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September 25, 2020

Divine Timing Explained: How To Trust It


Divine timing tells us that we are where we are right now because it is where we exactly should be. Know that the Divine has carefully crafted a schedule for everything that will unfold in your life because no one knows what’s best for you but the Divine.

Trying to write your own timetable and pitting it against the master plan of the Divine is futile. 

What is Divine Timing?

The Divine knows no concept of “too early” or “too late”. The Divine makes things happen in their own perfect timing. This timing is not meant to make you suffer in waiting.

“Just wait for the right time.”

Surely, you have received this type of advice a couple of times in your life. While the concept of right timing is universally believed, there are still instances when our urge to control things becomes suddenly high.

Who wouldn’t want for their dreams to happen instantly, right? We always want that promotion, that relationship, or that wealth as soon as possible. This is largely caused by external influences such as the media.

They constantly shape our minds into thinking that life is nothing but a race, so we tend to compare ourselves with other people’s progress. We tend to battle against time.

But the truth is, time is not the enemy here.

The Importance of Divine Timing

It is very much understandable that there are days when we want to do things in our own way. We want to take control. Trust me, we’ve all been there.

what is divine timing

In this crazy world, it is easy to forget that there are things beyond our power. We have so much misplaced grit that we just charge towards something without fully thinking about it.

The results? Failure. When we force to make things happen when they are not supposed to, it is guaranteed that problems will arise. 

So, how do we resist the urge of controlling everything? 

Trust Divine timing. It is so easy to get swayed by desperation, but not when you put your confidence in the plan of the Divine.

Knowing that there is a valuable reason why things happen or not will put your heart in so much ease. Make Divine timing your ally instead of trying so hard to go against it. You will realize that nothing good ever comes out of defying the universe. 

Other benefits of trusting Divine timing include:


It makes sure that you are ready before you dive into anything.

The Divine will not sit around watching you get into circumstances that you are not prepared for.

Whether it be a good event or an unfortunate one, Divine timing sees to it that you will not come out of any situation empty-handed.

It will prepare your heart and mind so that you can reap a lesson or two from every single thing that happens in your life.

Your spiritual growth is the priority of Divine timing.

It helps you see everything beyond its surface.

The human eyes are weak in the face of desperation. When we are blinded by greed or pride, it is easy to disregard logic and just go with our ego.

This is where the Divine comes in. When the Divine knows that something or someone will do more harm than good to us, you best bet that they will be taken out of the picture immediately.

It won’t make sense right away why things didn’t work out, but Divine timing will slowly reveal why you had to get hurt. Most often than not, you will find yourself muttering, “Ah, it didn’t work out to make way for ______. Now I understand.”

It takes away so much pressure in your life.

In a world where everything seems to be a competition, it is hard to not give in to pressure. We are all in a hurry to succeed because we always feel like time is running out. This is not the case when you have full trust in Divine timing.

When you know that things unfold the way they should be, your heart will stop questioning and even doubting everything.

As long as the Divine is on your side, you will feel secure. It’s like treading a path that’s already lighted for you. 

5 Tips on How to Trust Divine Timing

how to trust divine timing

#1 Do not solely depend on Divine timing.

You might be confused about how one second I’m telling you to trust Divine timing, and then another second you’re told not to depend on it.

What this actually means is that even though you have the Divine by your side, you cannot turn your back on being accountable for your own life.

You can’t just laze around and say, “Oh well, I guess this is what the universe wants to happen.” You can’t pass the burden of improving your life to the universe.

Divine timing is just your guide. You are still the one who holds the biggest responsibility on how things will turn out for you. All the hard work will come from you; the Divine will just redirect it in the best direction. 

#2 Treat the universe as your ally.

A lot of us find it difficult to give our 100% trust to Divine timing. We can’t reconcile the fact that there is a force aside from our own free will that can affect how our life turns out.


However, you need to realize that the more you resist Divine timing, the more that things don’t work out for you. You have to see the universe as your friend instead of seeing it as a contradicting force.

We all have that tendency to blame the laws of the universe when things don’t go our way. We think that it’s just playing tricks on us and doesn’t want us to be happy.

But the truth is, the universe is a loyal ally to our happiness. It wants nothing but the best for us. We just need to create a space to accept the Divine’s presence in our lives.

#3 Be receptive to change.

The key to living a stress-free life is the acceptance that things, and even people, change every day. No one is exempted from the constant flux of life.

Trusting Divine timing means that even though everything around you has already changed, you still believe in the power of the Divine’s plan.

You are not afraid of change because you know that in the end, Divine timing will still bring you to a good place.

After all, transformation does not happen by things staying the same. It is achieved by changing over and over again, until you finally reach your maximum potential.

Let yourself change as well as others. Let relationships falter, if it means growth for you and those around you.

#4 Let go of your pride.

By now, you should know that pride can damage everything in your life. It can get in the way of friendships, families, and even work. Most importantly, your own pride can hinder your own growth.

As mentioned, Divine timing is an ally that only wants the best for us. However, most of us refuse to accept the Divine as a helping hand in our lives. We always think that we can resolve our problems on our own.

Some of us are even too smart for our own good that we tend to play god. Where does this leave us? Dissatisfaction. We can never be truly successful if our actions are only for ourselves.

We need to open our doors to new people, new ideologies, and new selves. There is nothing embarrassing in surrendering to the Divine and the help it can offer to us.

#5 Nurture your relationships.

It’s an adage we always hear, but it still holds true today: No man is an island.

The Divine brings in people in our lives because they (will) play an important role in our spiritual awakening.

The ex that you now hate, your favorite boss, even your neighbor – everyone has something to impart in our lives.


It may not be noticeable at first, but as the Divine timing works in your life, you will realize why you had to meet certain people.

You may not necessarily have good memories with everyone, but one thing is guaranteed: each interaction will leave a lesson that will help you grow as a person.

Nurturing your relationships with people is a sign that you trust Divine timing. It’s you saying yes to giving space to people because you believe that the Divine has a plan – and you know it’s never wrong.

Have you ever felt Divine timing in your life? We’re excited to hear your experience in the comments section below!

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