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July 14, 2020

12 Most Powerful Ways To Receive Spiritual Guidance


Have you ever heard of the term spiritual guidance? Spiritual guidance is the process of receiving Divine assistance. This guidance is usually in the form of wisdom that you are expected to use as a foundation of your thoughts and actions. 

Asking for spiritual guidance is not a new concept to most of us.

Whether we subscribe to religions like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc. or not, our prayers usually always consist of asking a Higher Power to guide us in everything we do.

This also goes for non-religious people like humanists and agnostics, among others. Indeed, receiving spiritual guidance is a universal process.

There is no right or wrong way to ask for spiritual guidance. In essence, you just need an open heart and an open mind to communicate your deepest desires to the Divine.

12 Tips on Receiving Spiritual Guidance

As long as you are honest, you will be heeded. The following tips will not tell you how to “properly” talk to the Divine.

Rather, they are here to help you open your channels as you prepare for the answer.

#1 Observe Your Dream Patterns

One common gateway for messages from the Divine is our dreams. Sometimes, spiritual guidance is coursed through our dreams to allow its absorption beyond the physical.

Dreams Spiritual Symbols

Let’s face it: we are always on the move during our waking state. Some quiet time during the day is often impossible.

This is why dreams are a perfect tool for divine communication. Your subconscious is at peace – the perfect state to receive spiritual guidance.

This is why it is important to be mindful of your dreams. Keeping a dream journal is understandably difficult (at first), but very helpful.

Observe the central themes of your dreams. Notice the metaphors and imagery used. Most of the time, your spiritual guidance lies in these patterns.

#2 Practice Meditation

Meditation is another great tool to communicate with the Divine. Because your mind is cleared of other thoughts when you meditate, it is like a blank canvas for the Divine to write messages on.

spiritual guidance meditation

Your whole being is open to any signs of spiritual guidance during meditation.

One tip to successfully receive spiritual guidance during meditation is to initiate the conversation. You can’t just wait for any “signs” to come to you. You need to express your deepest desires by addressing the Divine.


If you are religious, you can call on the name of your Higher Power like God, Allah, or Buddha. Call their names and tell them you are ready.

Learning zen meditation would be a great place to start.

#3 Reconnect With Nature

Do you believe that nature is a gift from the Divine?

connect with nature, spiritual guidance

You might think that the Divine created nature for people to take care of, but the truth is it goes the other way around too. Nature nurtures us too. It heals and protects us. It is a form of our spiritual connection to the Divine. 

When you are in nature, do you feel a certain sense of calm? Do you feel like you are one with the Earth? The divine power resides in nature too.

This is why spending time with nature puts you in a certain trance that you can’t explain. It’s like you’re in a vacuum. Cherish this state and make it an opportunity to receive spiritual guidance.

#4 Read Spiritual Books

Reading spiritual books helps us become better recipients of spiritual guidance. Written works are perfect because lessons on spirituality are immortalized.

spiritual books

They are something that you can go back and forth to when you need to check on something. 

Pieces like this article (and our spirituality blog) are a tangible guide that you can hold on to as you develop yourself. No matter how many times you read a certain book, there will always be new realizations each time.

The text does not change, but your perspective when reading it does. Watch out, spiritual guidance can appear along the lines of your next read.

#5 Make A Prayer Schedule

Needless to say, our prayers are a vehicle for receiving spiritual guidance. This is why you have to consistently pray.

Receiving messages from the Divine is never a one-time thing. It takes consistent communication before you are able to see what these signs truly mean. 

Creating a prayer schedule will help you set a part of your day for talking to the Divine. While you’re at it, make sure that you also have a conducive spot where you can pray in silence. 

#6 Bond With Animals 

Animals can also be used for Divine manifestation. Humans are called upon to treat them with the utmost respect and compassion.

bond with animals, connect with animals, spiritual guidance

In some religions, animals are even considered as deities. This just goes to show that the Divine truly has various images.


You might be wondering, how will animals communicate to me the divine message? Observe them.

Your spiritual guidance may be manifested by their actions. Look closer at their behavior. They might be telling you something beyond their animalistic needs.

#7 Spend Time With Kids and The Elderly

As mentioned in the previous step, the Divine takes in many forms. When you spend time with kids and old people, you will begin to notice their innocence and purity.

This can also be a sign of spiritual guidance. The Divine wants us to imbibe the simplicity that these people exude.

The Divine wants to be as innocent as them that we get rid of our negative and malicious thoughts, our prejudice, and our biases.

Ultimately, we want to replace these negativities with positive thoughts, raising our vibrations in the process.

#8 Always Be Kind

You might have heard this a million times, but kindness really goes a long way. Buddhism tells us that when a person practices loving-kindness, they can clear their mind and spirit. This is one form of spiritual guidance.

Kindness doesn’t always have to be grand. You don’t have to go out there donating, or saving people. Kindness is not pegging yourself as a superhero. You can be kind even with your thoughts.

One perfect illustration is wishing strangers a good life even just in your mind. Believe it or not, kindness is already transmitted through this simple act.

#9 Know Your Spirit Guide

Spirit guides are energy forms like guardian angels, cosmic entities, etc. No matter how you call them, the important thing is that you recognize their existence. Spiritual guidance can course through them as well. 

spirit guide, spiritual guidance

Recognizing your spirit guide takes a lot of spiritual work. You have to be in tune with your karmic skills so that your guide will reveal itself to you. Perhaps you have already encountered them.

Circle back to your childhood. Are there any representations (images, animals, voices) that have been present in your consciousness? It might be your spirit guide taking another form.

#10 Watch Spiritual Movies/Talks

Just like reading spiritual books, watching movies of the same genre can help you understand spirituality better.

When you are equipped with the right knowledge, you will easily notice signs of spiritual guidance. Training your mind to be sensitive to divine signals is a sure way of receiving spiritual guidance better.

It’s like making your channels always ready and open for anything that the Divine wants to tell you.


#11 Be Active In Your Chosen Faith

Are you subscribed to a certain religion or belief? Then actively participate in their activities. There is no better way of communicating with the Divine than guided practices.

These could be in forms of a holy mass, fasting, meditation, etc. Know that when you are active in your chosen faith, you are showing the Divine that you are a ready recipient of spiritual guidance.

Your mind and your body are like waiting temples for the Divine message.

#12 Change Your Lifestyle

Most of us live in routines. We do the same things over and over again because we are afraid that if we veer away from such calculated steps, it will bring us discomfort.

positive thoughts, exercise

However, all these routines can become a hindrance to receiving spiritual guidance. When you’re not willing to come out of old habits, you are sending out a message that you are not open to anything new. 

Try changing a bit of your routine. Accommodate changes. Take risks. Being flexible is the only way to be a great recipient of spiritual guidance.

Final Word

The key to receiving spiritual guidance is activating your spiritual consciousness. Be sensitive not only with your surroundings, but also what happens in your subconscious.

Let your emotions guide you. Most often than not, Divine messages are felt. They are not overt signs that you can see. 

Encourage your soul to be active. Raise your quality of life.

The only remaining question now is, are you ready to receive your spiritual guidance? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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