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July 10, 2020

What Is A Starseed & How To Know If You’re One


A starseed is a soul that has reincarnated on Earth. Born from the stars, a starseed has lived lifetimes in other galaxies as well. They carry special wisdom within them, one that is deep and divine. They don’t necessarily belong here.

You have probably been dubbed as an old soul within your circle of friends. You can’t exactly pinpoint why, but deep down you agree.

You feel like you’ve seen everything, like you’ve lived a few other lifetimes.

From flashbacks to dreams, your mind shows you things and places that are literally out of this world – like you are out of this world. 

Could you be a starseed?

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are summoned to the Earth to fulfill a divine mission of bringing light to it. They help other people complete their spiritual evolution.

starseed, what is a starseed, starseed meaning

Most of the starseeds don’t even know that they are one. What they do know however is that they do not belong here.

There is this overarching emotion that they do not vibe with everyone. They operate on a deeper scale, which makes it difficult for them to find the same wavelength from other people.

They feel like they are always the odd ones out.

Because of this, starseeds may have grown up to be isolated or left out. They are often called the ‘weird’ or the ‘eccentric’ ones.

Young starseeds may think that maybe they really are just different, but as they grow into adulthood they will always find a way to realize that they are called to a higher purpose.

10 Signs That You Are A Starseed

Now that you know what is a starseed, the next step is to find out if you are one of them.

#1 You Feel Like You Don’t Belong Here

As mentioned, starseeds always feel like they do not belong to this world. If you feel like you have always been different and this place is not your home, you are probably a starseed.

positive thoughts, positive thinking

One common thing about starseeds is that you are homesick for a place that you can’t even describe. You have a deep yearning to explore, in hopes that you will find the place where you would feel at home. 

However, since you are born from the stars, you have to realize that your home is not the Earth.


You are a visitor, called upon to shed light to those who need it. In essence, you are a star who has come down to share her shine. 

#2 You Are Highly Sensitive

A starseed can pick up a vibe as soon as you enter the room. You are naturally aware if there is tension in the air.

People can’t hide their true emotions from you. You don’t even need words to confirm. Your high level of awareness energy is enough to know what is going on.

As a result, you become an extension of the energy around you. You easily absorb everything. The news may stress you out more than other people. Too much socialization can wear you out as well. Why?

Because you carry the energies of every person you interact with. This is one of your special gifts. You just need to know when to withdraw so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

#3 You Experience Vivid Dreams

As a starseed, your dream life is probably a roller coaster ride. You dream vividly, so you experience everything as if they were real.

There were probably times when you woke up crying because of your dream. This is because your soul hyper-experiences things beyond the physical realm. 

Starseeds have psychic abilities. This is why it is very important for you to take note of your dream patterns.

Your dreams can be used as a gateway by the Divine to send messages or signs that will help you fulfill your purpose even better.

#4 You Like Being Of Help To Other People

If you’re still wondering what is a starseed like, remember all the times you have helped other people. Can’t count them?

It’s because being of service to other people is written all over the DNA of a starseed. Yes, that’s a starseed for you.

No matter how much you try to say no, you just have this inner desire to serve other people.

A word of caution for starseeds: remember that being kind and being a pushover are two different things.

While helping other people is your nature, watch out for those who will abuse your special gift. Avoid these types of people.

#5 You Are An Idealist

Starseeds are idealists. You perceive the world the way it should be. Your mind keeps on repeating scenarios where things play out better than reality.

starseed, what is a starseed

You always crave for personal development and growth in things and people around you. You have a vision for a better world.

Even though bad things happen every day, your idealist self will always see the silver lining in every situation. This is how hopeful your soul is.

A starseed is never one to give up. You firmly believe in the potential of everything to become better than they currently are.

#6 You Form Deep Relationships

As a starseed, you may find yourself having only a small circle of friends. This is because you value depth when it comes to relationships.

You are friendly to everyone, but you choose whom you open yourself up to. This doesn’t mean that you have high walls. In fact, you let everyone in.

But to put it simply, you have a more special place in your heart for a few people. They are the ones who understand you. They are the ones whom you feel deeply connected to.

#7 You Are Very Intuitive

You cannot call someone a starseed if they don’t possess a high level of intuition. It’s just not possible.

Archetype of Intuition

Being intuitive is synonymous to being a starseed. Their intuition is so strong that for some, it has become their main guide in fulfilling their purpose. 

You are a starseed if you are extremely in tune with energies within and outside you. This includes your own thoughts/emotions and the energies of people and things around you.

Your sensing power is so strong that not even the energies of animals can get past you. Just by mere sensibility, you can already assess the chakras surrounding you. 

#8 You Are Naturally Drawn To Metaphysics

A starseed is a natural when it comes to metaphysics. You have a different level of consciousness that lets you work with energy and other multidimensional concepts.

You easily absorb things that are metaphysical. You are naturally curious about how things exist. You always question life – the abstractness of it all.

Metaphysics has become your go-to when looking for answers. Although not every mystery is answered, you consider metaphysics as a powerful tool in understanding life.

#9 You Are Empathic

Empathy is your middle name. No starseed can ever deny the fact that they strongly feel for others.


You share people’s happiness and sadness as if they are your own. You are your friends’ favorite when it comes to opening up. It’s because you always understand their emotions.


You are not judgmental. You always see where people are coming from. This is one of your best attributes. Your empathy has made you win a lot of friends over. People like you because you genuinely care. 

While you are doing a great job lending your ears to people, make sure that you also recharge. Being everyone’s shoulder to cry on can be very draining, so learn to take care of yourself as well.

#10 You Are A Baby and Animal Magnet 

Have you ever heard of the saying that babies and pets will always know who the good people are?

It might sound silly, but if you want to know if you are a starseed, observe your relationship with babies and pets. They should be naturally drawn to you.

You should be able to get their attention and trust even during your first meeting.

Animals and babies are comfortable in the presence of starseeds because they are subconsciously aware of your good nature and divine energy.

Final Word

Many starseeds are unaware of their gifts. Most often than not, you are left to wonder why you feel and think a certain way.

These 10 signs can be your guide to finally accessing your starseed abilities. Do not ever think that you are weird.

You are special. You are unique. You are beyond this world. You are made to go out there and fulfil a celestial purpose.

Which sign is the most applicable to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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