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November 17, 2020

30 Self Love Affirmations For A Confidence Boost (And How To Use Them)


Reciting self love affirmations daily leads to a happier, successful, and confident version of you.

It’s no wonder that positive self love affirmations are such a wonderful tool for finding your place in this vast universe.

In a world where the prevailing narrative is to always love thy neighbors, we often get lost in the idea of self-love.

We mistakenly think that to prioritize ourselves means to abandon our moral obligation of always being there for other people. 

It’s time to change this mindset.

What Is Self Love?

Self love is taking care of yourself first so that your soul is nourished enough to be the good person that you are aiming to be.

You cannot give love when you are running out of your own. Self-love is your fuel to accomplish great things. 

But why is it so hard to genuinely love ourselves?

It’s because humans are inherently insecure. We are built to notice what we lack more than what we have. Even the mundane task of standing in front of a mirror can trigger us to find faults in ourselves, especially our bodies. 

positive affirmations for self love, body positivity, love your body

“Oh, I got pimples.” 

“I’m not skinny enough.”

“I hate my skin color.”

Sounds familiar? This is all of us. Our obsession to be perfect hinders us to appreciate our true potential. Consequently, we then find it hard to build a loving and accepting relationship with ourselves. 

Comparing ourselves with other people is another universal habit that we all share. Because we are blinded by our own insecurities, it is easier for us to look at other people and put them on a pedestal.

Sadly, it is always a case of the grass is always greener on the other side. We are so used to putting ourselves down that all we ever have space for is envy. 


Why Are Self Love Affirmations Important?

It is vital to cultivate self-love for you to unlock your untapped potential. When you finally begin to love yourself, you will be surprised at how much you can actually do.

Because you’re already free of doubts and insecurities, you will feel much braver in trying new things.

You will develop trust in yourself, and realize that you don’t need to always pit your achievements against other people’s.

You just do you.

Another importance of developing self-love is that you become independent.

You don’t need other people’s approval because you know your worth.

self love, what is self love

Rejections don’t always faze you because you know that setbacks are nothing compared to your potential. You can’t help it, you’re just really confident about yourself!

Lastly, loving yourself allows you to love others more. It may sound cliché, but it’s true. You really cannot give anything that you don’t even have for yourself.

The more you try loving others without loving yourself first, the more that you will fail. Your lack of self-love will always be reflected in your words and actions.

This is why your relationships are bound to crumble. A river with no water is nothing but dead. 

Positive affirmations for self-love can help you on this journey.

These 30 powerful self love affirmations will shift your perception about yourself and your life as a whole.

30 Self Love Affirmations For A Massive Confidence Boost

  1. The best gift that I can give myself is love. 
  2. I teach others how to treat me. If I treat myself badly, they will think it’s okay to do so too.
  3. I am more than my weaknesses.
  4. I do not need to wait for other people to applaud me. I can always clap for my own achievements.
  5. I may be imperfect but I am never broken. I do not need to be fixed.
  6. I am made unique and special. There is no point comparing myself to others.
  7. I cannot expect other people to help me when I am not even willing to help myself.
  8. I am too busy growing that I do not have time to count my flaws.
  9. I will do great not because others are doing great. I will do great because I owe it to myself.
  10. I have overcome obstacles in the past. There is no way I cannot do it again this time. 
  11. I am deserving of all the good things that have happened to me.
  12. Constructive criticisms are my allies to a better me. I should always welcome them.
  13. No dream is too big as long as I believe in myself enough.
  14. I am the captain of my own life. I take full control in navigating any waves I will face.
  15. I am my own factory of happiness. 
  16. I am capable of accomplishing things myself. I do not need to copy anyone else’s success.
  17. The quality of my thoughts determines the quality of my life.
  18. I can give myself the type of love that I used to beg from other people.
  19. Prosperity is on my way because I am worthy of it.
  20. I should never apologize for choosing to be the real me.
  21. I do not need to hide my imperfections from people who truly love me.
  22. My body is the perfect vessel of my own happiness. I will let it flow within me.
  23. I will weather any storm to see the brightness of the day.
  24. I respect my limitations. I will not force myself to do things beyond my own capacity.
  25. The more I work hard, the more I need to see the value of rest.
  26. I am my own savior.
  27. My negative thoughts are nothing but a hindrance to my full potential.
  28. I will always be proud of all the things I have accomplished – even those that led to failure.
  29. Things may not work out now but I can always turn it around.
  30. My primary duty is to love myself before anyone else.

5 Steps To Make Self Love Affirmations Work

Step #1: Face your insecurities.

The first thing that you need to do is to accept the fact that you are not perfect (and nobody is!).

how to use self love affirmations

Get to know yourself more by listing your insecurities. This way, you are aware of the areas that you feel less confident about.

You can either work on developing a certain aspect, or accept the fact that it is something that is beyond your capacity – and that’s totally okay.


You can also include negative past experiences that continue to bother you at present.

Step#2: Match each insecurity with an affirmation.

Now that you have an idea of areas where you lack self-love, it is time to cover them up with a matching affirmation.

You need to find or create an affirmation that directly counters your insecurity.

For example, if you are insecure about some of your physical characteristics, you can address it by saying that you are wonderfully and uniquely made. Your imperfections are a part of who you are. 

Step #3: Repeat your self-love affirmations daily.

Self-love affirmations are not one-time magic spells.

Just like meditative utterances like prayers and wishes, these affirmations are meant to be integrated into your daily routine.

It’s not enough that you’ve said them once.

Treat them as your daily reminder to not forget to show yourself some love. If possible, you can even repeat these affirmations twice or thrice a day!

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Step #4: Practice meditation.

As mentioned, these affirmations for self-love are a form of meditation. This is why it is important that you are in the right mental and spiritual state when you utter these affirmations.

affirmations for self love, meditation for self love

The effectiveness of these affirmations lies in your intentions. If you just utter these powerful affirmations in passing, best believe that they will not cause any positive result.

You need to get in the zone and deeply connect with what you’re saying. You can also practice doing breathing exercises to help you meditate.

Step #5: Communicate these affirmations with your loved ones.

Lastly, you need to share these self-love affirmations with the people around you.

This way, they can be aware of your journey and offer support. Having people echo your affirmations is integral in developing self-love.

If your family and friends reinforce these positive affirmations, it creates a different type of trust and confidence within you.


It’s because it lets you know that these people believe that you deserve love, among many other good things. 

What’s your favorite self-love affirmation? Let us know in the comments below!

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