December 18, 2017

3 Methods Of Amplifying Abundance Through Meditation


Everyone has an infinite power and gift to create what they want and need in this lifetime. Learning to create and manifest what you want is dependent on your mind power and projection. It is also dependent on how you resonate and vibrate in relation to your initial projections.

Abundance Meditation

The more you vibrate positively to manifest your dreams, the easier it will become. When your energetic body and spirit is vibrating in a certain way, it magnetizes, causing that force of energy to simply respond to what you want.

With this principle, you can easily use meditation to create more abundance in your life. Using certain meditation principles will guide you to fulfilling your desires for wealth.

1. Visualization Methods

Everything we create begins in our mind. The uni – verse begins with you and what you see and perceive is based on your individual belief system. Visualization methods break down and change any patterns you hold inside that may stop you from receiving abundance.

Every day, visualize what you want. Write down the amount of money you want, see the abundance in different forms through your meditation. After 40 days, notice if there are any changes. You will find that your visualizations are starting to program how you think and relate to abundance.

2. Mantras and Rituals

Traditional mantras for abundance come in many forms. For instance, the Hindus may say “Shri Maha Laxmi Namo”, worshipping the goddess Laxmi for her giving of abundance. Angels also serve with abundance, such as prayers to Archangel Gabriel to manifest what you want in your life, or prayers to Archangel Michael for protection. The power of these prayers are not only based on looking to higher forces.

They are used so you start vibrating in relation to forms of abundance through the power of speech and repetition. If you don’t want to tap into ancient rituals, simply repeating that you are abundant, you have wealth and you receive everything you need and want in your life will begin to change your vibration to receive the abundance you want.

3. Activation Meditations

Your energy body and your physical body work together. Visualization works with your mind and 6th – 7th chakras. Mantras work with your voice, or your 5th chakra. If you want a complete bridge, be active with your meditation.

Start practicing abundance. This will move into your power chakras, especially the 2nd and 3rd, which are responsible for your relationship to abundance. Do something everyday that you believe is abundant, whether it is buying something or finding a way to receive more of what you want. Notice how you respond to these activities.

Do you resist or are you blocked? These are energetic shifts in your lower chakras that need to be cleared to receive more. Practice receiving more and more through your own creativity. You will find that abundance will start to come to without blocks or rejection.

To become more abundant, align with the higher vibrations of wealth. Your energetic body can easily transform to a different vibratory level to receive the wealth you desire in this life. Using various chakra meditation mechanisms will activate each energy body to a vibration of abundance and wealth, allowing you to change your perception, belief and actions in relation to true abundance in life.

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