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July 21, 2020

6 Spiritual Connection Signs You Must Know


Soulmate. At one point in our lives, we have surely called someone our soulmate. These are the people whom you get along with so easily. Nothing is forced about the relationship. There is just this magical, spiritual connection that allows you to understand each other even little to no words.

Nowadays, soulmates are not just your significant other, but can be used to refer to a close friend too. Relationships like this are brought about by spiritual connection. 

What is a spiritual connection?

A spiritual connection goes beyond closeness. You can vibe and have fun with anyone, but that doesn’t mean you are spiritually connected to them.

spiritual connection with someone, soul connection, what is a spiritual connection, soul mate, twin flame

When you have a deep spiritual connection with someone, it feels like your mind, spirit, and even your body are aligned with theirs. Think of it like a sixth sense. 

Have you ever met someone who thinks, speaks, or acts the way you do? Someone who just really gets you?

You might have found it creepy at first, but you’ll slowly realize that it is the soul connection that makes you feel so drawn to each other.

A Spiritual Connection – The Gift That Keeps Giving

It can be understandably difficult to recognize spiritual connection; instantly clicking with a person does not equate to being spiritually connected to them.

spiritual connection

To help you make sure that it is indeed spiritual connection, here are some of the gifts that you would usually receive from these people.

Gift of Healing

On top of our list is healing. If you have a deep soul connection with someone, they should be able to help you heal your inner wounds.

This is not to say that they will miraculously save you from your struggles. It just means that this person will stay by your side as you go through the process of healing. 

A spiritual connection with someone will bring you the peace and comfort that you need. Their presence brings you joy, which empowers you to move on from heartbreaks and past experiences. 

Who is the first person you go to when you feel sad or happy? You unknowingly seek them because well, that is just how soul connection works. You are bound to each other!

Gift of Purpose

If you are spiritually connected with a person, they will naturally bring out the best in you.

You will always feel motivated to work harder and be better because deep inside, you don’t want to let them down. They will help you find what you really want and support you in achieving it.

Having spiritual connection with someone automatically means having a cheerleader. You are not on your own in reaching for your dreams.


The soul connection between you will help you complement each other. It’s like you are meant to lift each other up.

Gift of Truth

You wouldn’t have to worry about deception when it comes to people you’re spiritually connected with. These people will never lie to you.

A strong soul connection nurtures honesty and trust. If you are in doubt about your spiritual connection with a person, one great indicator is their honesty. The real ones will never do anything to break your trust.

A spiritual connection also helps you to become honest with yourself. You can show your true self because there is no fear of judgment from the people you’re connected with. They will always make sure that you are safe and comfortable with them.

Gift of Love

Nothing screams a strong soul connection than being loved. When you have this cosmic connection with a person, get ready to be showered with unconditional love.

These people will always try their best to take care of you. Your happiness is their happiness, in the same way that your grief is also theirs. They want nothing but the best for you.

A spiritual connection will help you learn how to love unconditionally too. It will teach you a lot about understanding, sacrifice, and devotion.

It’s like the moment your soul aligns with another, it automatically becomes both your mission to nurture and protect each other.

6 Everyday Signs of a Spiritual Connection

Most of the time, we miss the signs of spiritual connection. It’s because they are always embedded in everyday activities.

manifesting, visualization, law of attraction, law of vibration

If you don’t pay attention, you would think that they’re just another part of your routine.

#1 You’ve Asked Them If You Already Met Before

Have you ever looked at a person and wondered if you ever met them before? Their presence feels so familiar to you like you’ve known them all your life.

This is a clear-cut sign that you are spiritually connected to them. Your auras are like magnets pulling each other close. 

Once a soul feels comfort in another soul’s presence, best believe that it will always find a way to be close to each other.

This explains why you miss them whenever they are not around or why they are the first person you think of when you have some good or bad news.

#2 You Get Each Other

“Wow, we’re really on the same wavelength!” You’ve probably said this a million times to the person you’re spiritually connected with.


It’s not a coincidence that you have a lot of things in common with them. It’s your soul connection.

It just didn’t happen that you have the same wants, needs, and interests. This is brought about by your cosmic ties.

The next time you finish each other’s sentences, know that this is your spiritual connection at work. Nurture this connection so that you will always have each other’s best interests at heart.

#3 Late Night Talks Are Your Thing

You know what they say, the heavier the eyelids, the sincerer the words. Deep conversations (especially at night!) are surely a part of your relationship or friendship.

People who are spiritually connected tend to gravitate towards topics about life and dreams. You often discuss your experiences and put effort in giving your input.

Although you know how to take things lightly, you are both not a fan of shallow topics. 

These deep conversations are a tool to strengthen your bond because you get to know each other’s thoughts. Make sure to always listen when the other person pours their heart out. 

#4 You Trust Them 

Spiritual connection makes you trust people wholeheartedly. Whether it’s a small or big decision, you won’t even bat an eyelash when it comes to their suggestions.

This is because you know deep down that there is no other person in this world to trust but them. What they want is what you want too.

This sign can be seen even in the most mundane things such as ordering dinner. Unlike other people, this will not take you long to discuss.

You trust each other’s choices – not just with food but with everything! Deciding for each other is a common thing for you.

#5 You Always Say The Same Thing At The Same Time

Jinx! Another underrated sign of spiritual connection is saying the same thing at exactly the same time. You have certainly experienced this a lot of times.

This is a manifestation of your minds being in tune with each other. You have enough emotional bond that your souls naturally got in sync over time.

Your bodies and minds have begun to match each other’s patterns. When this happens, you are sending some type of telepathic message to each other. You might have taken this phenomenon lightly, but this is a clear sign of a deep soul connection.

#6 Your Gut Feeling About Them Is Always Right

You’ve probably heard of maternal instinct. This is no different, in a sense that your subconscious knows what’s up with the other person.


You instantly know when they are feeling a little down. This is actually a good thing because you know when to sit for a talk and when to give them space.

Another thing your gut feeling will tell you is that this person is right for you. Whether they are a friend or a lover, it just means that deep inside you know that they belong in your life. There’s just no other way about it.

Final Word

From the signs above, you will realize that spiritual connection is all about complementing each other.

As cheesy as it may sound, soulmates are really like puzzle pieces made to fit perfectly. Once you meet them, there’s no doubt that you will get drawn to each other. It’s cosmic energy at work. It’s futile to resist it.

Have you already met the person you’re spiritually connected with? Let us know in the comment section below!

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