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July 31, 2020

11 Types Of Starseeds (And How To Know If You’re One)


In this article, we’ll be exploring the 11 starseed types. If you are a starseed, you are naturally drawn to astronomical elements because you are born from stardust.

Although your starseed abilities may still be dormant, your soul knows that it has a connection that goes beyond the Earth. Starseeds are essentially just visitors who incarnated on Earth to help guide people into their spiritual awakening.

When a starseed’s time here is done, you will be called back to your original home in this universe, or to another dimension where your gifts are needed.

Here on Earth, the main mission of starseeds is to serve humanity. It means being able to heal and protect the people around you.

Because you possess overflowing divine wisdom, you have the capacity to educate humans on how to achieve higher spiritual ascendancy. Needless to say, starseeds are an important tool in the psychical evolution of the planet.

Are You A Starseed?

Most people don’t even know that they are indeed starseeds. This is because a lot of us tend to disregard our psychic abilities.

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In a world where being too emotional is deemed as a weakness, it is just understandable why people deny their own intuitions.

However, you need to remember that no resistance can ever hinder your starseed abilities. Your higher purpose will always unfold one way or another.

If you are a starseed, you are not foreign to the feeling of not belonging. And you may not quite understand why. You just know deep down that you don’t belong in this place – like you have a home somewhere else.

You may have grown up being called the ‘weird’ one, but what they don’t understand is that you are just an old soul. Your mind works deeper than anybody else. 

Starseeds are also very sensitive, regardless of the starseed types. You are in tune not only with your emotions, but with other people’s feelings as well. You know their mood even before they open their mouths.

To an extent, you absorb the energy around you. This is a gift given to starseeds as healers. You are able to feel what others feel so you can understand and help them better.

What Are The Different Starseed Types?

Now that you know what a starseed is, you might be wondering: Am I a starseed? If so, what kind of starseed am I?

11 types of starseeds

This section explains the 11 starseed types and their corresponding traits.

#1 Sirian

A Sirian starseed is a soul that has originated from the planets called Sirius A and Sirius B. Sirius A is considered as the brightest star in the Earth’s sky while Sirius B is a water planet where water beings such as merpeople live.

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Many people believe that Ascended Masters like Jesus and Mary were among the first children of Sirius A. Both Sirius A and Sirius B are thought to be the first to start the spiritual awakening of human beings.

Sirian starseeds are strong-willed people. They stand by their principles and live by them unapologetically. Sometimes Sirian starseeds can be seen as serious people, but only because they like to be logical with everything.

This starseed type resembles individuals who can maintain their composure despite being under intense pressure, contributing to their reputation of being great problem-solvers.

#2 Pleiadian

Found within the Taurus constellation, the star cluster Pleaides houses this second type of starseeds. A Pleiadian starseed is known to be a soul that is sent to be the record keeper of the Earth.

These starseeds are also tasked to uplift women and children. They imbibe nurturing energy that protects these people.

If you are a pleiadian starseed, chances are, you are someone who is very caring towards people. Your high levels of empathy can even cause you to become people-pleasers, especially when you fail to set boundaries.

However, pleiadian starseeds are also known to be very smart. You don’t see things as they are. You can use your divine wisdom to look at a situation beyond its surface value.

#3 Andromedan

Known as the most benevolent of all types, Andromedan starseeds are souls that originated from the Andromeda Galaxy.

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They have the perfect balance between logic and emotions, which makes them the best for empowering humanity. Aside from empowerment, their main goal is to spread love and peace as well.

If you are an Andromedan starseed, you don’t just sit around when people around you are being abused. You are always the first to stand up for literally anyone.

Your heart is full of compassion so you always have their best interest. You will also do anything for freedom. You believe that manipulating and limiting people are two of the most evil things in this world.

#4 Arcturian

Arcturian starseeds are souls born in Arcturus, the galaxy’s most advanced civilization.

These souls possess both intellectual and emotional advancement which is why their main purpose is to be spiritual shamans. Although Arcturus is an angelic realm, it can also be a place for the rebirthing of souls, auras, and other etheric forms. 

One of the main characteristics of Arcturian starseeds is being highly opinionated. Because their wisdom is out of this world, they do not mince their words especially when they feel that something is wrong.

No one can fool an Arcturian starseed. They are also the types of people who gave good memory and love to strike deep conversations. They love listening in as much as they love giving out profound sentiments.


#5 Lightworker

Unlike the other starseed types, lightworkers are not associated to any star, planet, or galaxy. They are souls that come from a variety of realms with a single mission of shedding light on the world.

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What does shedding light mean? It means helping people reach their maximum spirituality. Lighworkers teach us that maximum spirituality can only be achieved by living with the utmost kindness.

Lightworkers are the gentlest souls you could ever meet. They exude humility and love. Lightworkers do not possess any judgment or biases as they always see the good in people.

They are are the epitome of inner peace who can spread positivity in a room without even trying.

#6 Feline

Feline starseeds possess the strongest psychic abilities out of all the 12 types. They are mostly depicted in the artworks of ancient Egypt. They are all about grace and creativity.

Feline starseeds are not the type to be focused on the outside world. Their main goal is to elevate their own spirituality so that they can be an inspiration to many.

Are you the type who always seeks something new and exciting? You might be a feline starseed. Feline starseeds are those who can never stop developing themselves.

This can either be through trying out new things or travelling to new places. Feline starseeds value rich experiences that can help them grow. 

#7 Orion

Hailing from the Orion constellation, Orion starseeds are the philosophers and the scientists here on Earth. They possess a perfect balance between seeing the profoundness in everything while believing in hard evidences.

They love abstract concepts in as much as they love science. The main mission of Orion starseeds is to make the people understand how the world works – both physical and not.

An Orion starseed knows how to act with both mind and heart. They also have a deep desire to make people see the world as a better place. They work towards a more peaceful and a more compassionate society. 

#8 Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow

These three kinds of souls are the most selfless of all the starseed types anyone can ever meet. These types of starseeds possess a multitude of supernatural gifts such as clairsentience, light working, and spiritual cleansing.

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They’re all about spiritual interactions, and are the happiest when they are able to help people reach their spiritual awakening.

Indigos are those with empowerment from Archangel Michael. They can never tolerate inequality and injustice. Crystals on the other hand emanate from Archangel Gabriel.

They exude clarity and joy. Finally, Rainbow children are the most detached to the physical world.


They are even often diagnosed with autism because they operate in a different frequency. They are the most innocent healers here on Earth.

#9 Avian

Avians are basically humanoids with bird-like features. Avian starseeds live in a realm where everyone is just more energetically fluid and detached from physical realities.

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They work hand in hand with Pleiadians to help humans live a more spiritual life on Earth, with the goal of educating humans on metaphysics.

Avians are optimistic souls. They see the potentialities in everything and everyone.

Avian starseeds believe that spiritual strength and freedom are the cores of advancing civilization. They also seek to help humans with discovering their psychic gifts.

#10 Maldek

Maldeks are one of the last two starseed types who originated from a dark past. Maldek was once an advanced civilization that vastly depended on robotic technology. Because of this, its people became lazy and sick.

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Their greed for power has lead to chaos, which consequently destroyed their planet. Those who survived moved to Earth, as it is likened to the Maldek planet.

In our present time, Maldeks have outgrown this dark past and have learned from it greatly. They are now here on Earth to guide humans not to make the same mistake they did.

Their main goal is to educate people to find the balance among technology, life, spirituality and science.

#11 Lemurian and Atlantean

Much like Maldek, Lemurian and Atlantean were two lands prospering with advanced technologies and culture. They are said to be the most committed to innovation during their time.

They were successful in developing their planet. However, this success was at the expense of their culture. Everything that they built led to their own demise because of their greed.

After the destruction, there were those who were rescued to Earth. Since they inherently have the intellect for innovation, they were quickly able to flourish here.  They now help humans build and create.

Being Your Own Starseed

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What type of starseed am I?

Being a starseed is not limited to the characteristics listed above. These 12 types are mere guides to what starseeds commonly are. However, you are free to not identify with them.

There is always room for deviations and exceptions. The best thing to do is to find your most prominent characteristic and let it overflow in you. Spiritual ascension comes when we are at our most authentic selves.

Expand your empathy.

The only way to create an impact as a starseed is to be of help to others. Small or big, what matters is that you are able to use your gifts to shine light on people who might be experiencing some darkness.


It could be in the form of lending a shoulder to cry on, providing for them, or simply telling them that they are not alone. There are no metrics when it comes to kindness. A kind deed is a kind deed.

Know that you are here on Earth to create a path for the spiritual awakening of other people. The ultimate test is not how many you have helped with your wisdom, but how sincere you are in doing so.

A real starseed does not aim to gain personal advancements when they share their gifts with others. 

Finally, a real starseed also knows when to seek help for themselves.

Final Word

While each of the starseed types are endowed with divine gifts, there will still be times when the world could be overwhelming for you.

You need to know when to stop to recharge your energy. It is totally okay to experience worldly feelings. 

As you go on a journey of developing the collective consciousness of humanity, do not forget to develop yourself too. A starseed losing sight of their light and purpose is nothing but detrimental.

What type of starseed are you? Let us know in the comments section below!

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