Ultimate Chakra Guide

August 11, 2018

The Complete Chakra Energy Guide


We all have an energy system that receives, balances and distributes energy (our life force) throughout our body, mind, spirit, psyche and potentially beyond which is known as the chakra system.

There are seven major chakras in our system and each chakra corresponds to a particular color and way of being (for example; physical life, communication, or spiritual connection). The corresponding energy for each chakra gradually moves faster and lighter the further the chakra is away from the root chakra.

Each of the chakra symbols represents a specific meaning. The root chakra represents the physical manifestation of life (which moves slower and takes longer to heal) whereas the highest major chakra represents our spiritual connection (which moves faster but takes longer to manifest into reality).

Occasionally our chakras can slow down, become blocked, or their energy dilutes, and when this happens our equilibrium, personal growth and health will be compromised. Which is why it’s critically important to maintain and clean your chakras.

But there’s more to chakra work than just cleansing; you can also work with chakras to support the process of individuation or to uncover and bring to awareness issues in your psyche that you are not aware of consciously but are starting to manifest.

A healthy chakra system means a healthy life!

When you become aware of what is manifesting in your energy you can start to look at your thoughts, habits, beliefs, and experiences that may have caused some of the issues in your chakra system and you can find clues and the solution right there in your chakra’s.

All you need to do is learn how to spot them, translate them, and then heal them,

How To Check Your Chakras

The first thing to acknowledge in this process is that we will be checking the major chakra system that we traditionally know. But there are said to be hundreds of different chakras that are likely to fall into each major chakra. It’s not necessary to assess and clean each chakra (unless you are involved in some heavy chakra research or work) that would be like cleaning the houses on your whole street with a toothbrush!).

So for this exercise, we will focus on the seven major chakras, which start from the Root Chakra (which is positioned at the tailbone and genital area of the body) through to the crown chakra (which is positioned at the top of the head).

Here is a brief description of each chakra:

Chakra Energy Guide
1. The Root Chakra
Colour: Red
Numerology: 1
Represents physical life, reality, work, money, material belongings, physical health, safety, basic primal needs.

Chakra Energy Guide
2. The Sacral Chakra
Colour: Orange
Numerology: 2
Represents emotions, sexuality, creativity

Chakra Energy Guide
3. The Solar Plexus
Colour: Yellow
Numerology: 3
Represents our will and personal power.

Chakra Energy Guide
4. The Heart Chakra
Colour: Green
Numerology: 4
Represents the heart, compassion, relationships, self-love, love, acceptance.


Chakra Energy Guide
5. The Throat Chakra
Colour: Light Blue
Numerology: 5
Represents communication, creativity, and self-expression

Chakra Energy Guide
6. The Third Eye
Colour: Indigo
Numerology: 6
Represents wisdom, extrasensory perception, truth.

Chakra Energy Guide
7. The Crown Chakra
Colour: Violet
Numerology: 7
Represents spiritual connection, oneness, consciousness.

How To Visualise The Chakras

We need to use our imagination and visualisation skills to view the chakras, so we need to get creative with our visualisation skills. You may need to practice visualising your chakras a few times before you can see or sense them (remember though you might not see them clearly – it’s important to manage your expectations).

I like to imagine the chakras as a series of glass balls standing on top of one another in the colors and progressive order of the chakras.

For example; A red ball at the bottom to represent the root chakra, and a violet ball at the top to represent the crown chakra.

You might prefer to use boxes, or something else but they should all be the same shape so that you can compare them.

You can also make use of this chakra chart for better visualization.

Here’s the process for checking your chakras:

● Step1: Find a comfortable, quiet spot.

● Step2: Sit quietly and visualize the glass balls that represent your chakras each standing on top of each other.

● Step 3: Start to pay attention to the details of the balls.

What you should look for

● The size of the balls, are they all equal?
● Are the colors of the balls in the correct order?
● Are there any dark spots on any of the balls?
● How vibrant is the color of the balls? (Are they bright, washed out, murky or even dark?).
● What is the clarity of the balls like? (Are they clear or dirty?).
● What is the edge of the balls like are they smooth or bumpy or broken?

Ideally, all of the balls should be the same size, perfectly aligned, and with a solid, smooth edge. They should be clear from any dark spots, ridges, cracks, blemishes or dirt, the correct color for their associated chakra, and the colors should be vibrant with high clarity.

Of course, we are living life, and we probably won’t have such perfect looking chakras, but if we can keep them clean and work on the issues, we can be sure that our psyche will be crystal clear too!

The distortions in your chakras represent blockages, trauma, pollution, and imbalances in our energy and their associated chakra will highlight what area of your life the blockages and imbalances are occurring in.


How To Interpret The Inconsistencies In Your Chakras

The Size Of The Balls
Balls that are too large, or too small represent that you are using too much, or too little of a specific energy in your everyday life and that how you live your life is unbalanced. The size difference can give you a clue as to how imbalanced things are in your life. You can find out what aspects of your life are out of balance by determining what chakra the imbalances correspond to.

E.g. If your root chakra is huge and the rest tiny, then you are living far too much in the material world and concentrating on money, material success or are focusing too much on your primal skills to survive. Without allowing the other energies to support you. Which means you’ll probably burn out, be stressed and are likely to be deeply unhappy, even if you distract yourself with material matters.

The Edges Of The Balls
The edges of the balls should have a firm protective and smooth layer.

If the outer edge is too thick and solid, you are probably over protecting and defending yourself and not allowing external energy in. You will probably see the effects of this problem in other areas of your chakras too such as dark spots, blemishes or faded or distorted colors.

If your outer edge is raised or cut on the outside, then you are or have been experiencing irritation or conflict from the external world.

If the cuts or bumps are on the inside, you have had difficulty or frustration in expressing yourself externally or are feeling frustration or conflict from your internal world.

If the seal is broken, you have experienced a trauma that may show up elsewhere in your chakras too. You need to rebuild your boundaries in the area of it’s associated chakra to heal fully.

The Clarity Of The Balls
Each ball should be crystal clear. Any dirt, blemishes, or dark spots represent unresolved issues or trauma that is still being held in your psyche, and of course, will relate to its associated chakra.
It’s possible for one traumatic experience to show up in all or some chakras at the same time, or for each chakra to experience their own trauma. However it shows up, they need to be cleansed and healed for optimum health and well being.

Trauma in this sense can reflect a terrible day at work, a phase where there was money worries, a stomach bug, an embarrassing experience, or remorse over something you said or did, for example. They don’t have to be dangerous life-threatening situations.

If the ball is black, grey or very dark, then you have experienced a severe trauma, which may have been life-threatening, the loss of somebody you love, an accident or illness, a spiritual awakening, a relationship break up, loss of identity or a sense of purpose in some way. The trauma will be something that you have experienced that was huge for you. If you see this in your chakras, you really need to pay attention to cleansing your chakras, and ideally, if it’s possible for you, to go and see a pro to help you heal your chakras, clear up the energy, and restore you. A Hypnotherapist will be able to help in this matter, for sure.

The Colours Of The Ball
If The Colour Is Too Washed Out

If you haven’t got any wind in your sails concerning a chakra, which will show in washed out colour. If the chakra is not showing as being blocked or any other problems highlighted above, it’s time to start asking why you don’t accept the energy of the chakra, or why you block that energy and to start making a conscious effort to bring the associated energy into your life pronto! Because you need ALL of the colors!!

Murky colours or differences in colors represent dirt, dark spots and blemishes and details about these spots can be found under the clarity section.

And there you have it, a whistlestop tour on how to visualize and assess the health of your chakras so that you can go on and be your best self!

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