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June 16, 2020

What Type of Lightworker Are You?


From the word itself, a lightworker is a bearer of light to those in the dark. They have the Divine assistance to fulfill such purpose. Lightworkers are given a unique type of energy to be able to support people who are in need of clarity and saving.

What Is A Lightworker?

In simple terms, a lightworker is someone who has an extremely high level of intuition. They have this psychic ability to see and feel everything beyond its surface value. They use this gift to guide and even heal the people around them. 

While not everyone is naturally born with these lightworkers’ gifts, there are certainly ways to ignite an intuitive, healing energy within us. 

Yes, we all possess an inner light. However, we are called to different purposes on how to share that light. Some of us are mothers, nurses, priests, or are even in the corporate world.  

Wondering if you are a lightworker yourself? Read on.

8 Signs That You’re A Lightworker

lightworker signs, types of lightworkers, what kind of lightworker are you

Sign #1: You feel everything deeply

Lightworkers are sensitive to other people’s feelings in as much as they are in tune with their own. 

You may be a lightworker if you find yourself easily absorbing people’s emotions. When you talk to someone, you can feel their happiness, their sadness, their struggles. 

Indifference is foreign to you. You can never turn away people who might need your help because their pain is your pain too. In a way, you become an extension of their feelings.

But more than other people’s feelings, a lightworker knows their own emotions. No matter how big or small, a simple life occurrence can turn into an emotional experience for you. You find deep meaning even in the most mundane things. 

Sign #2: You always seek for self-growth

Stagnancy is a big no-no for lightworkers. Lightworkers are always on the move to develop themselves so they could reach their maximum potential. 

Do you constantly seek to improve yourself? Do you feel stuck when you feel like you’re not at your best? You might be a lightworker. Some lightworkers are known as the jack-of-all-trades in their circles.

This is because being good at one thing is seemingly not enough for you. You feel like the more you acquire knowledge on important things, the more you can help others.

As selfless as you are, your eagerness for self-growth is not just for you, but ultimately, for other people.

Sign #3: You are highly spiritual

A lightworker prioritizes their spiritual health. 

You are not necessarily a subscriber of any religion, but you believe in the Divine power. Instead, you make it your purpose to reawaken the gods within people.


You want people to realize that a spiritual being resides within them. No, you want them to realize that they are the spiritual beings.

You are also naturally inclined to spiritual activities. This includes meditation, reading spiritual books or even attending spiritual seminars.

You believe that you are more guided when you engage in activities that dig deep within your metaphysical senses. 

Sign #4: You hate superficiality

Lightworkers struggle navigating through today’s superficial society. 

You sometimes feel like you don’t belong because you cannot relate to the materialism most people possess. You are not about the flashy things and the “high life”. Your friends may even dub you as an old soul.

Because you are hyper-aware of the things around you, you are always left to wonder why most people fail to live beyond shallow desires. This can even leave you frustrated.

Most lightworkers have a low tolerance for superficiality. But because of your healing nature, you still choose to work beyond your frustrations and help them live a life with purpose and depth.

Sign #5: You believe in the Divine purpose.

Lightworkers know that there is a divine calling for everyone, but most especially for themselves.

As a lightworker, you are committed to fulfill your soul’s purpose of sharing your light to the world. You may not be able to pinpoint your calling at first, but you have always felt a certain attraction to it.

Think of your childhood.

Did you like sharing your toys?

Perhaps you felt bad when a friend was left out?

Or maybe you always felt inclined to help others?

Not figuring out their actual purpose in life does not hinder a lightworker from naturally accomplishing it. This is the beauty of the Divine purpose.

Sign #6: You are a great communicator

Needless to say, a lightworker is the go-to person of people who need someone to talk to. Lightworkers know what to say and when to say things. 


Because you are naturally intuitive, you can easily understand where a person is coming from. Conversely, you also make it easy for people to understand what you are trying to say. 

Lightworkers speak with both logic and emotions. Because of this, you are considered one of the greatest communicators in the world.

You know your way with words. You can speak with firmness but at the same time, with gentleness. This is one of the lightworkers’ gifts.

Sign #7: You are an empath

Empathy is the main motivation of a lightworker. Meaning, all your words and actions are caused by how you feel for other people. 

Because you always put yourself in other people’s shoes, their experiences become your own. This enables you to share their pain and motivates you to do something about it. Lightworkers are saviors in their own way.

Sign #8: You believe in the power of manifestation

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, lightworkers are powerful manifestors.

Since you are highly spiritual, you have the energy to turn your desires to reality. The power of manifestation is a process that you innately trust.

For you, nothing is truer than the words “what the mind can conceive, the body can achieve”.  If you look back, you will realize that a lot of the things that have happened in your life were a result of your subtle/overt manifestation. 

5 Common Types of Lightworkers

Here are the five most common types of lightworkers among us.

types of lightworkers, lightworker types, kinds of lightworkers

Lightworker Type #1: The Healers

If empathy is your overarching trait, there is a high chance that you are a healer. This type of lightworker is gifted with an intuitive energy to be able to help humanity and the earth.

They are sensitive especially to the plight of others. They are always at the service of those who are in need of saving the most.

One important thing to note about healers is that their primary purpose is to heal themselves first. A healer cannot maximize their gift to heal others if there is an internal chaos within them. To provide peace, one must be at peace first.

Lightworker Type #2: The Psychics

The Psychics are those lightworkers who have their third eye open. Their vision is beyond the physical world and they have the ability to see the future.

Among all lightworkers, the Psychics are the most powerful manifestors. This is why they are reminded by the Divine power to always be careful in choosing the things they put their attention to.

Channeling their powerful energy into the wrong purpose may cause some problems.


Lightworker Type #3: The Dreamers

Those lightworkers who transmute through dreams are called the Dreamers.  These dreamers travel through inter-dimensional realms to help them fulfil their purpose.

These types of lightworkers accomplish their light work within the dream space by getting ideas and inspiration from dream manifestations.

For the Dreamers, it is vital to be able to distinguish what dreams really mean. Most often than not, dream manifestations should not be taken literally. You have to connect with your higher self to understand what your dreams want to say.

Lightworker Type #4: The Messengers

The messengers are those who receive messages from the Divine power, Angels, Galactics and even their higher selves. Their light calling is to share these messages to the world.

This can be done through various platforms such as writing, teaching or blogging. In the advent of technology today, the Messengers are called upon to diversify their ways of sharing these messages of guidance to everyone. 

Lightworker Type #5: The Way-showers

The way-showers are the role models. They lead everyone by making themselves as the prime example of their principles. They live their life in the best way possible in hopes of inspiring others to follow their ways.

When a way-shower is around, people tend to get drawn to them. They are always observed. They are always copied. This is why it is vital for the way-showers to always appear in their best versions.

Final Word

Although one can type can be dominant in you, a lightworker can be a combination of the various traits above. You can be a messenger while being able to travel through dreams.

You can be a healer and a psychic at the same time. As long as you know which purpose every single trait serves, you are well on your way to becoming a fully-realized lightworker.

So, are you a lightworker? What type of lightworker are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Hi there! This blog post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept talking about this. I most certainly will send this article to him. Pretty sure he’s going to have a very good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

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