Heal Your Soul using Crystals

December 24, 2017

5 Ways on How to Use Crystals for Healing


Using tools with your spiritual practice allows you to easily work with other dimensions and surrounding energies. Crystals are used for powerful practices and are applied for different needs. The makeup of crystals allows them to both absorb and reflect surrounding energies. This attribute is then focused on different energies which they carry and acquire, offering guidance so you can fulfill your goals and intentions. Following are five ways you can use crystals for protection and spiritual support. Here are the ways on how to use crystals for healing:

1. Dowsing

Crystals read sensitive, vibratory fields and give answers to questions you may have. First, program a crystal to respond with yes or no. You will need to indicate which pattern is symbolic of the answer. Next, ask a yes – no question without touching the crystal. It will move either in a yes or no direction. It can also give a maybe answer or if there is not enough information, it will stale mate.

2. Check Your Chakra Balance

Crystals can be programmed to check the direction of your chakra centers. Place a crystal above a chakra and wait for it to rotate. If it moves clockwise, your chakras are balanced and positive. If the crystal rotates counter-clockwise, your chakras are negative and need healing energy. Stagnant energy will show with the crystal not moving in either direction. After receiving this information, you can begin to adjust your etheric body through various energy healing mechanisms while finding blocks in your astral body.

3. Healing Energy Centers

Many energy healing practitioners apply crystals to assist with removing negative energies. Crystals with different properties are applied to various parts of the etheric body. These absorb and remove any negative energies while balancing the energy centers in your body. For instance, amethyst offers crown chakra healing and opening while removing any blocks in the mind. There are different crystals for each chakra, all which carry vibratory fields which align and balance your etheric body.

4. Connecting to Different Dimensions

Unique crystals act as gateways to other dimensions. There are certain crystals which carry frequencies for chakras and angels, the White Brotherhood and etheric beings. When meditating and working with these crystals, you easily access other dimensions and gateways for guidance, healing or protection.

5. Affirmations and Meditations.

Crystals absorb energy and surrounding vibrations. You can program certain crystals to take a certain vibration when you first get them with a chakra meditation or through mantras. If you want crystals to assist with guided meditations, then repeat certain positive affirmations to the crystal. As you do this with your meditations, the crystal will absorb the affirmation and energy, becoming a way to meditate with guiding tools.

The natural substance and makeup of crystals offers guidance, protection and healing. You want to find crystals that have unique attributes and which provide responses to your needs. Using crystals for spiritual and healing practices offers insight to other dimensions, manifestation and healing. With every unique crystal, you can easily access specific needs while receiving guidance from other realms. From meditation to healing, crystals are designed as a spiritual tool for your growth and spiritual awakening.

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