally to increase our intelligence and boost our self-confidence. This crystal can also speed up our recovery from injuries, illnesses, or emotional predicaments. As Flourite mainly targets the mind, it is the perfect crystal to use when you are faced with decision-making woes.

8. Amethyst

If there’s one crystal that you might want to hold on to when your thoughts are racing, it is the Amethyst. This crystal can bring instant anxiety relief and clarity to the mind. When things get overwhelming, grab your Amethyst and let its peaceful energy displace all the negative thoughts you have. To get its maximum effect, you can wear this crystal as a necklace or bracelet. Keeping it near you will provide you with a sense of protection against anxiety.

9. Black Tourmaline

Another effective healing crystal for anxiety is Black Tourmaline. This crystal can act as your “security blanket” as it is believed to suck out all the negative energy that you may have within. During an anxiety attack, it can instantly offer stability and emotional balance. The Black Tourmaline can also be used against bad influences surrounding you.

10. Agate

When you feel like you’re getting derailed in life, you can turn to Agate for some guidance. This crystal is perfect when you’re struggling to find your equilibrium. Its healing properties will ground you and will stabilize your aura. It also specifically heals anger and hatred from within. The Agate is all about transforming all your negativity into more productive energy.

11. Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is all about nurturing one’s self. If you are struggling with self-care, use this crystal to help you reassess your personal needs. It will encourage you to look deep within yourself and acknowledge your strengths, weaknesses, and all the things that you lack but need. It will also stimulate your creativity, compassion, and imagination. Use this crystal to jumpstart your self-love journey!

12. Rose Quartz

Last on our list is this powerful crystal. The Rose Quartz is a must-have especially for those who are seeking unconditional love. When you’re anxious if someone loves you, this crystal will help you open up your heart to all the possibilities there may be. It activates a loving yet understanding energy. It also encourages forgiveness and acceptance. The Rose Quartz can easily turn your anxiety into light-filled energy as it brings overall peace. 

When choosing the best healing crystal for you, you must consider your biggest struggle at the moment. You want to target your triggers as closely as possible to heal them. Trust your intuition. Go with the crystal that gives off the energy that resonates most with you. 

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