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July 9, 2018

The Secret To Becoming Psychic


Crystal ball and card readers clad in violet often come to mind when one envisions a psychic. Although those who claim to peer past the veil of time may seem a little out-there to some, in fact, almost all of us have the ability to access knowledge unavailable to our rational minds. Even animals have this ethereal ability; it’s their sixth sense. Evidence for this occurs regularly after natural disasters, when relatively few dead animals are found in comparison to humans. If we think ourselves to be more evolved than animals, then why is it that they possess this seemingly supernatural ability when we don’t? The reason lies not in the realm of the supernatural, but rather, the natural. Due to our society’s separation from the Earth and its rhythms, we lost the ability to tune into natural frequencies of chakras, consciousness, and thus, our Higher Selves. Thankfully, there are steps we can take towards reconnecting with this natural ability.

How To Become A Psychic?

How To Become A Psychic?

Eat Raw Foods

According to the traditional Taoist and Vedic medicine, humans survive off of a life force called prana or qi. We derive this energy from the air we breathe and the foods we eat. However, unfortunately due to the poor quality of our food and air, many of us do not receive proper amounts of prana. When more of this natural energy exists within us, we are healthier and connected to our psychic sense. One great way to realign ourselves with this life force is to eat raw foods, especially those that were recently harvested. Raw foods are packed with pure energy that promise to nourish both your body and your intuition.


Just as we take the time to clean our homes, it’s important to clear out the clutter in our heads as well. Meditation is the practice of stilling the thought process in order to enjoy inner peace. However, this is a tough task, and many give up after not experiencing instant results. But, if you are dedicated to sitting quietly every day, you’ll certainly experience the benefits soon enough. As you meditate, unimportant or compulsive thoughts slowly melt away, making room for messages from your Higher Self that often transcend the realms of time and space, giving you special insight into the future.

Use Crystals

Everyone loves good vibes; and although it doesn’t look like it, everything in the universe, including solid material, is constantly vibrating at a rate invisible to our eyes. Crystals, due to their geometric structure, emit vibrations that allow us to better tune in to higher frequencies of consciousness. In using these natural elements, we can connect to higher planes of insight where answers we seek simply come to us. Some crystals to look into for contacting this higher realm are amethyst, clear quarts, emerald, bloodstone, and calcite.


If you seek to expand your consciousness into the cosmic realms of intuition and psychic phenomenon, these practices are an excellent place to start. Although it may take some time to evolve past the dense conscious structures that many of us have been integrated into, with some time and effort you’ll be tapping into higher consciousness in no time.

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