chakra meditation, how to perform chakra meditation, what is chakra meditation

April 24, 2020

How to Perform Chakra Meditation: A Basic Guide


As one of the most relevant new age spiritual practices, chakra meditation is often revered for its ability to restore balance in the human body. 

With its ability to restore the lost universal energy in you, chakra meditation can bring about that feeling of strong resonance with your inner you and lead you towards the restoration of power in different key areas of your life. 

Chakra meditation is truly an indispensable practice. But how do we do perform chakra meditation anyway? In this article, we’ll be going through some practical tips on performing chakra meditation. 

By following these tips alongside re-learning the fundamentals of chakra meditation, you’ll get a good grasp of how much can be done in order to improve your own life!

Signs and Symptoms of Problematic Chakra Points

Before beginning your chakra Meditation process, it is important to identify the problems on your chakra points. In doing so, you’ll know which chakra points are problematic and what appropriate solutions must be done. 

chakra chart

1. Closed Chakra Point

Being the toughest shell to crack, a closed Chakra point is one where you’ve totally shut-out a particular spiritual funnel in your body. 

Sample Diagnosis – total lack of desire in a particular area of life. Ex – a closed root chakra totally relinquishes one’s desire to live, which may then lead to self-harm. 

2. Blocked Chakra Point

Unlike a closed chakra point, a blocked one doesn’t mean a total shutdown. Though it may lead to such, a blocked Chakra point simply means that hindrances are present along the pathway of spiritual energy. 

Sample Diagnosis – distortions in key areas of your life. Ex – a blocked heart chakra can cause an unnecessary conflict with peers, lovers, or family members since you are unable to sort out your feelings

3. Hyperactive Chakra Point

When some Chakra points are blocked, it causes other areas to compensate. As such, this usually results in hyperactivity in other Chakra points. 

Sample Diagnosis – overcompensation of other points. Ex – an overactive throat chakra may lead to overpromising or even lying to other people just to compensate with a problematic heart or third-eye chakra. 

By identifying the problem of your chakra point, you’ll know how to remedy the situation. Generally, when a point is blocked or closed, it needs to be unblocked.

In doing so, it naturally leads to the regulation of other chakra points, causing them not to become hyperactive. 

Preparing for Chakra Meditation: 3 Simple Steps

Just like every other exercise or practice, proper preparation directly affects one’s execution.

As such, it is crucial to point out three simple steps to follow before doing chakra meditation, as these often-neglected phases will make the whole activity more consistent and effective. 

Advantages of Yoga

Step 1: Spatial Preparation

Relating to the area where you will do chakra meditation, spatial preparation is necessary since it ensures that you have a conducive environment to execute this spiritual practice.

As such, here are some practical tips that you can do in order actualize such: 

  1. Prepare your Yoga Mat or similar materials for doing floor sitting
  2. Ensure that you’re doing meditation in a space that’s free of spatial distractions
  3. Try to incorporate chakra frequencies as the soundwaves will affect your overall focus. 

Step 2: Physical Preparation

While spatial preparation is often accounted for, physical preparation is something that beginners are often missing out.

In doing chakra meditation, it is crucial to note that such activity requires physical fitness or at least an attempt towards such. Thus, here are some practical tips that you can do in order actualize such:

  1. Get enough sleep. This is necessary to channel spiritual energy. 
  2. Practice flexibility. Especially if you’re planning to do Chakra meditation in conjunction with Yoga forms.
  3. Take the necessary steps for healthier lifestyles. Since chakra meditation requires synchronicity with positivity, you can’t expect to be effective in such while you’re sitting all day watching some television series and munching on an extra-large bag of chips. 

Step 3: Mental Preparation

Being the most important, a well-tuned mind makes it easier to connect with spiritual energy.

While we do meditation in and declutter our mental struggles, a proper mindset is still necessary in order to improve the overall result. With that, here are some practical tips:

  1. Begin with an end in mind. 
  2. Visualize your Chakra point properly. This means focusing on a particular point as if to say, dedicate all of your mental energy towards it. 
  3. Attract positivity. Since chakra healing relies on universal energy, it is important to remain positive in order to unblock those key areas. 

How To Perform Chakra Meditation

Devised as a method to open, unblock, and balance these key areas in your body, chakra meditation is considered as an ancient practice in eastern spirituality.

As such, we’ll be outlining the seven chakra points, with corresponding ways on how to unblock them. 

chakra meditation, how to perform chakra meditation, what is chakra meditation

While numerous versions of Chakra meditation exist, pointing out the key methodologies is the way to go. And like all other practices, a classic principle applies the simpler, the better. Thus, here are some general tips for Chakra meditation: 

  1. Prepare: Sit comfortably in a relaxed but upright position. Do not slouch, keep your body erect at all times unless the meditation form asks otherwise. Also, be mindful of the duration. A set of meditations usually takes up around 20~30 mins.
  2. Control your breathing: Energy is entering in and out of your body, and its pace depends on how well you perfect this aspect. 
  3. Visualize energy entering your Chakra Point: Since each point has a different purpose, its energy is also varying. Thus, it is crucial that when you’re doing a meditation on a particular point, you must visualize properly in your mind how the energy enters in and out of your body. 
  4. Use appropriate imagery: with each point having a different purpose, it also means that it has different colors, healing stones, and even symbols. By focusing on these, it will help you focus on your meditation process. 
  5. Chant: Music helps you feel the moment, leading to more genuine meditation experience.

While each chakra point has varying specifics, these five principles hold through all the meditation practices.

Thus, keeping them in mind will ensure a better meditation experience. 

Root Chakra Meditation

root chakra, root chakra meditation

Color: Red
Healing Crystal: Ruby
Chant: LAM

Sitting and Hand PositionIn order to unblock/balance this, you have to sit on the floor in a cross-legged position (monk sit). And as you place your hands on your lap, try to form your fingers with an ‘OK’ sign. 

Vibrationally, try to repeat the word LAM as you do this meditation. Maintain the posture and chant and try to keep doing this until you are relaxed. (Approx. 3~4 mins)

Yoga Alternative Position – Mountain


With both feet on the ground, stand up and do a prayer-like position with your hands having the same level as your chest. Try to activate your core as you relax your shoulders. 

Sacral Chakra Meditation 

sacral chakra, sacral chakra meditation

Color: Orange
Healing Crystal: Carnelian
Chant: VAM

Sitting and Hand PositionIn order to unblock/balance this, meditating while you sit on your knees with a straight yet relaxed back definitely helps. And as you place your hands on your lap, try to open your palms facing upwards while being connected to each other. 

Vibrationally, try to repeat the word VAM as you do this meditation. Maintain the posture and chant and try to keep doing this until you are relaxed. (Approx. 3~5 mins)

Yoga Alternative Position – Revolved Triangle Pose

Begin with the pyramid pose (right foot forward while your hips are squared towards the front of your mat). After, place your right hand on your yoga block while your left hand should reach upwards. 

Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

solar plexus, solar plexus chakra meditation

Color: Yellow
Healing Crystal: Citrine
Chant: RAM

Sitting and Hand PositionTo unblock your navel chakra, do the same position with the sacral chakra. But instead of doing the same hand position, alter your arm gesture by placing it just below your navel. After that, join your hands together in a prayer-like gesture while pointing outwards.

Vibrationally, try to repeat the word RAM as you do this meditation. Maintain the posture and chant and try to keep doing this until you are relaxed. (Approx. 2~4 mins)

Yoga Alternative Position – Boat Pose

Begin by sitting on a mat with bended knees (lifted up into the air, resembling an ab crunch). Try to form a V-shape with your legs and upper body, as you straighten both. Try to activate your core in this whole exercise. 

Heart Chakra Meditation

heart chakra, heart chakra meditation

Color: Green/Pink
Healing Crystal: Rose Quartz
Chant: YAM

Sitting and Hand PositionTo balance/unblock this, you have to sit in a cross-legged position while doing the “ok” sign(right hand). For the left hand, place it on your left knee as you hold your right hand up near your chest. 

Vibrationally, try to repeat the word YAM as you do this meditation. Maintain the posture and chant and try to keep doing this until you are relaxed. (Approx. 3~5 mins)

Yoga Alternative Position – Low Lunge


Begin with the downward-facing dog position. Proceed by stepping your right foot forward as you extend your left leg to the back while reaching for it. Keep your hips squared on the ground.

Throat Chakra Meditation

throat chakra, throat chakra meditation

Color: Blue
Healing Crystal: Aquamarine
Chant: HAM

Sitting and Hand PositionTo unblock the throat chakra, sit on bended knees. After doing so, cross your fingers except for your thumbs (they will have to touch each other instead). Then, lift your arms just enough for the tip of your thumbs to touch your throat. Meditate.

Vibrationally, try to repeat the word HAM as you do this meditation. Maintain the posture and chant and try to keep doing this until you are relaxed. (Approx. 2~3 mins)

Yoga Alternative Position – Easy Pose (with chanting)

Using the easy pose position, make sure to follow the proper meditation process. With your hands in Gyan Mudra form, carry on with the same principles as stated above. 

Third Eye Chakra Meditation

third eye chakra, third eye chakra meditation

Color: Indigo/Clear
Healing Crystal: Crystal Quartz
Chant: AUM

Sitting and Hand PositionBegin by doing the cross-legged position. For hand positions, they should be around breast level, while forming a sign: the middle finger pointing outwards while all others touching each other pointing inwards. 

Vibrationally, try to repeat the word AUM as you do this meditation. Maintain the posture and chant and try to keep doing this until you are relaxed. (Approx. 4~5 mins)

Yoga Alternative Position – Dolphin Pose

Start with the downward-facing dog position. Slowly lower your arms toward the ground as your rest on your elbows and toes. Slowly extend your lower back upwards, forming an inverted V sign. 

Crown Chakra Meditation

crown chakra, crown chakra meditation

Color: Violet
Healing Crystal: Amethyst
Chant: NG

Sitting and Hand PositionTo unblock this, you have to do the crossed-legged sitting position. After which, grip both of your hands with your pinkies pointing outward. Concentrate on the area on top of your head as this is the crown chakra.

Vibrationally, try to repeat the word NG as you do this meditation. Maintain the posture and chant and try to keep doing this until you are relaxed. (Approx. 4~5 mins)

Yoga Alternative Position – Balancing Butterfly


Tuck your toes as you begin kneeling on your mat. Slowly lift your knees upward while your whole body is resting on your toes. Try to stabilize as you keep your hands together. 

Final Word

In this guide, we’ve concisely listed some of the most important steps in doing chakra meditation. 

By following these steps, you’re off to a good start in doing the whole thing, and really reaping the benefits of chakra meditation.

Just remember to constantly refresh your memory on the above steps, and keep finding ways to improve your chakra meditation practice!

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