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October 2, 2020

Spirit Guides: How to Find and Connect with Yours


Read on and learn more about what spirit guides are, how to meet and connect with yours, and how to live your best life with their help. 

There are times in our lives where we have been stuck in hopeless situations but managed to survive by listening to your gut feel, or by a random stroke of luck. 

But, what if I told you that there are forces beyond us that can influence your life and the lives of those around you?

And what if I said that a good number of them are powerful and want nothing more than to see you succeed?

These nonphysical beings are called Spirit Guides. 

Everyone has them, but not everyone makes the most of them. Most people don’t even know they exist. 

What are Spirit Guides and What They Can Do for You?

Spirit guides are beings that have chosen not to reincarnate back on earth, some times in the form of earth angels

Instead, they have dedicated their afterlife to further their spiritual development.  They do this by helping those still on earth on their journey to spiritual enlightenment. 

what are spirit guides, spirit guides

Becoming a spirit guide is a great honor as it requires a high level of spiritual ascension and mastery.

Not all Spirit Guides are of this earth. Some of them manifest in many wildly different forms, and each kind has a different reason for being. 

The one thing all Spirit Guides have in common is that they exist to guide us that we may be united with the Universe in love.

Your spirit guides are always supportive of you. They are there to heal your wounds, physical and spiritual.

They are there to hold your hand and show you other possibilities that you could not see with your own mortal eyes.

I’d like you to take a moment and feel the warmth of knowing that your Spirit Guides love you and want you to be happy.

5 Different Types of Spirit Guides 

There are many different kinds of Spirit Guides that can come to you at any point in your life. Some may stay by you for life while others may come and go as the situation demands.

A man stand as a spirit, Spiritual Mediums

Regardless, always believe that, at the right time, the right guide will show itself to you to guide you towards the best possible outcome.

Here are some of the more notable kinds of Spirit Guides.

Type #1: Angel Spirit Guides

Angels are divine Spirit Guides who serve many purposes from giving messages and providing comfort, to conducting rescues.

Of all the angels, the Archangels rank the highest. They are beings of pure love that usually come bearing messages for us when we need them the most. 

Your Guardian Angel, however, is special because they are assigned to you at birth and will stay with you for your entire life. T

hey will be your companion through good times and bad times and will take on the role of an organizer for your other Spirit Guides so that they may help you better.

Type #2: Animal Spirit Guides

Animal Spirit Guides are spiritual beings that reach out to you in the form of animals.

animal spirit guides, animal spirit guide

Animal Spirit Guides embody the abilities and traits of the animal form they take.

They usually help bring balance to your energies and your life and usually suggest that you emulate their abilities and traits.

Type #3: Ancestor Spirit Guides

Ancestor Spirit Guides are related to you through your genes. They may serve as your guardian and mentor for a time.

They are also usually involved with repairing any trauma from your past in both this life and your past within your genetic memory.

Type #4: Ascended Master Spirit Guides

There are also the Ascended Masters, enlightened beings who transcended their Earthly existence in pursuit of greater understanding.

They usually provide wisdom and assist us in our own search for enlightenment.

Type #5: Elemental Spirit Guides

Elemental Spirit Guides are borne of the spiritual energies of trees, oceans, mountains, and all other things within Nature.

If you are close to nature and all its subjects, you are more likely to receive and understand messages from these sprits.


4 Steps on How to Find Your Spirit Guide

how to find your spirit guide, how to connect with your spirit guide, how to meet your spirit guides

Step #1: Be Open-Minded

The first step on how to find your spirit guide starts with you. 

If you are new to this, your mind may be cluttered with expectations of what it’s like to ascend to the astral plane and commune with the spirits.

Take some time to meditate and empty your mind of all preconceived notions. 

Recognize and their spiritual energy can manifest in so many ways. They may show themselves in big flashy ways but don’t forget that they can also reveal themselves in small subtle ways.

When you open your mind and let go of your expectations, your spirit becomes unburdened with earthly thoughts. This allows you to ascend to a higher plane

By extension, you become more aware of the messages and vibrations that the Spirit Guides send your way.

Step #2: Be confident

The next step is to have faith. 

Believe in your psychic energy.This is very important to be able to find and connect with your spirit guides.

Always remember that your energies are strong, and so are your beliefs. 

If you don’t truly believe that you have the power and the ability to be able to find your spirit guides, you use your own psychic power against yourself.

Your lack of faith will not only block your ability to see the signs of your Spirit Guides but will also create disharmony within you and misalign your energies.

However, if your psychic energy is so powerful that it can hurt you with mere disbelief, then think of how much more powerful you actually are when you focus on positive beliefs.

First, your energy naturally aligns itself because it is no longer trying to consume itself.

Second, your psychic energy will seem to strengthen as it is now focused on positivity and love, like the Universe.

Last, but not least, you then become a beacon of energy that attracts them. 


It’s a win-win because they become attracted to you and will send you messages and your focused energy will allow you to see those messages.

Step #3: Actively Call Upon Your Spirit Guides

In this step, you will know how to meet your spirit guides.

If you have not yet done so in the previous steps, you may make preparations to help you better commune with your Spirit Guides.

Feel free to perform a sacred ritual, light some candles, say a small prayer, place crystals in your meditation space, or anything that you feel helps you get into the proper mindset and allow you to connect to the Spiritual realm.

Remember that you are actively searching for guides that are most compatible with you. Your intentions and belief are your most important tools in this realm.

You must then affirm with your whole being that you are looking for spirits that have high vibrations and genuine intentions to be your Spirit Guide.

This affirmation protects you from spirits that do not have good intentions and well-meaning spirits that aren’t compatible with you. 

Doing this properly means that you will find yourself surrounded by many spirits with the highest vibrations that wish you the best.

These spirit s would love nothing more than for you to allow them into your life so that they can help you reach your full potential.

Step #4: Make a Request

Spirit Guides are aspects of love given form. Naturally, this means that they will respect you and your boundaries.

They do not want to intrude on your life without your permission. You have to actively want them to help.

In the last 3 steps, you have aligned yourself in a way that shows to others that you are willing to accept help.

You’ve also entered the Spiritual realm and made yourself visible to those who want to help you.

During this final step, all you need to do to receive their love, affection, support, advice, and all the wonderful things they want to give you is to ask.

Once you release the control of your life over to them and ask them to help you, you now have the combined power and wisdom of all your Spirit Guides at your beck and call.


It does not need to be a big task. It does not need to be an important task. Your Spirit Guides love you and have all the time in the world to help you with just about anything you ask for.

Are you looking for where you left your phone? Do you want to expand your circles and make more friends? Maybe you feel like it’s time to find a soulmate?

Ask your Spirit Guides to help – they will use their energies to help you attract the right person.

5 Ways on How to Connect with Your Spirit Guide

how to connect with your spirit guides

#1: Ask Them for Their Names

While spirit guides are immaterial and do not necessarily have names, it becomes so much easier to call on and connect with your Spirit Guides if you have something to call them by. 

If they do not have names for themselves, you may respectfully ask if you may call them a name of your choosing.

With a name, you have something tangible that you can focus your energy and intention on.

And with that focus, you can be even more confident that they can hear you clearly.

#2: Let Go and Trust That Your Guides Have a Better Plan

While you have your own agency and your own free will; you are only human, with human senses and human limitations.

Your spirits see more and know more than you can by nature of their ascension. And by nature of being Spirit Guides, they love you and will never lead you astray. 

You may find yourself trying to control outcomes thinking that you know better than your Spirit Guides, and this inevitably leads to failures and pushing them away.

If you let go of the outcome, and trust that your Spirit Guides have a better plan in store for you, your soul will be led in the right direction.

#3: Listen and Pay Attention

You have to realize that demanding for spiritual guidance is not listening.

Demanding for guidance means that you do not trust in their divine timing.

You simply need to be open to guidance when it comes to you at the right time.

When you listen and pay attention like this, you relieve yourself of the stress of demanding.


More importantly, you allow yourself to become aware of all the love and effort your Spirit Guides surround you with and you develop your relationship with them by showing trust

#4: Adopt a Mindset of Gratitude

You always want to interact with your Spirit Guides from a place of appreciation and gratitude instead of entitlement and neediness.

If you demand from your Spirit Guides, or if you accuse them of negligence and cast doubt on their intentions, when you feel that you haven’t gotten your way, you show that you want to be in control.

You show that you don’t trust in their wisdom and power.

You show that you don’t want their guidance and support.

But if you are always thankful for them, and trust them wholeheartedly. You will reap the rewards when their plans for you finally bear fruit.

#5: Ask for a sign

If you feel like you’ve made a request, but are unsure if your Spirit Guides have heard you clearly, you can always ask for a small sign.

As stated before, do not request from a position of neediness.

Ask for a particular item or a symbol and consider this an exercise of trust for you. 

Trust that you’ll see the sign you’re looking for and you’ll definitely know that your Spirit Guides are with you and that they are listening. 

Have you connected with your spirit guides? Let us know in the comments below!

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