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August 21, 2020

12 Important Signs From The Universe


Most signs from the universe are subtle. This is why you need to pay attention to your surroundings. The universe can send messages to you through people, events, and even your dreams. And coincidences? Watch out, they may not just be simple accidents. You were meant to be at a place at a specific time because the universe wants you to see something. This is how elaborate the universe is when it comes to its plans.

“Just give me a sign.”

No matter who you are and where you are in life, you’ve surely uttered this line to call out to the universe.

You were probably starting a new business, going on a first date, or just simply making a mundane decision at home. No matter how small or big a situation is, we always turn to the universe for signs when we are in doubt. 

The universe is a concept that holds multiple meanings for us. For some, they see it on a physical plane where planets, stars, and galaxies are. For others, it is more of a spiritual concept – a force that guides us in life.

This does not necessarily point out to any religion, but most people associate this force to the Divine. 

12 Strong Signs From The Universe

The signs and messages from the universe are unique for each person. The way the universe communicates with everyone is shaped by the Divine plan assigned to us.

strong signs from the universe, 12 strong signs from the universe

The signals are always there, and they are never wrong. All you need to do is to notice. Be open to what the universe might be telling you about your family, your partner, or your career.

While these signs are tailor-fit for each person, we have listed the 12 most common signs that everyone should watch out for. 

6 Positive Signs From The Universe

#1 Your heart is filled with unexplainable joy.

One telling sign that you are on the right track is when your days become filled with so much joy. Most of the time, people can’t pinpoint why. You might even get confused about why you feel so happy.

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This is the universe telling you that something good is coming your way. This joy does not mean that everything in your life right now is perfect.

You know deep down that you are still lacking and there may be challenges ahead, but your heart feels grateful. It’s because your heart also knows that blessings are just around the corner.

#2 You feel a sense of security.

In a world full of fears and doubts, it’s rare to feel a genuine sense of security. We are all worriers in our own way.

What if things don’t work out? What if I don’t reach my goals? What if he breaks up with me?

We have a lot of questions lingering in our minds every single day. However, when the universe decides to talk to you, you will get this feeling of safety – like everything’s going to be okay.

This is also related to the feeling of contentment. You feel secure in the fact that the Divine is guiding you and leading you to the best things in life.


#3 There is a tingling excitement in your stomach.

Have you ever felt so excited about something that you don’t even know? It’s like your body knows what’s up, but you can’t exactly tell what is happening.

This is your energy being in tune with the universe. You feel it before you know it. 

When great things are soon to happen, the universe usually tells us to rejoice. This could be through little victories leading up to the big thing.

They’re like small pockets of happiness before the main event. This could range from simply perfecting your sunny side up egg to nailing your presentation in the office.

#4 Your body feels lighter and healthier.

You should pay a great deal of attention to your body. When the universe communicates with us, our bodies may subconsciously respond.

You won’t notice it at first, but the fact that your health has never been this good or that your body is getting back in shape – these are some sort of a response to the universe.

It’s like your body telling the universe that you are ready for the blessing coming your way. Because it’s a normal feeling, this is one of the signs from the universe that most people usually miss.

#5 You get vivid dreams.

Experiencing vivid dreams is a sign that you’re getting a good night’s sleep. When your mind is at ease, it is so easy to fall into a deep sleep, which allows the body to fully rest.

interpreting signs from the universe

This is one way of the universe to tell you that you can relax because everything’s going to work out. 

Another probable reason why you’re getting vivid dreams is that the universe is talking to you in your sleep. A dream may not just be a simple dream. It could be a message.

This is why it’s important that you don’t dismiss your dreams and try to find spiritual meaning behind your dreams

#6 Your memory is sharper than usual.

When you’re on your way to something big, the universe wants you to remember every little detail of your journey.

If you’re noticing that your memory is becoming sharper than usual, the universe might be telling you something. Pick up every detail that you can. Remember people, remember places. They may play a vital role in your life in the coming days. 

Do not shrug off events as coincidences. The universe knows no accidents. You will realize later on that everything that has happened is all part of the Divine plan.

6 Negative Signs From The Universe

#1 You become clumsy.

When the universe wants to warn you that something bad is about to happen, it can manifest through the restlessness of your body. You might always be on the edge like there’s bad luck waiting.


This results in clumsiness. You may be forgetful and disoriented. It’s likely that you would cause little accidents because of unknown stress. 

When this happens, know that it is a sign to step back and rethink your past actions. It is important to determine the source of your stress and immediately cut it off. This is what the universe is actually trying to tell you.

#2 You get sick more frequently.

As mentioned, the body is subconsciously in tune with the universe. So when you feel sick all of a sudden, the universe might be telling you something.

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Oftentimes, the message behind this sign is that you need to slow down a bit. You might have been overworking yourself, or bulldozing into some wrong direction. The universe is trying to stop you by giving you a taste of what it’s like if you keep pursuing these harmful patterns.

When you receive this sign, it is time for you to prioritize your tasks and goals. Do not overdo things that may compromise your physical and mental health.

#3 You feel a lingering feeling of anxiety.

Do you feel nervous all of a sudden? There are times when anxiety starts creeping up even if you’re in the middle of doing something.

You ask yourself: How could this happen? I was feeling perfectly fine just a while ago.

When there is lingering anxiety, the universe is warning you of unfortunate events waiting to happen. This could be related to the task you’re currently doing, or it is a future circumstance.

Whichever it is, it’s better to prepare yourself for the worst and ask for spiritual guidance.

#4 You are suddenly accident-prone.

Accidents are signs that you need to take very seriously. Their meaning is universally known: you need to change course immediately. Accidents can be both physical and emotional.

Physical accidents are those that affect the human body such as car accidents, cuts, burns, etc. Emotional accidents on the other hand are accidentally hurting people which results to your disadvantage.

This could mean hurting your friend and them cutting you off, or your boss firing you. This is why it is vital that when accidents like these happen, you make up for it immediately.

#5 Unexpected delays happen.

We all know that delays can be very annoying. On the surface, they could seem like a nuisance, but look deeper.

Is it really a coincidence that you got stuck in traffic? Why did it suddenly rain? Why is your flight canceled?

There may have been situations that the universe is saving you from, or you are needed in the exact place you’re stuck in. Maybe, your skills were needed to save someone or something.


There are people who say that delays are usually a blessing. And you know what? The universe definitely agrees.

#6 The quality of your sleep declines.

This sign doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re sick – it’s just that you’re having trouble completing full hours of sleep. This is still related to your body sensing bad omens subconsciously. Your mind is not at peace because it knows that something is about to happen.

Dreams Spiritual Symbols

Your subconscious receives warnings from the universe far quicker than your conscious mind.

By the time you realize that the universe has been sending you messages, your body has already manifested its effects. And one manifestation is the lack of quality sleep.

When this happens, make sure to ask for the Divine to assist you in discerning your situation. 

Interpreting Signs From The Universe

One important thing to remember is that paying attention does not equate to overreacting. Sometimes, you’re just really stuck in traffic, or you just really clumsily bumped your head on your headboard. These things do occur normally.

signs and messages from the universe, interpreting signs from the universe

So, you might be confused now, as we told you earlier that nothing is ever a coincidence.

It’s true. Everything that happens to us is meant to add value to our whole beings, no matter how minute the impact is.

However, when we talk about signs from the universe, they usually pertain to something big, as in life-changing experiences. That is why it is important to discern them immediately.

How do you if it’s just a normal occurrence or a sign from the universe, then?

Frequency. If something happens once, it could really just be a normal experience. However, if it occurs in repetitive/consecutive patterns, this needs your attention.

The universe is persistent when it comes to communicating with us. When you receive these signs, immediately take action. Don’t wait for another sign. The more proactive you are, the quicker you can resolve your issues.

Lastly, never underestimate your intuition. Your inner voice holds great power. Always listen to it.

What is the most interesting sign you have received from the universe? Share with us in the comment section below!

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