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June 28, 2018

Is it Intuition or Just Overthinking?


Are you the kind of person who listens to your instincts? Do you question those feelings, those intuitions? Do you wait to “consult” your instincts before making a decision on dating or accepting a new job? Maybe you’re trying to decide if you should stay out tonight or go in?

Did you ever wonder if maybe you’re just overthinking?

Sometimes what we mistake for intuition is actually just plain old overthinking in action. Don’t let nerves, anxiety, or fear blind your third-eye vision. The true message of a situation is always there for us to see and learn. However, we often hear our loudest internal voice and assume it’s our spirit guides or our own intuition guiding the way. We don’t even think to consider that fear is more often louder than peace. We must learn to listen more carefully to truly hear the peace, the intuitive message truly being shared.

Intuition or Anxiety? How to tell the difference

There are a few key differences between intuition and anxiety that will allow you to slow down in the moment and listen to the real meaning behind a situation. Instead of the loudest, most afraid feelings, be sure you’re actually in tune with your intuitive nature.

When you feel like intuition is knocking on your door, your very next thought should be focusing on the energy or vibe associated with this feeling. Is it positive or negative. Does the voice behind this feeling bring you peace or persistence. If you’re feeling nagged or bogged down by the intuition than chances are it’s anxiety or fear. Not your intuition.

If you’re using intuition to make a decision about a new career or relationship, it’s also important to have a firm understanding of your goals, strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes we can be so afraid of failure (or even afraid of success) that we sabotage our chances and say something silly like, “It just wasn’t meant to be…”

The “I can’t do this” voice is so much louder than the “here you are” voice that we often quit before we even begin. Intuition is there to help you grow as a person and spiritual being. It’s there as a gift, a guide to lead you. Anxiety, overthinking, and fear are there causing so much ruckus in your brain that your intuition doesn’t stand a chance.

When you find yourself leaning one direction when trying to make a decision, ask yourself if you’re doing this out of fear or because you want what’s best for your life?

Another tough question to ask yourself regarding intuition, especially when it comes to relationships, is if you are hiding behind intuition to make the same mistakes you’ve made before. Many of us will stay in a toxic relationship or begin dating someone just like the last person and think the Universe has brought us together in some beautiful disaster of love. We justify our poor relationship decisions on intuition – or even sabotage relationships with gut feelings that are merely nothing more than insecurities in disguise.

How many times have you heard someone in a failed relationship say they knew it all along? They had the real intuition, but they were fooled by their fears.

Your Intuition is Waiting

Each and every one of us has the power to tap into our third eye, intuitive nature. Each and every one of us also has a slew of fears, insecurities, and concerns swirling around our brain each day.

It’s vital to give yourself the opportunity to check in and really listen to the feelings and energy behind a given situation. Before you go with your gut, be sure it’s your real intuition and not just your anxiety. In other words, value your body as much as your brain.

Know yourself. Listen to Yourself. Trust yourself… your intuition is there whenever you need it.

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