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July 17, 2020

Spiritual Cleansing: How To Rid Your Soul Of Negative Energy


Spiritual cleansing is one way to solve these types of problems. It is a form of energy healing that allows you to identify and eliminate the ailments of your soul that may be manifesting in your daily life. Think of it as a detox.

When your body undergoes some detoxing, your main goal is to get out all the gunk in your stomach, right?

Spiritual cleansing on the other hand aims to remove all the impurities that your soul may have. These impurities are usually our negative energies.

When we deal with our problems, most of us think that the only way out is through external sources. We often think that the answer is found in our surroundings.

However, there are problems that are intrinsic. No matter how much money or connections you use to solve a problem, it will always re-emerge if it has spiritual causes.

Protecting Your Aura From Negative Energy

No matter what we do, our auras will always be exposed to negative energy. When you want to protect yourself from negative energy, you do not isolate yourself from others.

spiritual cleansing aura

What you need to focus on is how you react to their energies. After all, humans need to interact with other beings. To protect yourself, you need to learn how to filter what you absorb from these interactions.

Being exposed to negative energy is called a psychic attack. Just like viruses, you need to develop a defence mechanism so that the impure energy does not go into your system.

Know that you have the power to reject negativity. To clarify, rejecting negative energy does not mean refusing to talk to a crying friend, or just hanging out with people who are always happy.

When we say rejecting negative energy, what we mean is not letting it affect you more than it should. Perfect examples are empaths.

When you are an empath, you have a high tendency of absorbing the emotions of the person you’re talking to. You take their struggles as if they were your own. As a result, you also carry the burden in your soul when you shouldn’t.

Protect your aura from negative energy through smart interaction. This means that you don’t simply mingle with other beings.

You assess their energy, and you only accept energies that you feel would raise your spiritual health. Have the courage to reject anything that does not make you feel good within. 

5 Steps To Perform Spiritual Cleansing On Yourself

If you are curious about how to do a spiritual cleansing on yourself, here are some five easy steps:

#1 Assess Your Spiritual Health

Where are you currently in terms of spirituality?


The first thing that you need to do in spiritual cleansing is assessing your spiritual health. Are you generally happy? Or do you have a lot of pent-up anger and other emotional issues?

You cannot get rid of negative energy if you don’t acknowledge its presence in the first place. Acceptance is vital when cleansing the soul.

After you have identified your deep-seated issues, the next thing to do is to address them. There is no other way to solve a conflict than reconciliation.

If you still hold grudges against your family, your friends, or your colleagues, it’s best to reconcile with them through peaceful confrontations. Otherwise, let it all go. The goal of spiritual cleansing is to remove all grudges in your heart.

#2 Practice Meditation

As we all know, meditation involves a lot of relaxation and mind-clearing techniques. You will need these if you want to cleanse your soul. When the body and mind are relaxed, the soul finds it easier to absorb positive energy.

spiritual cleansing meditation

As you continuously practice meditation, you will notice that you feel lighter and brighter overall. This is the effect of releasing your bad vibes every session.

Zen meditation also helps you gain a wider perspective when it comes to stressful situations. Because you are generally at peace, you face conflicts with increased understanding.

You don’t act out in an instant. You know how to step back and take a break. Because of this, you are protecting yourself from potential psychic attacks.

#3 Try Spiritual Cleansing Bath

A spiritual cleansing bath is not just your typical candle-flower-wine bath. This bath is specifically done so that you get rid of your negative energy.

spiritual bath, spiritual cleansing bath

Instead of using bath bombs and other artificial scents, most people prefer to use natural elements such as salt, dried flowers/herbs, and even seeds. 

Among these, salt is widely used because it is believed to be a powerful repellant of negative energies. You can opt for Himalayan salt, Epsom, or natural sea salt for a simple spiritual cleansing bath.

#4 Exercise 

Exercising is another popular way of releasing negative energy. You probably heard of people who turn to workouts when stressed. Aside from its neurochemical effects, the act of exercising brings people a sense of power and solitude.

When you are too focused on your routine, don’t you feel like the outside world doesn’t matter? Like you’re in a vacuum?

This is because your energy is at a momentum that any outside force cannot break. After your session, you will feel more recharged and in control of your physique.

#5 Manifest Through Visualization 

Some may dismiss it as mere daydreaming, but know that visualization is a powerful tool to create more positivity around you.

manifesting, visualization, law of attraction, law of vibration

Visualizing your dreams, your happiness, and even simple things like nature will greatly affect your energy.

If you want to do some spiritual cleansing, manifest this intention through visualizing a life without the things or people that stress you out.

Visualize a life with financial stability. With a happy family. With great health. Notice that the more you visualize positivity, the less you have time to entertain anything else.

5 Steps To Perform Spiritual Cleansing On Your Environment

Now that you know how to cleanse your soul, it’s time to cleanse your environment’s energy.

#1 Smudging

Smudging is the most popular way of cleansing the energy of your surroundings. This is done by burning sage, palo santo, and other plant material.

smudging, spiritual cleansing

If you subscribe to faiths like Buddhism or Christianity, you would know that smudging has been in practice since ancient times. The more common term we know today is incense, which is derived from the Latin word incensum or “burnt”.  

When you practice smudging, you are inviting positive energy into your space. The smoke acts as a purifier of the air. As the smoke leaves the room, it is believed that it takes with it all the negative energy.

Since a lot of people have caught on to this practice, the materials for smudging are very much accessible even in your local stores.

The herbs are usually made into sticks for easier burning. However, there are those who prefer the bundled ones for thicker smoke.

#2 Declutter Your Space

Spiritual cleansing also comes from decluttering your space every once in a while. If you like to keep old stuff that can already pass as trash, best believe that negative energy will cling onto these things.

The way your room/house looks is often a representation of your mental state. If everything around you is messy, it only means that your soul is struggling to keep anything in order.

As Marie Kondo puts it, throw away the things that don’t spark joy. 

Make space for something new and better. The only way that you can cleanse your environment is by making sure that there is space for positivity.

When you operate in a space that is organized, you will instantly feel that it is easier to breathe, to move. This will motivate you to create more.

#3 Bless Your Water And Food

This may sound silly for some, but you actually have the power to bless whatever goes into your system. When you bless your water and your food, you affect their energy.

bless food, spiritual cleansing

Your intentions influence how the body absorbs them. It’s like the body knows that you trust what you feed it. This positive energy will help the body maximize their nutritional benefits.

For those who are religious, it is important to say a short prayer before a meal. This helps you shift your energy to full bliss and gratitude.

For others, addressing your thanks to nature or the universe will also go a long way. The bottom line here is to express your spirit’s appreciation in your own way.

#4 Use Healing Crystals

Crystal healing has been growing in popularity among people who seek for spiritual cleansing. Crystals have long been touted as ancient forms of medicine.

crystal healing, spiritual cleansing

Today, they are believed to be holistic cleansers of energies and auras. Different types of crystals give off specific effects to their users.

For example, it is said that placing clear quartz in your room will instantly magnify the positive energy around. On the other hand, you might want to keep an amethyst near your bed to aid you in your sleep.

Amethyst gives off the peaceful energy you need in order to get some good rest. Lastly, a tiger’s eye on your office desk will surely give you the motivation boost that you need. 

#5 Surround Yourself With Nature

Everyone will agree that nature has its own way of healing. This is why it is important to reconnect with nature every once in a while. If you can’t always take a trip, bring nature to your home.

Buy some indoor plants. Indoor plants will give off the earth’s energies to your space. When you have plants around, you will notice that your home will instantly brighten up.

Plants bring this distinct vibe of relaxation and peace. Seeing the greens inside your house will surely lift your mood.

The vibe will motivate you to become more positive in whatever you do. Indeed, nature plays a vital part in spiritual cleansing.

Is Spiritual Cleansing Possible Overnight?

One important thing to remember is that spiritual cleansing is a process. It is a journey. You can’t just throw in some Epsom salt in your bathtub or purchase all sorts of plants and call that spiritual healing.

Take it day by day. The key here is to establish a routine where you integrate all of the steps listed above.

A mood change is different from a completely cleansed soul. Yes, you can be happier than you were this morning, but is it really spiritual cleansing?

The goal is to keep that happiness for a long period of time. Be consistent. When you practice spiritual cleansing, your overall perspective changes.


You feel lighter, more at peace, and gain complete clarity in your physical, emotional, and mental being.

Ready to start your spiritual cleansing? Let us know which step you’re most excited about in the comments below!!

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