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August 4, 2020

How To Manifest Money: 5 Powerful Tips


Out of all the manifestation intentions, learning how to manifest money seems to be tied with learning how to manifest love at the top of the list. With individuals seeking to improve their financial situations, they mystically implore the laws of the universe in order to actualize their desires.  

But while most of us are keen and particular in doing this, a lot of us can also subtly skip out on crucial indicators.

While we think we’re doing it right, the act of manifesting money without a clear process can be ineffective.

With our intentions running all over the place, the lack of proper methods and approaches renders our efforts as futile. 

With that, before we begin discussing some of the secret tips and tricks in manifesting money, let’s start off with the common mistakes and myths in doing so.

In this way, we can avoid unnecessary U-turns as we free ourselves from misconceptions and faulty ideas. 

3 Common Money Manifestation Myths

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Money Manifestation Myth #1: Abundance is all about Wealth

Stemming from the classic misconception of an oversold American dream, wealth does not necessarily equate to happiness. And while we’ve probably heard this a million times, we still can never stress it enough. 

But instead of pointlessly nagging about it, let us ponder on a simple question: what causes this misconception about wealth and abundance? 

More often than not, this misconception is a result of our market society. In a world where everything can be bought and sold, money as the main medium is seen as the pinnacle of abundance. Yet, in reality, it is only an aspect of abundance

Whereas we can purchase anything we want when we are financially strong, are we necessarily manifesting abundance? Or are we limited by our own viewpoints regarding the matter? 

Money Manifestation Myth #2: Manifestation is Obsession

Yet another common mistake among beginners, manifestation should not be an obsession. 

While most of us will spend our time, energies, and vibrations in trying to manifest money, a lot of us will fail to look at the mirror and see ourselves at a distance. 

Am I obsessing over my manifestations? 

Am I still grounded in the world I’m living in? 

Do I still ponder about the practical consequences of my manifestation?


Asking similar questions will bring to light the need for an internal assessment. If you feel like you’re obsessing, you are not manifesting.

Remember, when you are obsessed, you are caught up. The energies you seek to attract are holding you back

Money Manifestation Myth #3: Money Manifestation is Difficult

When we think of manifestation, it is undeniable how we can quickly associate it with some intricate setup of meditation with a couple of expensive healing crystals and some matching aromas.

While the above-mentioned methods are fruitful in their own right, manifestation should not always be as complex. 

Instead, manifestation should be something that’s easy and natural. Like breathing clean air, manifestation should be something that allows us to relax and to be ourselves. 

And as we manifest money, it simply means that we embody the idea of positively attracting it to our daily lives.

In this way, we are living out the energy that we seek to attract, allowing us to become naturally attuned with it. 

How To Manifest Money Correctly Through These 5 Money Manifestation Tips

Now that we’ve debunked some of the common myths and misconceptions about manifesting money, it’s time we learn to do it correctly.

By going through these 5 money manifestation tips, you’ll discover how to manifest money and create tangible results from your law of attraction efforts!

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Money Manifestation Tip #1: Identify your Purpose

Just like in all forms of manifestations, identifying one’s purpose is crucial in demonstrating the effectiveness of it.

By having a clear picture in mind of what you want to achieve financially, it becomes easier for you not only to find ways but to move forward. 

With that, the key lies in your visualization. By being clear with your vision of what you want, you know where you’re headed to. 

manifesting, visualization, law of attraction, law of vibration

Are you eyeing on that new house? 

Are you looking for a new stream of income?

Do you want to become financially free by the age of 45?


By being clear with your intentions, money manifestation becomes much more precise and effective for you!

Money Manifestation Tip #2: Junk those limiting beliefs

Also common in most individual empowerment perspectives, limiting beliefs are our own internal barriers that prevent us from becoming more.

Like an automatic objection that’s circuited in how our brain works, these limiting beliefs prevent us from becoming more. 

And in the case of money manifestation, here are some common limiting beliefs: 

  • Money is the root of all evil – no, money is not evil in itself. Money is neutral. Whether or not it becomes a tool for evil only reflects the one who has access to it. 
  • Moneymakers take advantage of others – no, when we try to create wealth, we bring value to the marketplace. While it is true that some or even most people do take advantage of the process of doing so, it doesn’t necessarily follow that such will be the same for your case. 
  • I shouldn’t pursue wealth because it won’t bring happiness – while it is true that wealth doesn’t equate to happiness itself, it is still one of the best vehicles towards it. 

While it is true that money can be used to unsightly deeds, morally branding it as such is nothing short of one core limiting belief: the scarcity mindset

As individuals are unable to manifest wealth and abundance in their lives, they try to tell themselves a good story to comfort their own shortcomings.

In this way, they can protect their own pride even when they could have achieved more. 

Thus, if you truly want to manifest abundance and wealth, you have to do away with these limiting beliefs!

Money Manifestation Tip #3: Live it

Money manifestation isn’t just all about forwarding your positive thoughts to the universe. More importantly, it is also about living your desired life.

However, most of us will see it as something ironic: how can I live a lavish life if I’m poor, to begin with? 

The answer is simple: you just have to experience the wealth that you want to attract, in one way or another. 

By having an experience of your goal, you get to crystalize this vision in your head.

Instead of a distant dream that is totally foreign to you, having that phenomenological experience of wealth allows you to get a good grasp of it. 

For instance, you’ve been eyeing a home in a better neighborhood for quite some time now.

As you seek to manifest this, you also have to go there and just get in that home even if you can’t really purchase it as of the moment. This will allow you to have an experience of what if feels like to be there. 


With that, the way you forward your thoughts to the universe becomes far more powerful!

Money Manifestation Tip #4: Create a Money Dream Board

Apart from winning the Powerball or secretly finding out that you are the long-lost sole heir of the Rothschilds, achieving your money manifestation goals is going to be a step-by-step process.

goal setting

Instead of perceiving it as a one-time thing, knowing how to get there is far more realistic. 

By placing concrete visualizations, and identifying milestones to get there, money manifestation will become a systematic process. With that, here are some main points that you can include: 

  • Milestone incomes – can be an eventual promotion or some side-hustle 
  • Vacations – clear pictures of your getaway rendezvous
  • Material Goals – are you eyeing that upcoming Porsche SUV? Post it! 

Simply put, the list of things you can include in your dream board is practically endless. Making it concretely viewable makes it easier for you to achieve them!

Money Manifestation Tip #5: Take it One Step at a Time

Lastly, manifestation shouldn’t be something that will obsess you or make you more impatient. Instead, money manifestation should be something that allows you to be calm as you trust the process.

Comfortable with such grand transitions, this process should allow you to be accustomed to wealth and not be alienated to it. 

Given such, one thing that we need to take note of is that money manifestation, like all other things, doesn’t happen overnight.

In doing so, we take away all the unnecessary burden and pressure that we’ve subconsciously placed upon ourselves. 

Instead, we can focus on what truly matters – the quest to manifest our intentions! 

Final Word

With the points stated above, it should be clear to you by now what you need to do in order to manifest money in your life.

As you do away with your own limiting beliefs, it will be easier for you to move forward and create an approach that will ensure your progress. 

We wish you the best of luck, and hopefully, the universe will flow with you! 

What’s your favourite money manifestation tip? Share it with us in the comments below!

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