Do you know the difference?

It’s been ingrained in your head since you were a child. Find your soulmate. What you really should have been looking for is your Twin Flame. Check the difference between soulmate and twinflame below.

Contrary to popular belief, we actually have and meet many soul mates throughout our lives. A soulmate does not have to be a romantic partner or love interest. It can be a friend, your grandmother, a child, or even someone you meet in passing. If you’re lucky, you’ll marry a soulmate and have an okay, maybe sometimes challenging relationship focused on growth.

Now, a Twin Flame. That is a completely different story. A story shared for only the two of you.

What’s a Soulmate?

If you have a group of friends that you consider family – your tribe – chances are, most of them are your soulmates. A soulmate is any person who connects with you on a deep, energetic level. Your vibrations are in tune and can harmonize in a lovely, soul-filling balance. You challenge each other people and you just, connect!

There’s no time limit on how long someone must know you to be considered a soul mate. You either connect, or you don’t. That relationship can change at any time.

Many of us will often fall in love with a soul mate because of the intense, vibrational connection felt so early in the relationship. That spark is confused for love at first sight and very well may be. It doesn’t mean that person is the only one out there for us. It just means that our vibrational frequencies are pretty darn close.

What’s a Twin Flame?

Just like twins are formed together in the womb, you and your twin flame are born of the same vibrational energy. You are literally one soul in two bodies. When twin flames come together, it’s a beautiful and cleansing manifestation of pure, true love.

Twin flames are born on a mission. The goal is to connect with the part of their soul that’s missing. On the outside, two people can be completely different with night & day personalities. However, on the inside, their souls are singing out into the Universe hoping their twin will find them. It’s a cosmic connection deeper than anything any common soul mate could possibly bring.

A Twin Flame is your only energetic counterpart – you’re literally two peas in a pod of ethereal vibrations. When you come together, the energies reuniting can be overwhelming. For some, it causes fear and others just dive right in. Depending on the life experiences each twin has faced, the cleansing Ascension process can be a sometimes challenging period. Each twin partner will see their life change and sometimes rather quickly. This can cause some twin partners to question the relationship, themselves, and possibly past soulmates. You can refer to the complete list of the twin flame stages here.

However, the vibrational energy pull is too strong to ignore. Once this cleansing period has subsided, the Twin Flame relationship is the most powerful, fulfilling connection you can experience in this lifetime.

Have you met your twin flame? Have you settled with a soulmate? How do you know? Tell us below!