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December 2, 2020

10 Signs Archangel Michael Is With You


The Archangel Michael symbol is a household name in various religions, you don’t have to subscribe to any of them to be able to call upon him. As long as you are spiritually open, you can recognize Archangel Michael signs and create a deep spiritual connection with him.

Who Is Archangel Michael?

Arguably the most popular archangel to us, Archangel Michael is our angel of protection. He is believed to possess an unfathomable level of cosmic intelligence and divine greatness.

In fact, he is the only angel to have been mentioned in three of the world’s widely known holy books: the Bible, Quran, and Torah.

Archangel Michael is depicted as the strongest angel to fight against evil.

With his prestigious angelic status, most of us do not realize how easy it is to recognize Archangel Michael signs and communicate with him.

He watches over us day and night, and puts in the effort to let humanity know that he is here to protect us.

However, we often miss these signs of communication from Archangel Michael. As we continue to live in an extremely fast-paced world, these types of divine messages become harder and harder to notice for most of us.

So, how do you know if Archangel Michael is trying to communicate with you? These 10 archangel michael signs will help you.

10 Archangel Michael Signs

archangel signs, archangel symbols

#1 He leaves physical/tangible signs.

Archangel Michael loves giving us obvious signs. As mentioned, he is really the easiest angel to communicate with! If you have been noticing random things happening to you, maybe they’re not so random at all.

They could be signs intentionally dropped by our playful archangel. These signs can go as random as smelling a particular scent (often sweet) to seeing an angel in your dream. The possibilities are really endless.

Archangel Michael sure knows tons of creative ways to communicate with us. This is why it is important to tap into your intuition whenever strange events happen to you. Don’t look at them on the surface. Ask yourself, is this event telling me something more?

#2 You feel warm, tingly sensations.

When you are in the presence of Archangel Michael, you will instantly feel your temperature shift. You will feel warmer, as to how you would feel when you are subtly hit by a ray of sun or when you are near a lamp.

You will also start feeling this tingly sensation. It often starts on the crown of your head and goes lower to your body. Think of chills or goosebumps – but in a good way.

These tingly sensations are not the type you would feel when watching a horror movie. It’s the hair-rising moment you experience when you hear someone sing amazingly or you’re in awe of a scenic view. 

#3 You dream of being protected.

What better way to communicate than through dreams? Archangel Michael can also use your dreams to manifest his presence.

A beautiful of dream catcher and form of Archetypes

Because we are in our most relaxed state during sleep, it is easier to leave divine messages through dreams.

Our subconscious is primed to absorb all signs without worry or prejudice. When Archangel Michael communicates through dreams, the most common theme is protection.

You might dream of getting mugged and being saved by someone. You might also dream of being taken out of the fire by a bunch of firemen. Your dreams can really be as arbitrary as they can be!

#4 You see flashes of light.

As Archangel Michael is deeply connected with the sun’s energy, another one of archangel michael signs is when you see orbs of light.

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Seeing flashes of light can happen in various instances – when you close your eyes, when you see sparkles in the water, when you look at the sky, or when you see glowing auras after your meditation.

The light can be plain bright, or it can carry some hue to it. These orbs of light may come in purple or blue as these are Archangel Michael’s colors. They can also be flickering, steady, or form some sorts of light grids.

#5 You come across his image, some angel shapes, swords or warriors.

Another not-so-subtle Archangel Michael symbol is seeing his image or shape. You might come across his figurines in a shop, or randomly see his photos on your social media feed.

archangel michael colors, archangel michael symbol, angel shapes

Other representations of Archangel Michael are swords and warriors. So, if you come across these images too, it means that he is really trying to communicate with you!

Moreover, noticing general angel shapes (not necessarily Archangel Michael) can still be considered as a sign from him. So, if you see some angel shapes formed by the clouds, don’t shrug it off!

#6 Your inner voice is louder than ever.

It’s no secret: we all talk to ourselves. There’s always this inner voice that we try to communicate with especially when we are making the hardest decisions.

We often ask ourselves questions like Should I go for it? Can I really do this? Is what I’m pursuing really worth it? It may seem like all these questions are lost in thin air, but our inner voice really does act as our clairvoyant guidance.

This is why it can also be a perfect gateway for Archangel Michael to communicate with us. When we ask for insights, know that our inner voice can be reinforced by the power, wisdom and protection of Archangel Michael.

#7 There is an overwhelming feeling of peace.

There’s no explaining it. When you are in the presence of Archangel Michael, your sense of inner peace is at an exceptional level.

A beautiful water lily flower

This is not to say that you’re living a stress-free life and that you have become immune to problems.

What it just means is that even though there are things that don’t go your way, you do not succumb to despair because you are under Archangel Michael’s care.


Your spirit is always at ease because it knows that it is guided by a cosmic force. 

#8 You feel an unexplainable presence/company.

Do you always feel like someone is watching over you? When we are in the presence of Archangel Michael, we can’t help but feel like there is someone with us all the time.

You may not see him, but you can definitely feel a strong pull of energy hovering over you. This is one of Archangel Michael’s signs telling you that you are always protected.

People who have yet to tap into their intuition may not feel this sign at all, but fret not. Just practice meditation and try to be more sensitive to your feelings and your surroundings.

Soon enough, you will start feeling this overwhelming presence of Archangel Michael.

#9 You keep having “coincidences” with people named Michael.

Notice how the word coincidence is enclosed in quotation marks. This is to send a message that although one may call it as such, there is really no coincidence with Archangel Michael.

how to trust divine timing

Every event is exactly as he planned to be a sign. You might have an increased level of interaction with your friend Michael, or you might always see this name on your social media.

No matter how random it is, you will find that being in proximity with Michaels is a clear-cut sign that the archangel is sending you a cosmic message.

#10 You feel safe.

Overall, being in the presence of Archangel Michael makes you feel safe. It’s like your entire being subconsciously knows that nothing bad will happen to you.

Your spirit receives this energy that makes you feel hopeful, stable, and empowered. You also get a sense of calmness. You feel this sudden surge of confidence that whatever life throws your way, you will always overcome it. Amazing, right?

It’s like the power of Archangel Michael flows through you as well, changing you into a much better version of yourself.

What Does It Mean To Be Visited By Archangel Michael?

Recognizing the presence of Archangel Michael in your life is vital to your spiritual awakening. Most of the time, his presence is the strongest when you are going through something, or when something big is about to happen.

You can take it as a warning that you need to tread lightly with whatever you are currently pursuing. Remember that your welfare is in the best interest of Archangel Michael.

He wants nothing but to guide and protect you. This is why you need to be sensitive to the messages he is sending you. His divine guidance will definitely elevate your quality of life.

Calling Upon Archangel Michael

One important thing to remember is that although he is easy to communicate with, you must approach Archangel Michael with utmost sanctity.


He is not a magician or a shooting star to just dump your wishes on. What you are asking from him is divine guidance. Be spiritually prepared to receive his message before you call upon him.

How can I know if I am spiritually prepared for a connection with Archangel Michael?

First, expel all doubts. You cannot ask help from someone that you do not trust. Put your faith in his wisdom and strength. Believe that whenever you call upon him, he will come to your aid in his own ways.

The more that you show your willingness to grow and develop; the deeper your connection will be with Archangel Michael.

Next, you need to be mature enough with how you communicate with the archangel. Just to reiterate: he is not a genie you can ask favors from. Consequently, he cannot grant all your desires.

So do not be disheartened or even resentful when the things you prayed for are not realized. All the archangel can do is provide you with divine guidance so you can make the best decisions for yourself. Yes, you still have the last say on how things in your life will go.

Finally, let everything in. The key to having a seamless communication with Archangel Michael is being open to all types of responses by the archangel.

Be open to experience the stages and intricacies of fostering divine communication. It may get confusing and overwhelming at times, but as long as you have faith, this divine communication will lead you to your spiritual awakening.

Have you encountered any of Archangel Michael’s signs? Let us know in the comments below!

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