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September 29, 2020

Spiritual Ascension: What It Means & How To Experience It


What is Spiritual Ascension?

Spiritual ascension is the awakening of the soul. It is the process of transformation in which our frequencies are raised to a higher level of consciousness.

what is spiritual ascension, spiritual ascension meaning, spiritual ascension definition

There is no single spiritual ascension meaning. It is a multi-faceted experience that each person undergoes in unique ways.

Some people experience heightened compassion for humanity and/or nature, while others acquire stronger psychic abilities.

Above all these, the experience of feeling closer to the Divine seems to be a shared experience among every individual.

One important thing to note about our spiritual ascension is that it is quite a long journey. Our souls do not awaken in just a snap.

This spiritual transformation involves a series of events that are intended to expand our consciousness and elevate our energies.

Some people take months while others take years when it comes to seeing their spiritual progress.

Remember that it is a different experience for every person, so you shouldn’t be comparing your journey to those around you.

Patience and perseverance are keys to a successful spiritual ascension.

So, why is it important to enlighten the soul?

We were all born with pure souls. It is only upon growing older that we start absorbing the impurities of the world.

These impurities start building up within us until our visions are blocked from seeing what is truly good.

Our spirits become tainted with arrogance, greed, and materialism – among many other evils.

The goal of the spiritual ascension is to bring our pure souls back.

This means raising the quality of our thoughts, increasing our emotional intelligence, and bringing us closer to the presence of the Divine.

Overall, we are bound to experience a renewed spiritual perception.


What are the types of spiritual ascension?

types of spiritual ascension, spiritual ascension types, different types of spiritual ascension
  • Awakening of the mind – This is often experienced during epiphanies or sudden mental realization. These are your ‘aha’ moments.
  • Awakening of a new personality – This is a deeper version of the awakening of the mind. A layer of mental realizations becomes a new personality over time.
  • Awakening of spiritual energy – This refers to the awakening of your body and your spirit (life force energy). This can be aided by meditation. However, it can also be activated on its own without any triggers. This is called a Kundalini Awakening.
  • Awakening of the soul – This can be a short-term or long-term experience. A brief awakening of the soul is like a glimpse of your pure nature. The long-term awakening is a deeper contact with your soul’s purpose and discovering your Higher Self.
  • Total awakening – This refers to absolute purity brought by the death of your ego. Often called the Enlightenment, not everyone experiences total awakening. This is believed to be a Divine gift to a chosen few.

5 Spiritual Ascension Symptoms

As mentioned, the road towards spiritual ascension is long and rough. And ironically, the only way to enlighten the soul is to go through so much darkness.

spiritual ascension symptoms, spiritual ascension signs, signs of a spiritual ascension

Because your spirit is undergoing a full transformation, you will experience a lot of emotional struggles and even mental/physical pain.

Think of this journey as your metamorphosis. You have to shed a lot of your old self to reveal the new and better you.

Below are five of the most common symptoms of spiritual ascension that you need to prepare for.

#1 Mood Swings

You can’t quite pinpoint why, but your emotions are becoming more and more unstable. One second you feel happy and then before you know it, there are already tears in your eyes.

No triggers, no anything. There seems to be a constant battle within you and you can’t help but feel down when you recall certain past experiences. This means that your soul is running a cleanse.

It is purging out all of your negative emotions. Feel them. Face every dark memory. What you need to do is to let it all out before you can truly let go.

The key here is to not resist whatever emotion or mood you are currently thrown.

#2 Poor Sleep

Another spiritual ascension symptom is poor sleep. Do you find yourself having interrupted slumber hours? You might be in the process of spiritual ascension.

A lot of spiritual work happens while you are resting. The intensity of the process can be overwhelming for the subconscious, so you might get woken up in the middle of the night.

When this happens, you can either try to go back to sleep or take the opportunity to do a simple meditation (e.g. praying to the Divine).

Another cause of poor sleep is experiencing nightmares or extremely vivid dreams. When our soul is in the process of spiritual awakening, it releases some stored energy within.

One perfect tool is our dreams.

While many experience nightmares, there is a small percentage of people who get heavenly dreams.

#3 Self-isolation

Feelings of detachment from the world are a common sign of spiritual ascension. This may include your relationships with people and even your hobbies.


The peace and quiet that you get from your alone time are integral in the awakening of your soul.

Just be careful not to isolate yourself too much because your emotional instability during this time makes you prone to anxiety and depression.

#4 Heightened Sensitivity

You will become more sensitive to things such as noise, temperature, and even taste.

This is because your vibrational frequency is tuning up.

Since you are gaining a higher level of spiritual energy, the adjustment period may make you feel things a lot deeper than the usual.

You will notice that normal volume levels might still be too loud for you, or that your body gets easily warm or cold.

Being highly receptive of stimulations around you can feel overwhelming, but know that this is just a phase.

Your senses will go back to normal once you finally achieve spiritual ascension.

#5 Fatigue

Be prepared for constant body ache and a general sense of fatigue.

Even though you haven’t overexerted any parts of your body, you will feel sensations of muscle pain here and there.

This is because your body is also restructuring. It is accommodating a new level of frequency.

Because your body is still trying to adjust, there can be an imbalance of forces within you.

You may perform some yoga exercises, take salt baths, or even sound baths to restore your energy balance. A change in your diet and your lifestyle may help too.

5 Tips on How to Achieve Spiritual Ascension

how to achieve spiritual ascension, spiritual ascension ideas, spiritual awakening

#1 Be more open.

Whether it be to new people or to new ideas, your doors should be left wide open for growth.

Remind yourself that you do not know everything in life.


You need people – especially those with opposing views – to teach you things that you never thought you lacked.

An awakening does not happen in stagnancy. The only way to achieve spiritual ascension is by gaining new knowledge that will catapult your spiritual development as a person.

#2 Let go of the past.

The past can hinder your present. It can weigh you down and hold you back from becoming who you are really meant to be.

If you want to experience spiritual enlightenment, you need to let go of all the darkness that has been residing within you.

You don’t even need to confront the situation or the specific person.

Sometimes, letting go means simply accepting the fact that some things cannot be undone. You just need to move forward to get to the better days.

#3 Practice self-care.

It can’t be stressed enough: take care of yourself! You cannot embark on a journey to spiritual ascension if you are in poor health.

Your body and your mind need to be in good condition in order to overcome the symptoms that may accompany your ascension.

Eat healthy. Feed your mind too. Keeping your body clean is the only way to show the universe that you are ready to receive more.

#4 Declutter your personal space.

Decluttering has tons of psychological benefits. As you clear up your space, you will notice that the orderliness induces more mental clarity in you.

You begin to become more productive. This is because your physical environment plays a vital role in how your spirit operates.

A messy room does not only suffocate the eyes, but has negative effects on the mind and soul too.

Even if it’s not for work, wouldn’t you want to rest in a clean, refreshing space?

#5 Revisit your principles.

Lastly, you need to examine your beliefs.

Are you sure that everything you believe in is right? Or are there ideologies instilled in you that need revisiting?


Because we grew up in different communities, it is understandable that we carry with us remnants of various cultural views.

However, it doesn’t hurt to reassess the principles we stand for – to make sure that we are standing up for the right things in life.

Remember, it is okay to change your views once you learn more about the world.

If you want to achieve true spiritual ascension, you have to let go of your pride and be always willing to gain new knowledge.

Dear readers, we’re curious! Have you ever experienced any symptoms of spiritual ascension before? Let’s talk about it in the comments section!

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