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August 1, 2018

Encountering Your Higher Self


Imagine a version of yourself that is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient, free totally of the stresses and struggles of life.

With many of us having a hard time just getting through a day, the existence of this idealized sense of self can seem a little far fetched.

However, if you’ve spent any time around New Agers, you’ve likely come in contact with the term Higher Self. Despite its recent resurgence in spiritual circles, the concept actually exists across many religions traditions.

We see it in Christianity in the Holy Spirit, Judaism in Kabbalah, Hinduism in the Atma, and in Buddhism’s Nirvana Sutra.

In essence, the Higher Self refers to the part of each of us that is connected directly to the divine. Although the divine can seem distant at times, in fact we can all tap into this ideal energy by following the proper practice.

History of the Higher Self

In Hinduism, the Atman refers the immortal part of your soul that sits as the seed of your experience.

This is not to be confused with the Ego that gets caught up in the play of life. Rather, the atma is the experiential light within us.

It’s the part inside that registers all experiences and sparks our creativity and conscious actions.

In Christianity, the Holy Spirit is the energy through which God carries out his duties in the universe. Many circles believe individuals can be filled with the Holy Spirit.

When this is the case, a person will act perfectly in the example of Jesus, living a blessed life filled with good deeds and grace. This is also similar to the idea of Christ Consciousness, found in more modern Christian thinking.

higher self

What’s The Point Of Connecting With Your Higher Self?

For most of us, life is hard.

Always acting in a selfless way as our religions would like often seems impossible as we juggling the difficulties of modern life.

However, in recognizing our inherent connection to the divine found through the Higher Self, we come to have faith in the greater power directing our experience.

It begins to seem possible that as long as we are serving the greater good, the universe will provide all we need to enjoy a happy life.


Walking every day with this celestial confidence can come through the following activities.

Connecting To Your Higher Self

Meditation is an excellent way to connect to this pure energy. Although many associate the practice only with Eastern traditions, in fact the Abrahamic religions are no stranger to its wonderful benefits.

Through meditation you will gradually come in direct contact with the pure essence of your soul, or Higher Self, as you begin to perform ego death and shed the layers of your ego.

Treating your body as a temple by eating right and exercising is also paramount for undergoing a spiritual awakening.

If your house is trashed, it’s likely hard to be happy. Similarly, your body houses your Higher Self. In keeping it clean, the essence of your soul will have an easier time acting in alignment with Universal energies.

Final Word

If you follow these tips, the rest will come naturally through your intuition and synchronistic signs from the Universe.

Now go out there and get connected; and don’t forget to say hello to your Higher Self for me!

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